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Should We Worry?


I always tell people that the Tea Party was born of and continues to be motivated mostly by fear of economic collapse because it takes really, really, bad times to motivate people out of their normal lives and get them to take action.  Few if any of us would take the time to get involved unless we thought things were going to get bad and impact our families or finances.  Early on the Sooner Tea Party developed the idea of Fortress Oklahoma, where we prepared the state leaders and laws for a time when Oklahoma needed to stand on its own two feet.  That meant cutting spending, cutting the purse strings to the federal government, enacting laws that stiffened Oklahoma’s sovereignty, and pushed the feds out of the day to day lives of Oklahomans.  That included killing off the ObamaCare/FallinCare Health Insurance exchanges so that Oklahoma citizens stood on their own two feet.

Many of the proposals we first pushed in 2010 were called “fringe” and the RINOs fought back.   Then by 2012 you saw the Open Carry bill pass, Obama Care continue to be defeated at the Capitol,  anti Agenda 21 bills began to pass the House, anti Common Core bills pass into law, and numerous spending bills like the Capitol bond issue and the American Indian Cultural Center were outright stopped or hard fought battles to pass.  They say the independent party is like a bee; once it stings it dies as the party in power adopts the issues and removes the stinger that caused it to act.   Since we fight for the common good over the special interests we have only grown stronger with each policy win.


But that overall fear of a collapsing economy that originally motivated many of us to join the Tea Party seems to be ramping up again.  This article by a highly respected economist stops just short of forcasting a market crash.


The Nobel Prize winning author shows how price to earnings ratios for stocks have skyrocketed recently and reminds us that this has happened three times in history:  The crash that led to the Great Depression, the Dot.com bubble in the 90’s, and the Crash in 2008/2009.   Shiller points out that the recent average for stock/earnings ratio was 26.3, meaning that the stock was selling for 26.3 times the annual profit that the company produced and that there were only three times since 1881 that this has occurred.    Shiller states that the price/earnings ratio plummeted to 6 and 7 in 1929 and 2007 and down to 13 after the dot.com bubble burst in the 90’s.

We are warned to increase our savings because pension plans might not do well or might even lose value when the market tumbles again.  He also warns that America ‘s housing market is beginning to heat up and that a society that stores wealth in homes is a society that isn’t investing in commerce, industry, or the next great medical breakthrough.

Adding to the uncertainty is the Federal Reserve’s proposed ending of Quantitative Easing,  the purchase of Treasury bonds by printing more money, designed to pump massive amounts of newly created money into our economy.  They were buying up to 85 billion a month but have been tapering off around 10 billion per month and were at 35 billion in July.  The printing of new money in exchange for T bills should end in October but no one knows how the stock markets will react.

Right now banks are awash in liquid cash because of the quantitative easing, zero interest Fed interest rates, and low demand for loans.    Banks are offering car loans as low as 2.9% but fewer people have jobs that allow them to make new car payments so the money is still sitting in bank vaults or on electronic balance sheets and isn’t circulating in the economy.  Once those flood gates are opened inflation is going to get much worse.  Or worse, property values could tumble again, dragging down consumer’s net worth, triggering loans being called in as the property value plummets.  In time the Federal Reserve could become insolvent as they are holding a lot of mortgage backed securities, which would require a massive amount of new money printing to rebalance their books.

The rise of automatic high speed trading is a new risk this time around.  Lots of folks have stop loss orders on their portfolios so once a sharp downturn occurred it could well trigger the average Joe’s broker dumping stocks into the market in accordance with the portfolio instructions.  People are also connected by social media like never before in history and the news of a panic can go viral in minutes with people finding out on their smart phones instead of finding out when they read their email after the day’s work is done.

The smart thing is to keep your assets spread out and diversified as much as possible.   Keep some cash, some bonds, some long term stocks, and keep your debt low so when another downturn hits you are prepared to hunker down and survive without losing your home or business.  Even in depressions there is money to be made, in fact the wealthy probably make more fortunes during panics than they the do in good times.




