Many of you might not know "Greg" as his alter ego, performer and community builder, “Dr. Earl Grey” but he has been serving as lead and co-lead to TEA LAB for the past ten years. Dr. Lafalot and Grey are super excited to bring this project to the Halloween party in a real live functioning chocolate factory, “BEYOND THE VEIL” in partnership with New York’s biggest Burner Communities.
If you haven’t been to Burning Man or to a local NYC burner party or festival, we highly recommend attending AND participating at this event starting Saturday October 30 at 9pm.  “Participatory Art” is what Burning Man thrives on, along with ten other key principals that have inspired 70,000+ to conspire to create transformative experiences since the late 1990’s. Read on to learn more about our project!
We will be having a Zoom call on Monday October 18th at 7pm to meet everyone who's interested in joining the TEA-M!  Until then, feel free to tell us what you are interested to do via THIS FORM in the space and when you're available to serve tea.
Love & Warm regards,
Dr. Earl Grey (aka Greg)
Dr. Lafalot (aka Andriana)
Tea Lab is far more than a vendor booth at a festival or party that gifts free tea. It is an experience which involves a volunteer corps of artists, healers and volunteers that serve the Burning Man principals of Radical Inclusion, Community and a Gifting Economy (see 10 principals below). If you are interested in just avoiding the $85 ticket fee to the "Beyond the Veil" to serve a few hours of tea, TEA LAB is probably not a good fit for you.  Alternatively if you are interested to assist in the creation of our space, supporting activiteis such as Periodic Table Bingo, massage or tarot readings with a TEA-m spirit of creating a magical participatory experience, then we have a special TEA LAB COAT for you!!
In the past we have held 'Tea Ceremony' Type of interactions where guests sit in half circles and tea specialists (us) takes turns leading them through a TEA-lightful experience, before or while they can take fan-TEA-stical SIPssss of  yummy TEA!

*Tea StoryTellers create fun imaginative expressive stories with guests as characters and we celebrate certain parts with short spirts of instrument play and laughter. 

*Tea Experts have their own stations where they lead smaller one of one interactions like tarot or massage. 
To give you an idea of the TEA LAB immersive experience, check out our Event page on Facebook and some photos/videos of past events:
Tea Lab at Gratitude Migration 2016                           First Tea Lab @ Figment (w/Decomplixtron) 2014

Tea Lab Funk Buddha @Pex 2016                        Tea Lab @Pex 2015
Tea Lab at Decom 2019                 Invite 2017                            Tea Lab at Pex 2015 with live music

This event will be open to the public from Saturday October 30th starting at 9pm and go through Sunday October 31st at 2pm. We don't yet know if we our TEA-m will go beyond 3am but just know that there will be special champaign served when Bubbles & Bass close out the party. Vacciation cards are mandatory for entry--Once inside, masks are optional.
We will create the space before the event begins.
Load-In for this event will occur either Wednesday 10/27, Thursday 10/28 or Friday 10/29 with some of us also working Saturday 10/30 to set up. We have a few possibilities for where we will be running the Tea Lab which will be more clear after our "walk-through". Comp tickets will be provided to our TEA-M after roles/time committments are determined.
The Facebook information is here -- Feel free to go here and to like, comment and share information about Tea Lab and the event:
Saturday October 30th - 31st, 9pm to 2pm
70 Scott Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn
Tiers: $75 / $85 / $120 Tickets: 
This Halloween, you are invited to join us as we traverse between worlds. On this night the realms of the living and the dead shall become most blurred
There are nights that have the power to transport us to another place and this is one of them. We invite you to participate in this theatrical celebration between realms where you are at the center.  
We will gather some of our greatest friends and collectives to bring an event that touches, moves, and inspires. The communities that we are assembling are all dear to NYC and beyond, all known to create one of a kind moments, vibes, and experiences
On this night, we come together to create a world of Pure Imagination and you are invited to be a part of it.
Join us on our journey into the depths...
Kostume Kult
The Get Down
Lighting Society
Bubbles & Bass
Tea Lab
Tribal Disco
Turntables on the Hudson
and more....
An exceptional lineup to be disclosed soon
Welcome to 70 Scott—home to the new Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory and event space located in the heart of Bushwick. With over three areas of sound, activations, installations, and performances, we cordially invite the Spirits of the Night to DANCE
Casting shadow on the darkness of the past, we light a candle and hold a flame and give rise to a new dawn
This event will begin at 9pm and end long past sunrise
-- It is our time --
Proof of Vaccination Required
Costumes Required

Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. In this crucible of creativity, all are welcome.
A unique and distinctive culture emerges from the Burning Man experience. Rooted in the values expressed by the 10 Principles, this culture is manifested around the globe through art, communal effort, and innumerable individual acts of self-expression. To many, it is a way of life.

10 Principles
(Source: Wikipedia)
·    Participation
·    Immediacy
TEA LAB would love you to be familiar with these consepts as well as acknowledging


TEA LAB embraces all Burning Man principals and asks creators/servers in the TEA LAB space to:
1) Welcome all who enter the TEA LAB space in a creative and fun way.  We will have name tags for all our TEAm and encourage others to wear them as well.
2) Represent TEA LAB by wearing an official LAB COAT at all times inside the TEA LAB.
3) Embody a TEA-m spirit - Be a self-starter and ask yourself what needs to be done.
4) Work without blame or judgement, Alternatively incorporate empathy and connection with peaceful language.
5) Commit to a zero harrassment policy (no agression whatsoever)
6) Do not commit to a project unless you can also commit to finishing a project

You're excited about TEA LAB and the BEYOND THE VEIL party. Fill out our intake Form and join us Monday October 18th at 7pm for a Zoom that will serve as a meeting to plan and organize the event.
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Meeting ID: 379 773 1889
Passcode: 332211
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