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"I get such a kick out of your newsletter- it's always packed with great ideas, fun videos and jokes, and some great patterns besides. Oh, and i love your grandson being carted around!"
Anne Michalko

Hello and Welcome-
It's May and that means in a few short days (just 8 to be exact), we'll be winging our way out to Kansas City, MO for the International Spring Quilt Market, which means that our June newsletter will be chock LOADED with fun, fresh stuff, but in the meantime, I think you'll enjoy this month's edition too. So, let's kick it off with a cute little video of my favorite guy!

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 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
Thanks to everyone who participated in last month's contest! The winner was Jan Swartz of Centralia, MO. She wins a $20.00 SKD gift certificate and a permanent place of honor on our website. Click here to see her winning entry, a fabulous Baggalista.
The May Handbag of the Month contest promises to be just as exciting, so without further ado...Check out this month's nominees, then cast a vote for your favorite.

(Click each individual picture for a larger view)

Isn't this a fabulous year-round bag? This Quattro was created by Carol Mamczak of Temple, NH. She said she LOVED making this bag and we hope she's enjoys carrying it and showing it off even MORE!
And doesn't this PortaPocketsPLUS look good enough to eat? I adore the color combination that Judi Graf of Tyler, TX used. She did a beautiful job and since she can separate the 3 units, she should stay organized in virtually every bag she owns now!  :)
And didn't Therese Karlsson choose lovely spring colors to fashion her Quattro in? Perhaps she was in hopes of hurrying the arrival of Spring in her hometown of Hallsberg, Sweden. Therese did a beautiful job constructing this bag. Here's a closeup of the zippered main compartment and the eye-popping interior!
And I can imagine that Carol Tata of Au Gres, MI can carry her stunning Bellagio Bag with virtually anything she wears. Carol said she likes everything about her new bag and plans on making another real soon. As you can see, its just as pretty from the back and here's a shot of the roomy interior!
The colors that Susan Koch of Greenwood, AR chose to make her PortaPocketsPLUS in, would sure facilitate the locating of stored items, wouldnt it? Here's the individual units! Great job, Susan!
Carolyn Hauber of Goodyear, AZ made up this beautifully pieced Lollapalooza as part of a Christmas gift. Her daughter received the fabric and the pattern at Christmas and then Carolyn made up the bag for her, in what turned out to be a completely different set of fabrics! Here's a peek at the closure and the uniquely stitched straps!
And I love the bold, beautiful colors that Lori Gates of West Henrietta, NY chose for her PortaPocketsPLUS! This unit is so pretty, its almost a shame it has be to hidden inside a bag! Here's a slightly different view!
And this is the exterior that almost wasn't! Lori-Lynn Slack of james River Bridge, AB, Canada said the design she originally intended for the front of her Baggalista turned out too large, so she just changed it up a bit and incorporated it into the back. I just can't decide which one I like best! BOTH are fantastic!
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Blog with us!-  A Work in Progress
Enjoy an insider's scoop on what's happening behind the scenes at StudioKat Designs, by signing up for our blog, "A Work In Progress". If you're new to our blog, or if you missed any of the posts from last month, don't worry, theyre all listed below. 
Bobbin Around the Web- AmongBrendasQuilts.Com
  Brenda is a Canadian quilter who also has a very cool "studio cat" (named Harry). Her quilt patterns are just beautiful (my personal fave is her "Bali Quilt"), but the main reason I am highlighting her site, is because I so often get asked if I know of a really good diaper bag pattern, and Brenda indeed has a great-looking one, which you can see by clicking here. She also has an interesting Quick Change Bag, which would be perfect when taking your baby out for quick trips.
'HOT'Links-of-the-Month'- TERRIFIC offers from our sponsors
Website Spotlite- AmyBradleyDesigns.Com
If you've been around sewing for any length of time, then you're probably familiar with the name, Amy Bradley. Amy hails from Kansas and is probably best known for her comical characters, Quilt Diva, Super Quilter, Seasoned Quilter, and Bountiful Beauties. In addition to her quilt patterns, her website features some fun, quick projects, like Ms. Pinny Cush, enamel pins, and note cards. She also has an entertaining blog, which you can check out by clicking here.
