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"Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain."
An Unknown Author

"He who stops being better stops being good."
Statesman, Oliver Cromwell
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Do you have buyers who are interested in a house that isn't listed?
This week you'll find a new letter set on my prospecting letters page.
This set is to use when you have buyers who don't want any of the listed homes and have expressed interest in one or more that's unlisted.
If you ever run into that situation, you just might want to have these letters on hand. 
Read all about them at Copy by Marte.
By the way...
Every letter set I offer was written in response to a request from an agent.
So if you need letters for a situation that isn't covered, please do let me know.
You know how I nag you about creating a niche...
Yesterday, Active Rainer Gene Riemenschneider wrote a post about the subject that was so good, I had to re-blog it.

Read what Gene has to say about the benefits of working in a niche...
Just for Fun...
Agent Gwen Banta has delivered yet another zinger of a post about the comments agents post in MLS.
If sellers could see these...
Are You Keeping a Close Eye on Your Competition?
Do you watch what other agents in your marketing area are doing? You should, for a few reasons.
First, if they're successful, you can learn something from them. Being a copycat means you weren't there first, but in some cases, it's still a good idea.
For instance, back in 1994 when our office started putting photos on our business cards, every other agency in town soon followed. Likewise for putting a brochure box outside the office door, so night-time visitors could pick up a copy of our listing brochure. (In those days, people would come by and look at the flyers in the window – kind of like they look at the listings online today.)
But there's another reason to watch your competition. That reason is to land more listings.
This week on Active Rain, master marketer Barbara Todaro shared how she "keeps watch" for the agents in her office.
First – she keeps an eagle eye on the expired listings.
Each day she checks the list, checks to make sure it hasn't been re-listed, then gets one of her agents on the phone, making a listing presentation appointment.
That's one you may already be doing, but here's another that I believe most agents don't do:
When driving through your territory, keep a notebook handy. If you see a real estate car in a driveway, make note of the address. Next, using the reverse directory, get the owner's name and phone number.
Then call immediately!
Tell the homeowner that you noticed that they've been  talking with a real estate agent and ask if they'd like a second opinion about the value of their home.
Then go for the appointment. And go prepared - ready to get that signature.
To quote her: "When you find a crack with daylight shining through, blast it open and close the listing."
Could you be embarrassed using this method?
Of course. It's possible that the other agent was there talking to his Mom, or that the occupant was a buyer client, or that the listing was signed while you were looking up the phone number.
If any of that happens, just make your apologies and wish them well.
Now take it one step farther. Send a note.
Thank them for speaking with you and wish them well.
The fact that you called will have made an impression. The card will reinforce the impression AND give them access to your name when they're telling their friends about the call. (It's unusual, so you know they will.)
One more thing... If you want some outstanding tips on how to market listings, follow Barbara Todaro's blog on Active Rain. She really is a master marketer.
Speaking of thank you notes...
They're so rare that when you send one people not only notice, they tell their friends.
So think about who you can thank today. Maybe your hairdresser for giving you an excellent cut. Maybe a clerk in a store who gave you extra service. Maybe a neighbor who did you a favor.
Spread the goodwill and grow your sphere of influence!
Here's to your prosperity,
Copy by Marte, Priest River, Idaho