NEWS & ADVENTURES of a philosophical folk songstress mama                                               ~ Winter 2014
~ Amanda West Music Newsletter ~
Dear Ones,
The much prayed for rain has been falling her on the California coast and we are grateful.
We are also a bit soggy.
I had my first night away from my son, ever, last weekend. Sometimes motherhood is like that. I ate two meals in a row without getting up once. Amazing. I also did a yoga class, also my first since I became a mother. All things change. To the things that matter, we always return.
As I grow older and one year becomes a smaller percentage of my life, each one is more easily held within a single thought. As this happens I am finding a deeper experience in the contrast between winter and summer, and I feel more aware of the importance of hope within the dark, the light within the night. These are the things we reach towards. In winter months, these are what we kindle and need. It seems so obvious to me now that we (humans) made these winter holidays to help us move through the dark days. As I address cards or wrap gifts for my loved ones, I think of each of their faces and I feel warmer and lighter.
A human life can be dark and heavy, and we need light, gifts, fire, song, hands to hold and food to share to keep us warm and strong and moving and growing. It is my ongoing hope and intention that my music, my work and my life may be a part of this light in the world.
We performed at the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment in San Jose a few weeks ago. Outside there was a sign that read: “For some people, devotion means love for God. For others it is devotion to truth. In either case, the commitment of devotion draws the response of revelation.”
The experience of devotion to something, anything, is revelatory. It ignites fires and creates light, warmth and joy. While my availability for any single task ebbs and flows these days, my devotion remains as constant as ever; to being a musician, to writing and teaching and singing and recording and performing and sharing and healing and helping and loving. In fact my devotion only grows bigger and stronger as my heart continues to expand to encompass all that life has to offer ~ the children and the lessons, the dark of winter and the brightness of light which always returns.
2015 is going to be another incredible year, I can feel it!
See you there,
with love & song & endless gratitude, 
~ Amanda
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with love from us to you
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Saturday February 21st @ 5pm
Neighborhood Preschool Benefit | Westside, Santa Cruz, details TBA
This will be a full set of music along with a silent auction, wine and o'deurves. Lovely! 
Sunday February 22nd @ 9am & 11am
San Jose Center for Spiritual Enlightenment 
Inspiration for morning services.
Ongoing Mondays @ 7pm 
WOMB SONG | Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz
A community based singing circle for pregnant women, led by Amanda West & Megan Jacobsmeyer. Learn more:
Private Lessons ~ Voice, Guitar & Songwriting | Home Studio, Felton, CA
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