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Freedom of Speech and the Right to Petition Government

Goes on Trial Monday


By now everyone knows what this case is about, if not read up on the countless stories about the trumped up charges in the previous newsletters in the archives you can find in the links at the top of each newsletter.    The case is extremely simple, political speech has wide protection; indeed blackmail is not possible as long as there is a lawful reason for applying pressure.   Make little Timmy go to bed, turn in the slum lord to the local TV station, go after the crooked contractor by threatening a lawsuit if they don’t do their job.  Or tell a politician that he will do his job or there will be political consequences.


We can’t release much about our strategy or the evidence until after the trial but in short the case revolves around an email that the prosecution admits was a public email sent to an untold number of activists.  The case law from previous Supreme Court decisions is solidly on our side, without a wrongful element blackmail constricts free speech and is thus not allowed.  But these charges have never been about what was legal; they have been about silencing an effective activist, one with a voice that the politicians fear because the Sooner Tea Party can expose the corruption.


What is at stake is ten years in state prison and up to $15,000 in fines.   For a public email.   For telling a politician that they will be investigated if they don’t do their job.


But there is a lot more at stake besides my freedom and what I have worked for in the last 55 years.  Yes, my house and business will be gone forever if I am sent to prison and yes we are still looking for a home for my dog should the worst occur.  But the real losers will be the citizens loss of transparency in government and the loss of the right to hold politicians accountable.


Last week a good man, a retired state trooper, called me and asked about sending an email to Governor Fallin reminding her of the political consequences of vetoing the 2nd Amendment legislation in an election year.  He was asking if he should since they can file blackmail charges against citizens that “threaten” elected officials.   The man is retired and said he couldn’t afford to defend himself if he was charged so I advised him to refrain from any sort of reminders of political consequences, at least to hold off till after my trial.


I have already been told that we will not be allowed to show why the prosecutor filed the charges to retaliate against me for dragging his sorry ass in front of the Grand Jury, or for scuttling his JRI program that was to arrange a taxpayer funded job for a retiring political crony, something that got Senator Leftwich and Rep. Terrill charged with a crime, nor are we allowed to discuss the countless stories about the Oklahoma Count District Attorney office’s corruption including dismissing charges for campaign donors or giving sweet heart deals to the spouses of former assistant prosecutors.  We are not allowed to say that I have a right to file a complaint with the Bar Association against a prosecutor for not recusing himself in a matter where he has a conflict of interest.  All we have is a few brave legislators willing to testify as to who I am and what the Sooner Tea Party does and the right to cross examine the prosecutor’s witnesses.


The prosecutor’s office doesn’t really want to go to trial because they offered to drop the computer crimes charge and give a one year deferred sentence in exchange for a guilty plea.  That means I would walk out of the courtroom and go home with no supervision, no parole officer, no fine, then one year later the entire matter would be dismissed.  But I would have to plead guilty to blackmail


I told my lawyers to tell David Prater to cram his offer up his sorry ass.   


No crime was committed and I’ll be damned if I run from a tyrant like David Prater.


I am not going to ask you to show up in support for me; I am going to ask you to show up in support for yourself and for your own family.  If we lose the ability to punish a bad politician, to punish a hypocrite, to punish corruption and expose it to the light of day, then you and your family will be living as slaves.


If you can’t stay all day, come by when you can and show the corrupt Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office that tyranny will not go unnoticed.  If the worst happens this newsletter will be the last issue because it will have become far too dangerous to expose corruption and to hold bad politicians accountable.


The trial starts at 9 am on Monday morning on the 7th floor of

the Oklahoma City Courthouse in Judge Ray Elliot’s




When the Road to Hell Turns Out To Be The Road To Hell

By Ms PM


Here we go again with the media covering a news story and placing a brutal murderer seen through their eyes as a pitiful victim. This article

 states that “Clayton Lockett, 38, struggled violently, groaned and writhed after lethal drugs were administered by Oklahoma officials Tuesday night, according to eyewitness accounts. State Corrections Director Robert Patton halted the Lockett’s execution, citing vein failure that may have prevented the deadly chemicals from reaching Lockett. He eventually died of a heart attack.”


