Edition #15, June 2015
Summer time!
Just before summer really starts at the northern hemisphere, IPG had a very special spring conference. Veronika Krizova of ADVOKÁTNÍ KANCELÁŘ KŘÍŽ A PARTNEŘI S.R.O. has written a report about this conference that took place in the wonderfull city of Paris. No less than five new members were voted in. IPG is very proud and happy to have them on board and have asked them to present themselves in this newsletter.
Elena Chrysostomou of DWFM Beckman (London UK) explains how the firm makes Cross Border Debt Recovery simple. Anna Ramut of Denzel Polska explains the advantages of Polish special Economic zones. Happy reading and thank you very much for all contributions!
Jens Langendorff, Graham, Smith & Partners (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

IPG springtime in Paris Article by Veronika Křížová

Each of the IPG conferences is hosted by a designated member/s of the Group in the city or area where they operate. The string of pearls was complemented this May by a rare gem: Paris. The conference was hosted by law firm Aston Société d´Advocats and audit and accounting firm Groupe Conseil Union.
St. James Albany Hotel, with its exceptional location on Rue Rivoli, was an ideal venue for the event allowing members to participate on the conference meetings, lectures and workshops as well as to network during the coffee breaks, lunches and in their spare time, surrounded by some of the most significant city sights.
Guests were welcomed on Thursday evening on the premises of Aston where a cocktail dinner was served. The relaxed atmosphere and full engagement of the hosting team provided a very smooth transition before the busy day ahead.
On Friday morning, after an early city-center jogging, the official conference program started. The enjoyable and fresh opening session was followed by presentation of the candidates. This time, the organizers chose as a subject of the main part of the IPG meeting a soft-skills related topic. The lecture was held by Richard D Lewis. His presentation on intercultural differences in communication and negotiation explained his theory on cultural specifics. Members could and familiarize themselves with his Model of Cultures and gain knowledge that is applicable to work with international clients and partners. The afternoon workshop, moderated by Michael Gate, allowed everyone to practice these newly acquired skills in a role-play mock negotiation.
The evening program was the first opportunity for the whole IPG group to see Paris together. The participants were picked up in front of the hotel by well-kept Citroën 2CVs that took them on a guided tour round Paris. The city in bloom, some of the most beautiful streets and monuments and a photo-stop by the Eiffel Tower are only some of the unexpected highlights of the trip. Few drivers even sat spurs to the deux chevaux and started a mini race. The final destination was Lido de Paris on Champs-Élysée where a dinner show was booked for IPG. This special experience allowed us to witness one of a kind spectacle setting new limits to theatre technique, scenography, acrobatics and conceivable length of women´s legs. The enjoyable evening was followed by drinks at local bars. Understanding that this is perhaps a tradition of the natives, many of the members did not object to such a proposal.
The general meeting took place on Saturday morning again at St James Albany. The agenda was very capacious this time and many of the points are yet to be discussed in the future. During the GM the elections were held and IPG welcomed the following new members:
  • Shah Al Shamali Associates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Al-Hamli Certified Accountants, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Studio Legale Mastellone, Florence, Italy
  • TLS Partners | Chrysanthi Varnava & Cο. LLC, Limassol, Cyprus
Lisa Rosen from Studio Spito & Associati, hosting IPG Conference in fall, introduced in her very interesting presentation the city of Rome and our hosts for the upcoming conference.
Saturday afternoon provided a good opportunity to continue in professional discussions and to exchange the latest news about development in our respective fields of practice outside of meeting room, during the guided tour of Montmartre and of the Louvre Museum. Nobody broke the 6-minutes Louvre record and Amelie was not seen in her café.
This part of day also allowed members to learn from the spouses about their Parisian IPG experience: from morning spent with a personal shopper, through visit of the Foundation of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé to a cooking class in the school of 3-times 3-star Michelin chef Alain Ducasse, the spouses program was carefully designed as a perfect anniversary celebration.
The gala dinner took place on L´Onyx, an elegant boat taking the group on a cruise on Seine. The views from the surface were magnificent. Graham Wallace handed out the prices for best Golf player (Duncan Stannet) and the best tennis player (Olivier Sanviti). The combination of interesting discussions and perception of reflections of life in Paris flowing behind the windows furnished a very pleasant closing of the conference.
There was still Sunday and some decided to visit Fontainebleau and have a lunch there - a trip organized by our hosts, while others visited museums, rented a bike or spent the time left by closing the last conversations with fellow IPG members.
The IPG Spring Conference in Paris was planned and organized in a manner that gave the attendees an opportunity to use every minute of their time in the city to network, actively participate on the conference program and to enjoy the exceptional beauty of Paris while learning much about its history, culture and its signature chic. 
The indefatigable organizers Olivier Sanviti from Aston and Romuald Garnier from Groupe Conseil Union along with their respective teams deserve many thanks and a major acknowledgement for introducing their work and their city to the International Practice Group in truly splendid way. 
IPG looks forward to meet all of its members in Rome.
From the City of Lights to the Eternal City.
Veronika Křížová
rague 1, Dlouh 13
1-110 00 Prag
Czech Republic, Europe.
T: +420 224 819 337