The Unintended Consequences Continue To Surface

Are We A Nation Run By Fools?

Part 1

By Ms PM


We will lay out this chronology in part 1 of this article and begin with the race riots of the 60’s. We will end with the militarization of police departments in part 2. Somewhere along the way you will be able to decide for yourself where we are headed

The definition of a race riot according to the article “is a riot caused by racial dissension or hatred.” As with any protest, dissension is one thing but when you add the “or hatred” into the mix the outcome has no choice but to take a turn for the worst turning it into a riot. We believe the two words have two separate meanings. It does seem that dissension would have a peaceful outcome as in a “citizen protest” regardless of the colors involved. When hatred fuels the masses the circumstance is no longer a protest. If the definition of a riot is either dissension or hatred there is an understanding why the police help fuel the carnage that is sure to follow. Riot is a violent disorder; police should know this and act in a way that doesn’t add any unnecessary perceptions to a protest which turns it into a riot. It takes great finesse to handle this type of balance and from the performance served upon the American people somebody needs to go back to school.


A good example of the difference in meanings is a Tea Party protest. There has never been a Tea Party rally that has been anything other than peaceful, and clean up after the event is an obsession. Yet authorities along with government have meshed the meaning of these two words and believe if you dissent a riot will ensue. We don’t hate the government but we are disgusted with the rats running around on stage. Is there any doubt as to why Tea Party folks are lumped in with domestic terrorists considering if you don’t agree with their job performance you should be on a watch list. Somewhere the wiring of reason has been switched off.


Harlem Riots (1964)-Police killed a young black boy. Was this hatred and racist? A peaceful march was held two days later, this began as an example of dissension. After the march is when a group of aggressive demonstrators took to fighting at the police precinct, example of hatred. Before long rumors prompted Molotov cocktails, stones and bricks. Violence lasted four days and spread through neighborhoods where shooting, looting and arson became widespread. Racist blacks burned white-owned stores, another example of hatred.


Watts Riot (1965)-Police used excessive force on a black man in a drunk driving arrest. A group gathered but wasn’t violent, dissension. Police tried to arrest a black woman for spitting at him. Did she hate the police? The riot followed with throwing bottles and rocks at cars and buses. The rioters overturned cars and broke windows in stores followed by looting.75 stores were burned, more hatred.


The National Guard came in and did the job the local police were unable to accomplish. Could it be said that the best thinking of the police is what started this mess? There were 34 deaths, 1000 injuries and 600 buildings damaged. The cost…$40 million. When have hot heads on either side ever been able to diffuse any situation?


Newark Riots (1967)-Police beat a black cab driver while attempting to arrest him. A crowd gathered, became unruly and was asked to leave. The police were accused of excessive force. The end result was violence, looting, burning and shooting. Is this an example of hatred on both sides that completely skipped over dissension?


Detroit Riot (1967)-Police raided an after-hours bar. 80 were arrested. The crowd threw rocks at police cars breaking windows. Rioters outnumbered police and the National Guard was called in. It took President Johnson sending in federal troops to stop the burning, looting and shooting. Exactly who are the haters?


We jump to 1992 in the Rodney King Riot.

This riot happened because of another accusation of police brutality. The police were acquitted and the rioters believed that even though King was arrested for speeding, driving while intoxicated and failing to yield, the beating was unjust even though the police thought King was on drugs and trying to attack them. This riot took a twisted turn. Minority African Americans were targeting Minority Koreans. Who are the real racists? Did old whitey take the back seat on this one?


This riot came to an end when the National Guard stepped in once again. 51 people were killed and 2,383 were injured. 8,000 were arrested and over 700 businesses were burned and out of business. There was approximately $1 billion dollars done in property damage. What will it take to wake up the fools of mayhem?


This next article should be enough to scare anyone. What in the hell are they thinking as we question the Militarization of police departments. In Oklahoma County we will show you a few and we do mean a few of the items purchased from the feds.