Charles Warner, the next in line to be put to death, no doubt has much to ponder. His lawyer, Madeline Cohen is seeking an independent investigation and an independent autopsy. Does anyone wonder if Warner is re-thinking his chosen path in life? We can only hope he has a steady supply of taxpayer funded clean underwear. After all it would be a real shame for him to have to wear poopy diapers because he never mastered the art of controlling himself. For once his new found fear of “I’m next” may sink in as he thinks about the consequences of his actions when deciding to menace society.


We then have Richard Dieter, the executive director of a non-profit Death Penalty Information Center, and an opponent of the death penalty wanting to halt lethal injections until the process is better understood. Maybe we can clear it up. You don’t get the death penalty for picking Aunt Sally’s flowers. There are people that insist they can have their way in society and the horrific acts they impose upon others has the ultimate outcome of a society never allowing them another chance to take another life. Richard goes on to say that “somebody died because of the state’s incompetency.”


We’re also here to let Richard in on a detail that his bleeding heart has overlooked. Clayton Lockett died because he got caught after he brutally murdered nineteen year old Stephanie Neiman and burying her alive in a shallow grave. Dead is dead and the bastard is dead.


Governor Fallin had no choice other than to jump in and order the Department of Corrections to review and find out what went wrong. As if that wasn’t going to happen anyway, it’s the politically correct thing to do and she’s all about that.


This entire article is dedicated to the low life that took the life of a contributing member of society. Other than a tiny snippet of information about Stephanie, the media would have you believe how unjust the system is. They fail to detail his heinous act or explain that his actions are exactly why Lockett was laid out on the table to be killed. You can bet her parents haven’t forgotten. Absolutely nothing can change the pain her family and friends live through on a daily basis.


Lockett’s attorney, David Autry said “it was extremely difficult to watch.” We ask where his heartfelt sympathy had vanished to for the parents of this young woman.


We also wonder the importance of what Lockett wanted for his last meal. Has any of the media taken the time to wonder what Stephanie had for her last meal?  


This last article is important because it puts the spotlight on the REAL victim, Stephanie Neiman.


Stephanie was a proud young woman just starting her life as an adult. Growing up she was taught to “stand up for what was her right and for what she believed in.” On June 3, 1999 she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, dropping a friend off at a Perry residence.


Stephanie was beaten, her friend raped, then Stephanie was shot in the head and buried alive by order of Lockett. The invaders were laughing at the whole ordeal. At the end of this article the statement says it all.


“This wasn’t a botched execution. It was a job well done.”


The intent wasn’t to make Lockett suffer like he made Stephanie Neiman suffer. It wasn’t as if his execution was planned out the way it happened. Choices people make don’t always work out in their favor and the results are not a pleasant experience.  Sometimes the road to hell is the road to hell and Clayton Lockett is on his way.

Fallin Vetoes 2nd Amendment Legislation
HB 2461 was a very simple bill that required county sheriffs to process gun transfer paperwork within two weeks or the transfer went through automatically.  It was that simple.  Sheriffs had been practicing gun control by simply not doing their job and this bill remedied that.
But Fallin vetoed the bill as part of a budget squabble and the House over rode her Veto on Wednesday  86 to 3 and the Senate of course, as anti 2nd Amendment as always, has delayed voting on the issue which will effectively sustain the veto.


The word is that Senator Clark Jolley, state chamber whore extraordinaire and the real ruler of the Senate, is holding up in an effort to kill the legislation.  Of course the legislation passed unanimously the first time around so there is on reason not to override the veto.

Joining Clark Jolley are President Pro Tem Bingman, and senators Ford, Schulz, Griffin, and Marlett.


This is the game they play;  vote for the issue knowing that somewhere down stream it has been arranged to be killed, then they can claim they supported the legislation.


The Senate lists are at the bottom of all of our emails, light those phone lines up and raise holy hell if you value your 2nd Amendment rights.  The way things are going we are going to need them in our children’s days…. If we are that lucky.




Property Rights Bills Dead and in Trouble


HB 2807 was a good bill that strengthened private property rights but the

A murder has been committed. HB 2807 which was a good bill that would have strengthened the private property rights of all Oklahomans has been killed in the Senate to prevent Oklahomans from knowing what senators don’t support property rights.

 A good bill, HB 2620, has been combined with HB3363 that was pushed by the Oklahoma City Planning Department and the completed legislation is far from being good legislation.  The bill needs killed or revised.





2013 Senate members and House Members
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