Decades ago we were wholesale. There was a distinction. No longer.
The name remains. It's a free for all.
Now if I type "Beads for Sale" into my search engine I get 80 million hits.
It has become every 男人 (man) or 女人 (woman) for 他 (him) or 她的 (her) 自 (self).
46th Anniversary Sale !
Imagine That
Special prices in this flyer are good through June 7th
when i boarded a plane in Hawaii (1977) with a small satchel of beads
and propelled by years of poverty.
Taking over the world one bead at a time? Time to retire that slogan.
Plan Your Life Around Our Shows
July 7 - 9
At the Fairgrounds, Syracuse New York
We're in the wholesale section
The Big One!
1305 Memorial Avenue
West Springfield, Massachusetts 01089
At the Big E - All Roads Lead to the Big E !
Again, we are in the wholesale section.
Everyone will be there.
I asked ChatGPT to write a short poem about bead hoarders:
Bead hoarders with treasure troves
Strings of memories, stories untold
Each bead a gem, a cherished prize
Held close to heart, before our eyes.
My third grade teacher would have given me a C.

I am buried in beads.
It is avalanchian.
Your discount won't show in your shopping cart.
It just won't.  It's a software thing.
But you needn't worry.  We'll catch it.
Our choice $95
Witchballs and
Gazing Balls !!!
Visit Our Witchitorium
Our last container of witch and gazing balls was in November, that one before that a year before in October.  We (I) still don't have some from either shipment on the website and often I open cases and the interior doesn't match the stock number.  Oi. Case of 47 plus one bonus broken one.
Sale price $250 instead of $350

The Seal of Poor Quality
When you see this seal, it's not a rat, attached to an item be forewarned that the item you are looking at really is
as described.
An adventure in
preemptive disappointment amelioration.
"Oh, it can't be that bad."
We are underpersonned.
Your order
won't go out

Packs of three.

We have more than this flyer.
A building's worth of items.
South Pacific Wholesale
195 US Route 302 Berlin, Vermont 05641
When you visit, understand that our zipcode is for Barre.
This is Vermont, Berlin doesn't have a post office.
We're about 4 miles off Exit 7, Interstate 89
Much further than that and you'll be in East Podunk
which is just before Where the Heck Am I, I'm Scared I Don't Think I Like Vermont Anymore Do You Think We Ought to Turn Around ?