OK OKLAHOMA AIRCRAFT, ROTARY WING 1 Each $200,000.00 10/3/2008


OK OKLAHOMA BAYONET-KNIFE 80 Each $106.92 5/8/2013

OK OKLAHOMA BAYONET-KNIFE 23 Each $25.62 4/11/2013

OK OKLAHOMA BAYONET-KNIFE 44 Each $25.62 4/11/2013

OK OKLAHOMA BAYONET-KNIFE 25 Unknown $0.00 3/20/2013

OK OKLAHOMA BAYONET-KNIFE 5 Unknown $0.00 3/20/2013

OK OKLAHOMA BINOCULAR 6 Each $6,369.60 9/27/2012

OK OKLAHOMA BOOTS,SKI-MOUNTAIN 24 Pair $102.96 3/1/2013





OK OKLAHOMA HELICOPTER,OBSERVATION 1 Each $190,817.00 10/16/2006

OK OKLAHOMA HELICOPTER,OBSERVATION 1 Each $190,817.00 11/14/2006


OK OKLAHOMA HELICOPTER,UTILITY 1 Each $922,704.00 7/16/2009

OK OKLAHOMA MINE RESISTANT VEHICLE 1 Each $733,000.00 2/13/2014

OK OKLAHOMA MINE RESISTANT VEHICLE 1 Each $733,000.00 3/6/2014





OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $47,069.00 1/11/2012

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $25,000.00 8/22/2011

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $25,000.00 8/22/2011

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $41,253.00 7/18/2013

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $47,989.00 11/3/2010

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $47,989.00 11/3/2010

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $47,989.00 1/2/2013

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $47,989.00 1/2/2013

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $47,989.00 11/12/2013

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $47,989.00 12/3/2013

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $77,522.00 7/23/2013

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $77,522.00 7/23/2013

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $60,409.00 10/7/2013

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $54,313.70 6/4/2013

OK OKLAHOMA TRUCK,UTILITY 1 Each $55,644.70 6/4/2013


By all means check out your own county and see what every citizen is up against. This article http://www.military.com/daily-news/2014/08/16/senate-to-review-transfer-of-military-equipment-to-police.html makes us all wonder why the government doesn’t think about consequences before enlisting grandiose federal programs that gives equipment from Iraq and Afghanistan to the local level of law enforcement. Now the dumb asses are going to review their decision. Is this another example of zipping the britches after she’s pregnant? The name of this Trojan horse is the 1033 program which allows police departments to “buy for a nominal fee armored vehicles, grenade launchers, drones, night-vision goggles and other battlefield equipment used by U.S. forces over the past 13 years of war.”


As an example of cost, Ohio bought a “mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle” for 6,000. The original cost to taxpayers was $535,000 or more. We ask…If we the taxpayers paid for this equipment, why aren’t we allowed to at the least say who the purchasers are? Why aren’t we allowed to purchase the items and why isn’t the money returned to taxpayers? Are these funds used to pay down our debt? We haven’t researched where the money comes from to buy these items. How many times have you heard the local police departments say they need more funds to operate? But they have the funding to buy this military equipment? Who is lying to whom?


No doubt this program was started when Congress became constipated and because of the back-log couldn’t think straight. Is this where the old saying came from, “$$it for brains? It was meant to arm communities “against heavily armed drug gangs and terrorist incidents.” With their concern about drug gangs and terrorist one could think it would be a grand idea to come up with a federally numbered program to close the stinking southern border! Is it a better idea to let in the people who wish us harm and use the weapons against U.S. citizens?


This next article is along the same lines of congress trying to un-do the mess they have created.

Miss ObamaCare herself, Claire McCaskill, now thinks militarization of local police has “become the problem instead of the solution.” Where the hell was her incite when ObamaCare was passed. Holder has thrown his hat in the ring saying that he is concerned about deploying military equipment and the mixed message it sends. Would the toilet paper Holder be as forthcoming with his assessment if the people were members of the Tea Party?


Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, wants to review the program to see if the surplus equipment “is being used as intended.” He’s just another great pretender in charge that taxpayers pay for.


We leave you with something to ponder. In the sixties the police were armed with water cannons, batons and tear gas. They now have snipers on top of buildings, massive tank like vehicles and grenade launchers. Part 2 will address the results of the militarization of the police and what could possibly go wrong.




Update on Trooper Rapist Story


Yeah, rapist.  Not alleged rapist.  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol admits they have the dash cam video tapes, evidence proving that Trooper Eric Roberts pulled over the women or picked them up, and they even have a used condom used in one of the instances.  The guy had these women under his control as a police officer and had sex or sexually abused them, that is automatic 2nd degree rape no matter the circumstances, no matter if the trooper obtained “consent”.  The only question is why this guy is still walking the streets instead of wearing an orange jump suit and playing drop the soap at the Creek County Jail.


Last week saw a flurry of activity surrounding the investigation into the Tulsa area State Trooper that raped one woman, sexually assaulted another, and allegedly harassed other women.  Despite the attacks on some of the first women to come forward the number of alleged victims of Trooper Eric Roberts continues to climb.   Trooper Roberts remains on paid leave according to a spokesperson from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol that called last week in response to one of our inquiries into getting records from Laureate Psychiatric Clinic after information leaked out that was attributed to one of the stories about rogue troopers in the news lately.


Sources conflicted on which trooper if any had been sent to Laureate Psychiatric Clinic previously but OHP quoted privacy requirements due to HIPPA regulations and said the medical records would not be released.   Trooper Robert’s car is said to have been taken to the crime lab in OKC where the seat was removed along with carpet and fabric from the seats.   Rape investigators have products and procedures to help find bodily fluids called Lumisol, Polilight, and various range U.V. and blacklight lamps that can make bodily fluids luminescent.  Which leads one to believe that the car seats, fabric, and carpeting must have lit up like a Christmas tree with clues of bodily fluids.   Reports are that the car is gutted at this point.


When asked about the whereabouts of Trooper Eric Roberts the OHP spokesperson said that he reports in daily to his supervisor but other than that they don’t have a clue to his whereabouts.  In response to our question of “Isn’t that kind of scary that you guys don’t know what he is doing?” the spokesperson stated that Trooper Roberts hadn’t been charged with a crime yet.


Calls to Mary Fallin’s office were not returned despite our inquiries on whether or not she was going to get involved in the investigation to ensure that justice was done.  Calls to the Commissioner of Public Service also went unreturned.   However, to be fair Governor Fallin probably won’t want to get within a mile of any investigation if there is any chance of this occurring.








The Oklahoma County Bondsman Association

Invites You To

"Meet The Candidates 2014"

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 6:00pm

Oklahoma Bondsman Association 222 N.E. 27th OKC., OK. 73105


Yes, that is a bad area of town.   Keep your hand on your wallet cause there will be politicians everywhere that close to the Capitol.    The event is sponsored by the Oklahoma County Bondsman Association and it is open to any candidate that appears on the ballot in November.







Thank God for the Marines

Rep. John Bennett put out a press release last week that stirred up a firestorm in the liberal press and then poured gas on the flames with a face book posting reminding Christians to be wary of Muslims.   The posting drew outrage from CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations but John fired back by reminding the media that CAIR continues to be an un-indicted co-conspirator of the U.S. vs. Holyland Foundation trial .

Here is John’s press release:

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. John Bennett said today that the terrorist activities of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could soon reach the United States.

“We must shine a bright light on the role of the Muslim Brotherhood and its varied tentacles in the U.S.,” said Bennett, R-Sallisaw. “These tentacles include unindicted co-conspirators of the U.S. vs. Holyland Foundation trial like the Council on American-Islamic Relations here in Oklahoma. Our borders are wide open to drug and human traffickers. Terrorism could come to Oklahoma just as easily.”  

Bennett said he is well-connected to counterintelligence and counterterrorism circles. Numerous contacts have confirmed Islamic terrorist movements that are being ignored by the Obama Administration.


