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Exciting news at Twisted History headquarters! We have started using onling bookings to make it easier for you to join us on tour at any of our fantastic locations.

Online bookings can be made in a variety of ways  including:
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Join us on the darker side of history soon!
Father's Day 
I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts!
The first Sunday in September is Father's Day - there is no better night of the year to scare your Dad!
Join the team at Twisted History for a ghost tours at the haunted "Prison of the Ill" in Geelong, believed to be the most haunted gaol in Australia.
Is your Dad brave enough to explore the unexpected?!!
For more information and bookings call 1300865800 or book online through our website
School Holidays
School Holidays are almost upon as once again!
Did you know our Ghost tours at Geelong Gaol are suitable for those 8 years and above?
Did you know our tours run seven nights a week?
Why not bring the kids along to be immersed in the history and atmosphere of this old building ..... Perhaps you may even see the faces of those who once lived behind the walls ......
Christmas Parties
The spirit of Christmas can be celebrated at a number of locations at Twisted History.
Are you interested in a Christmas party with a difference for your staff or team mates.
Join us for a night of fun an Christmas cheer on a ghost tour, paranormal investigation or a murder tour as we share the festive season.
For early bird discounts and information please call 1300865800
Paranormal Investigations at Geelong Gaol
Do you love to explore old haunted building in the dark? Do you believe in Ghosts and want to investigate one of the most haunted gaols in Australia?  
Geelong Gaol, known as the Prison of the Ill, opened in 1853 and closed in 1991. This building has witnessed scores of deaths, assaults and murders, which makes it perfect to investigate. Tiny cells, no toilets and freezing cold conditions made the Geelong Gaol a virtual dungeon till the day it closed.
Paranormal investigation tours run 7 nights a week.
Duration:  2 Hours
 Dead Time Tour This is an extended version of the paranormal investigation tour designed for people who want to spend more time in the hot spots around the gaol. Dead time tours run once a month on the second Friday of the month with a maximum of 10 people. Dead Time tours can run by appointment at other times.
Duration:  3 Hours
Lock Down Tour This tour is designed for the die hard investigator who wants to spend a night in the haunted convict gaol and a chance to spend time in cells where hundreds of criminals and murderers died. Our overnight investigation provides every customer with state of the art paranormal equipment and a premier investigation team to lead you to the hot spots. This tour runs on the last Friday of the month.
Pizza and finger food supplied
All groups will be provided with night vision cameras, infrared goggles, laser grids, EMF detectors, spirit boxes, motion sensors and a range of other equipment.
New Tour - Melbourne Murder Tour
Did you know that Victoria has the highest number of serial killers in Australia?
Join the team at Twisted History on our new crime tour of Melbourne as we explore the crimes that shocked Victoria.
This 2.5 hour driving tour will explore the suburbs of Carlton, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Melbourne, South Yarra and Windsor. This tour will share stories of serial killers, mass murders, cannibals and unsolved crimes.
Chinatown Murder Tour
Come and explore the dark lanes around Melbourne's Chinatown, the oldest Chinese community in the western world.
Be guided during this 90 minute walking tour, to opium dens, cocaine houses and brothels as we share stories of ghosts, murders and prostitution. 
Hear how the Chinese community was the hub of Victorian crime and Littles Bourke Streets connection to Eureka Stockade, Ned Kelly, Jack the Ripper and Squizzy Taylor.
You won't believe what has happened in just three blocks of Little Bourke Street!  
Carlton Murder Tour
Are you interested in true crime?
Do you wonder how some suburbs have more murders than others?
Join us for murderous night in Melbourne as we explore the dark and forgotten history of Carlton, the most violent suburb of Melbourne.
This two hour driving tour share stories of the four main crime period in Victoria's history, as we show you locations of some of Melbourne's most infamous murders from Squizzy Taylor to the the Pjyama Girl
Blackwood Hotel Investigation - 6th September
Join the team at Twisted History for an evening at one Victoria's most haunted hotels.
Nestled in the Wombat State Forest, the town of Blackwood has an interesting past from the early days of the Victorian Gold Rush to the present.  This hotel opened in 1868 and quickly became the heart of the community.  Being the office of the Cobb and Co, coroners court and even the town morgue.  This building has seen more than its fair share of death and claims a number of resident ghosts which makes it perfect to investigate.
Start the evening with a meal before beginning the investigation of the parlour, dining room, cellar and more before a tour of the hilltop cemetery.  Groups will be provided with night vision cameras, infra red goggles, laser grid, emf detectors, spirit box, motion sensors and a range of other equipment.
Blackwood Snippets
In a fit of madness, Mrs Pinecombe was found in the yard of the Blackwood All Saints Anglican church with an axe in her left hand and her right hand severed at the wrist.  Pinecombe, was heard repeating the Biblical injunction, "If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, My right hand, hath offended me." 
Andrew George Scott was born in 1845 in Ireland. The family emigrated to New Zealand in 1861, where his father served as a clergyman and magistrate. Arriving in Australia six years later, the young Scott, too, became a lay preacher at Blackwood All Saint Anglican church, before turning to crime. In 1879, he held up a cattle station in New South Wales. Two of his associates were killed when the police arrived, as was a constable. Scott was hanged in Sydney in 1880.
Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving an image or sound where the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists. It happens often in religion. It is not uncommon to hear of religious people finding the Virgin Mary burnt into a piece of toast or Jesus on a Marmite lid.
So what does this mean for the paranormal?
It means that when reviewing our evidence from a paranormal investigation, we need to be aware that in photographs, we are likely to see faces or people (apparitions) where there are none and be willing to be very critical when we think we have found something.
How can we combat pareidolia in paranormal evidence? It can be helpful to take photographs in different light conditions so that it can be compared against the supposed “apparitions”. Compare also against photographs taken from different angles or taken by other investigators.
So next time you’ve captured a face in a wall, or an apparition in the shadows, remember to be critical, it could (literally) be your eyes playing tricks on you
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
7 nights a week!!
Chinatown Murder Tour
Friday and Saturday nights
Carlton Murder Tour
First Saturday of the month or by appointment
Melbourne Murder Tour
Third Saturday of the month or by appointment
Blackwood Hotel
First Tuesday of the month
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Friday, 12th August
 Chinatown Murder Tour
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
Geelong Gaol Deadtime Tour
Saturday, 13th August
Chinatown Murder Tour Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
Sunday, 14th August
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
Friday, 19th August
Chinatown Murder Tour Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
Saturday, 20th August
Chinatown Murder Tour
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
Melbourne Murder Tour
Sunday, 21st August
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
Friday, 26th August
Chinatown Murder Tour
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Geelong Gaol Lockdown
Saturday, 27th August
Chinatown Murder Tour
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
Sunday, 28th August
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
Friday, 2nd September
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
Chinatown Murder Tour
Saturday, 3rd September
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
Chinatown Murder Tour
Carlton Murder Tour
Sunday, 4th September
Father's Day!
Geelong Gaol Ghost Tour
Geelong Gaol Investigation Tour
Tuesday, 6th September
Blackwood Hotel Investigation
On this day ........ 30th August 1938   
Evelyn Marsden was born on the 15th of October 1883, at Stockyard Creek about 80 km north of Adelaide, in South Australia. As a youth, she learned to row a boat against the tides and currents of the Murray River while visiting a farm at Murray Bridge, South Australia. Marsden was the only Australian female survivor of the sinking of the Titanic and was rescued in lifeboat 16. After the Titanic disaster she returned to that farm to thank the family for teaching her to row and handle a boat properly.   Following the Titanic she married Dr William Abel James, who had worked for the White Star Line and moved to Bondi, Sydney, where her husband continued work as a Doctor. Marsden died on the 30th of August 1938, and is buried at Waverley Cemetery, Sydney.
On this day ........ 29th August 1885
While out for a drive in a horse and cart, a man and woman survived an extraordinary accident on this day in 1885. As they were nearing the western gates of Governor's Domain at Parramatta, New South Wales, a dog ran out and bit their horse. The maddened animal rushed towards the closed gates 150 metres away at high speed and in a tremendous jump cleared them.  It was assumed that the jerk caused by the wheels going over a shallow gutter just short of the gate was sufficient to bounce the cart off the ground and the impetus of the leaping horse was enough to carry it and it's passengers safely over the gates. Unfortunately the cart hit a tree afterwards and the traces broke.  The man held on to the reins and was dragged along the ground and badly bruised, while the woman remained on her seat and was unhurt.  The heavy cast iron gates cleared were almost two metres high
On this day ........ 26th August 1905
A strange discovery was made in Blackwood, Victoria, on this day in 1905 by Mr. G. Williams, who worked as a miner on the Lerderderg river.  He found, at a considerable distance below the surface, the skeleton of a horse. In the early days of Blackwood this was the crossing to Simmons Reef, and the story goes that a teamster attempted the crossing when the river was in flood, with the result that four out of six horses were washed away, and never recovered. Mr. Williams has doubtless unearthed the remains of one of the animals.

On this day ........ 24th August 1846
A young man, named M'Donald, found, on this day in 1846, a bottle on the beach, at Western Port, Victoria, in which was enclosed a slip of paper containing the latitude and longitude of the convict ship, George the Third, on her voyage to Van Diemen's Land. This vessel was wrecked on the coast of Van Diemen's Land shortly after the paper, dated the 1st of March, 1835, announcing that "all was well on board," was written. The bottle must consequently have been floating on the ocean for nearly eleven years
On this day ........ 23RD August 1930
Topsy, the star performing elephant of Sole Brothers Circus, caused a sensation in South Brisbane when she broke from her tether, ran amok, pushed her head through the plate-glass of a shop window, and did a clumsy waltz like she does in the ring." Attendants finally led her away. "Too much good feed" was the explanation for Topsy's jamboree
On this day ........ 1st August 1890
One of the central figures involved on the police side during the Kelly Gang Outbreak in North East Victoria, of the 1870s retired on this day in 1896. Sgt. Arthur Loftus Maule Steele handed over control Wangaratta police to Sgt. Simcocks transferred from Chiltern.  Sgt. Steele is accredited to catching Ned Kelly at the Siege of Glenrowan