Video of the Month-
This dog's bark is WAY worse than his bite!
Click HERE to watch.
Cat Picture of the Month-
(Click image to see a larger view.)
Blog of the Month- Lyric Art
I love Lyric Kinard's blog and I think you will too.Not only is it visually stimulating, but she has a cool and quirky way of looking at everyday life that I like. Some of my favorite posts include-
Painting Shoes- a tutorial
Looped Stacks- a beading tutorial
She also has a great beading book, which you can check out by clicking here.
Feline Quote for February-
"In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the cat."  Warren Eckstein
Cat Video of the Month-
This cat is determined to get in this box.
Click HERE to watch.
Look What I Found OnLine- Vocabulary.Com
  Quick, what does "adumbrate" mean? Not sure? Then you'll want to check out this website to learn this word and more like it. The site offers a fun way to improve your vocabulary by answering multiple-choice questions. If you sign up for an account, the site will track your vocaabulary and present you with new words you probably don't know about. :)
Quote of the Month- 
Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can."  Elsa Maxwell
May 1, 2012
CAVE CREEK, AZ - An unusual moment between a house cat and a bobcat outside a Cave Creek home has become the talk of the Valley.
The star of the story is a house cat named Pima. She and her sister Mogey were the first ones to spot the bobcat.
             (click HERE to read more)
New Word of the Month- fenderberg (fĕn'dər'bûrg')
(n.) Any large glacial deposit that forms on the inside of a vehicle's fender during the winter snow season.
(New Orleans, April 16, 2012)
Chloe Papai and her family were on vacation in Wyoming last July when she happened upon a new hobby. "It was a rainy day, and Chloe had a cold, and we were driving around looking for something to do," her dad, Victor Papai, says.
When they walked into a quilt shop, Chloe was captivated.
"I just walked into that shop, and I wanted to make a quilt at that moment," she says. "That was my first time to ever see a quilt."
(Click HERE to read more)
Cat Site of the Month- SparkleCat
SparkleCat is an award-winning author, supermodel and a Cat with a Blog, and a very good one at that. AND, in addition to a daily post, she also has some weird cat videos, cat book reviews, cat-to-cat advice as well as a peek into Sparkle's diary. All in all, quite entertaining!  :)
As 'Funnie' as Real Life-
(Click image to see a larger view.)
Monthly Trivia-
Today is Monday May 7.  It's the 128th day of 2012, and there are 238 days remaining in this year. And as it turns out, May 7th appears to be the "day of the artist". Why? Well just look at the folks who were born on this day!
First, we have Robert Browning (London, England 1812), the English poet and husband of Elizabeth Barret Browning. Mr. Browning is best known for his dramatic monologues.
Johannes Brahms (Hamburg, Germany 1833), is regarded as one of the greatest composers of 19th century music. He is best know for his chorao work, "The German Requiem".
Peter Tchaikovsky (Vatkinsk, Russia 1840) is one of the outstanding composers of all time (and a personal favorite of mine). He was the first to turn the ballet into a sustained dramatic expression and is best know for "Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty" and of course the holiday staple, "The Nutcracker".
And last but not least, we have Johnny Unitas (Pittsburgh, PA 1933). Now I know what you're thinking... that Johnny Unitas is not an artist, right? But check this out! After playing football in college, Johnny went to work as a construction worker but continued to play semi-pro football (for $6 per game) on a dirt (not grass) field. Based on a fan's letter, the Baltimore Colts offered him a conditional contract and soon he was a star. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1979 and has often been called the greatest quarterback ever to play the game, proving at least to me, that you don't have to have a pen or an instrument in your hand to be a true artist at your craft!
And if today is also your birthday, here's a great big "Happy Birthday to YOU" from StudioKat Designs, and if today is not your birthday, maybe the best way to celebrate the day is by remembering the example of Johnny Unitas and resolving to never give up on your dreams!
Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!
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