“All of these groups are working together and it’s a nuclear mixture,” Bennett said. “The public needs to be aware. All this being said there should be no surprise that a strike on U.S. soil is going to happen unless the Obama Administration has a clear, heavy-handed, decisive plan to destroy this threat immediately.” 

Signs of terrorist activity coming to the U.S. include: 

·         Federal law enforcement officials are warning that Islamic terrorists in Ciudad Juarez are planning an attack on the U.S., according to the government watchdog group Judicial Watch. The group said the terrorists are planning to attack the U.S. with car bombs or improvised explosive devices carried by vehicles. Judicial Watch said high-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border was issued. Another source told the group the attack is so imminent the commanding general at the U.S. Army’s Fort Bliss in El Paso is being briefed. 

·         A Texas law enforcement bulletin sent out this week reportedly shows ISIS is keenly aware of the porous border in the area, and social media chatter shows it has expressed “an increased interest” in crossing the border to conduct an attack. The three-page bulletin, obtained by Fox News, was titled “ISIS Interest on the US Southwest Border” and distributed to law enforcement Thursday. 

·         WND reports that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security were so worried airstrikes in Iraq could cause ISIS to retaliate in America, the agencies sent warnings to local law enforcement officials. 

·         Last week, Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., warned ISIS is “rapidly developing a method of blowing up a major U.S. city.” The ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee in the U.S. Senate said the U.S. now is in “the most dangerous position we’ve ever been in.” 

The new threat comes just after President Barack Obama’s acknowledgement that he has no strategy to deal with the terrorist army, Bennett said. 

A recent  threat also comes as Britain has raised its terror-threat level to “severe” ahead of the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. A White House spokesman said Friday the U.S. has no plans to raise the threat level. 

The Washington Post has reported that ISIS fighters had stormed a Syrian airbase over the weekend and captured a stockpile of shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles. The missiles, known as MANPADS, or Man Portable Air Defense Systems, are highly advanced and can hit aircraft flying at up to 20,000 feet. 

“This is a toxic mixture and the Obama Administration Must act immediately with a heavy hand a decisive action,” Bennett said. “This is a very real threat to the U.S. and ISIS has proven they will kill and continue to kill all who do not convert to Islam. I have personally served in Iraq and Afghanistan and first hand observed the horrors of war. No one wants to go to, or send their loved ones to war, but if something decisive isn’t done now many of our sons and daughters will pay the price later.” 

Islamist militias in Libya took control of nearly a dozen commercial jetliners last month. Western intelligence agencies recently issued a warning that the jets could be used in terrorist attacks across North Africa. 

Intelligence reports of the stolen jetliners were distributed within the U.S. government over the past two weeks and included a warning that one or more of the aircraft could be used in an attack later this month on the date marking the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against New York and Washington, said U.S. officials familiar with the reports. 

“There are a number of commercial airliners in Libya that are missing,” said one official. “We found out on September 11 what can happen with hijacked planes.”

The official said the aircraft are a serious counterterrorism concern because reports of terrorist control over the Libyan airliners come three weeks before the 13th anniversary of 9/11 attacks and the second anniversary of the Libyan terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi. 

Bennett urges all citizens to be watchful and report anything suspicious to law enforcement and the Counter Terrorism Caucus at (405) 557 7315.


 CAIR’s demand for an apology and retraction backfired on them as the Oklahoma GOP reported that they are standing behind Rep. Bennett’s comments. Oklahoma GOP Chairman Dave Weston told The Oklahoman that CAIR’s request for an apology was “disingenuous at best. If we as Americans were ruled by Islam, then Christians and Jews like you and I could only keep practicing our faith if we paid a protection tax. But if you’re Christian or Jewish and don’t immediately convert to Islam, they imminently [sic] decapitate you. This is proven by ongoing observation around the world today.”