Special Economic Zones in Poland Article by Anna Ramut

1. Why you should consider investments in Poland.
Poland, located in the heart of Europe, complete with a 38 million strong customer market – is one of the fastest developing economics in Europe. Human capital not only represents varied demand for products and services but is a valuable asset in itself. A young, well educated workforce with a broad range of qualifications and low labour costs is that what Poland can offer.
2. What benefits can be attained by investing in Poland?
Poland offers a wide range of investment incentives. Investors are invited to locate their projects within 14 Special Economic Zones (SEZ). SEZs are administratively separated areas of Polish territory where business activity may be conducted under advantageous conditions. The main aims of creating SEZs in Poland was to accelerate regional development by attracting new investment and promoting job creation and manage post-industrial property and infrastructure.
Denzel Polska Sp. z o.o.
Anna Ramut
18/4 Zabrska street
40-083 Katowice
Poland, Europe.
T: +48 32 254 38 73

Cross Border Debt Recovery- Made Simple.
The European Order for Payment Procedure

DWFM Beckman advises a fellow IPG member as to the procedure of enforcing an Austrian Judgment in the UK High Court. This was the first European Enforcement Order for Payment claim in 2015.
Prior to Regulation (EC) no. 1896/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council coming into force, cross-border enforcement claims were complex, costly, time consuming and therefore unsuitable for small to medium sized claims.
However the European Order for Payment Procedure speeds up cross-border uncontested claims, whilst minimising the legal costs incurred where it is primarily the acquisition of a writ of control that is sought.
101 Wigmore Street
W1U 1FA London
United Kingdom, Europe.
T: +44 (0)20 7408 8888

NEW MEMBER: Al-Hamli Certified Accountans / Saudi Arabia
  • Al-Hamli Group dates back to 1979 by Mr.  Abdullah Al-Hamli.
  • Has 4 branches around of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Alhasa) and has three service sectors: audit, tax/zakat, and consultants.
  • In our firm most of the employees belongs to specialized profession in the field of international professional associations.
  • Our services (audit, accounting, Zakat taxation, arbitration, feasibility studies, Establish, Management consultancy, Financial, Economic consultancy and Strategies) provide to a broad base of both national and foreign companies we are providing services for over than 250 clients in all areas of economic activity.
Al-Hamli Certified Accountans
Mahmoud Fahmy
Al-Olaiya Tower – Al-Olaiya Streets.
Post Box: 50436 Riyadh Code: 11523
Saudi Arabia, Asia.
T: + 966 11 2172621

NEW MEMBER: Shah & Alshamali Associates / United Arab Emirates

Shah & Alshamali Associates Chartered Accountants is a firm of qualified and experienced partners who have been in the auditing and accounting profession since 1980 in the United Arab Emirates. With over 45 professionals, we are currently operating from 4 offices across the country.
We believe that delivering substantial and sustained value has become necessity for client businesses which face significant and rapid changes in the economic landscape in terms of increasing complexity in industry structures, evolving supply chains, intensifying global competition and rising inflationary pressures. We combine specialist skills from member firms around the world to provide objective and independent advice to help preserve and improve value.

Shah & Alshamali Associates
Mr. Chaitanya D. Shah
409 City Tower 1, Sheikh Zayed Road
P.O.Box 625823
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Asia.
T: +971 4 386 7070


We are a Florence-based boutique law firm with a strong international focus, providing legal consultancy, advice and assistance in the areas of civil, commercial, business and company law, contracts, real property, employment law as well as dispute resolution representation and assistance (negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation before the courts); non-profit organisations and projects.
A large proportion of our clients are either based in a foreign jurisdiction (   investing in or in respect of their business and activities in Italy) or doing business internationally. The synergies we derive from these areas of practice together with our structure as a boutique firm, enable our practitioners to remain accessible to our clients and offer timely, dedicated and efficient personalised legal services. 
Carlo Mastellone
Via Gustavo Modena, 23
50121 Florence
Italy, Europe.
T: (+39) 055 46 20 040

NEW MEMBER: TLS Partners - Chrysanthi Varnava & Co LLC / Cyprus

TLS Partners - Chrysanthi Varnava & Co LLC is an established law firm in Limassol, Cyprus built on delivering professional legal services with confidentiality and accuracy.
Our firm is always updated with law amendments and new legislation in order to provide the best legal services. We utilize the wealth of our firm’s experience, its network connections, knowledge and resources to promptly and efficiently serve our clients’ needs.
Our office offers a wide spectrum of expertise in an impressive variety of legal disciplines in order to provide top-level advice and high-standard legal and management services to any client.
TLS Partners - Chrysanthi Varnava & Co LLC
Chrysanthi Varnava 
Makariou III No. 14, Stamatiou Block A,
4th Floor,
Office 402, 4000 M. Geitonia, Limassol,
CYPRUS, Europe.
P.O. Box 59738,
CY-4012 Limassol 

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From the Board
Dear Members, although the number of members of IPG is still growing, we have quite a number of “white spots”. Francesca Falbo (Law), Rahul Chadha (responsible for Asia) and Jochen Hey (tax and accounting) are constantly looking for new members in all countries where we do not have members yet.
Any recommendation is appreciated, but they do have their own top wish lists. These are as follows:
Jochen Hey needs your help finding accountants in:
1. Belgium
2. Brasil
3. Czech Republic
Francesca Falbo needs your help finding lawyers in:
1. All the Gulf Countries
2. Norway 
3. Sweden
Rahul Chadha needs your help finding new members in Asia and especially in:
1. Japan
2. Singapore
3. Indonesia
Followed by
4. Thailand
5. Korea
6. Vietnam
With helping them, you will also help yourself and your fellow members!
Check your network and send an email with your suggestions to the secretariat (aylin.redondo@ipg-online.org) or to Jens Langendorff (Langendorff@grahamsmith.com).
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