Wow, last week we saw the Oklahoma GOP Chairman back the Oklahoma Congressional Caucus in attacking the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce and now we see him backing a conservative legislator!  This is why our tactics work; when enough heat is applied ALL of the politicians will start to head toward the values that Oklahomans support.  In most cases we don’t need to replace the professional politicians, they just need a good political ass whipping to come around and do right.

John hit the nail on the head but of course we must stay vigilant and fight against the RINOs and liberals using this as an excuse to finish turning America into a police state.   But back in 2009 the Sooner Tea Party started laying the groundwork for solving some of these problems.  First is securing the border so the terrorists have a harder time infiltrating the U.S..  Second was helping the effort to drive CAIR from the Oklahoma Capital, helping set up the Counter Terrorism Caucus, and ending CAIR’s growing influence with legislators.  And most importantly was our help to get decent men like Rep. John Bennett elected to replace the liberal Glen Bud Smithson that represented Sequoyah County for many terms.

Despite the constant attacks and persecutions the conservative movement has grown stronger in Oklahoma.  We have controlled the House for going on three years now and the current Speaker had learned what happens when you oppose the conservative forces and he is on track to being a good conservative Speaker.  The Senate remains in RINO hands of course but we have them deadlocked as they can’t pass the worst of the special interest legislation.  Governor Fallin had been broken to lead, a good political butt whipping was all it took to keep her inline and she is getting a real challenge to her 2nd term from Joe Dorman.  We are not in bad shape right now here in Oklahoma.

But we need to stand behind men like Rep. John Bennett by finding articles with comment section and defending them.   Let folks know that a lot more of us think he is right than think he is wrong.  Spend some time Goggling the stories and post some comments and let your own legislator what you and your family think about coddling terrorists and groups like CAIR.  As always, the contact information for your legislators is at the bottom of this newsletter.  Send us a copy when you email and Cc so the legislator knows that we are receiving a copy.





Charlie Brown Busted Again!

OCPAC Leader Publically Calls AFP

“in the pocket of the establishment”   after Supporting Event

AFP Refuses to Comment on the Betrayal


Good grief Charlie Brown….was all I could say when OCPAC’s Charlie Meadows sent out his last newsletter that contained an article about an Americans For Prosperity (AFP) conference in Texas.  Charlie attended and spoke glowingly about the speakers and how cutting edge conservative they were and finished with this paragraph:

“My final thoughts, if money is not an issue and it doesn’t seem to be with AFP, you can produce a fantastic program and that was what we attended, the summit was very positive and inspiring. This was their 8th annual summit and I believe the first one in this area. AFP has over 600 energetic members on staff and is expected to have a staff of a 1,000 or more by the 2016 elections. They now have chapters in 32 states with Alaska just coming on board. If they don’t become just another force for the establishment they might make a real difference in America. If not, little will change as a result of their efforts even with the Republicans in power. I sure hope they go the right direction and help with the reforms so badly needed .”  


AFP has always been RINO, everyone knows that in the grassroots organizations.  They used to be lead by a weasel named Stewart Jolly here in Oklahoma and the guy was so smarmy that the group’s events soon became poorly attended.  They reached the point where they were asking other groups for volunteers to man their booths at grassroots events.   But what was ridiculous about Charlie’s last paragraph was this one line in particular:

“ If they don’t become just another force for the establishment they might make a real difference in America.”


Well old Charlie got some feedback on that and believe it or not he was dumb enough to respond back to the public group with this response”


"Charlie Meadows" <charliemeadows7@gmail.com>



Full Headers Printable View


Ken, I agree and know that they are already in the pocket of the establishment. That is the reason they have so much money. I was just trying to be kind as I fired a small shot across the bow in hopes of warning some of the conservatives that went from getting caught up in all the glitter. It really was quite a show.



Ouch!  That one is going to leave a mark and cause some bad blood between OCPAC and AFP.  Bad enough for the conservative movement that he publicized and recommended the group but to admit that he thought they were in the establishment’s  pocket and give them credibility has got to be the epitome of hypocrisy.

 We contacted AFP Oklahoma via email for their comments on this story but received no response.


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