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The Islamic Faith is Awash in Pedophiles
Last week we devoted the newsletter to documenting exactly how deep pedophilia, perversion, violence, and abuse runs in the Islamic faith, indeed at the very core starting with the Prophet Muhammad, who is held up as the role model for a proper Muslim.  Even some of the Muslims are realizing that this part of their barbaric “religion” isn’t playing well with Western societies and there is the beginning of a back lash against the practice.
Even the Muslims understand that the practice is spread by the Mosques and the madrassahs, calling it an open secret in the Muslim community.  Other stories of child abuse including chaining children to walls and beating kids for not studying hard enough. 
The documentary done on the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan is one eye opener.  By now everyone is aware of the Green Beret who was punished for interfering with the practice of Afghan men keeping young boys as sex slaves.
Then there is the flood of Muslim “refugees” flooding into Europe where Muslim child brides are showing up along with their much older husbands and the social workers are faced with returning the child bride to their middle aged husband, turn a blind eye to government sanctioned rape or break up the family.  Although European law doesn’t allow children under 16 to marry the same law recognizes a foreign marriage if the marriage was legal in the country of origin.
One case of alleged molestation was dropped after prosecutors claimed the girl’s story was inconsistent.  Inconsistent or inconvenient for the State Chamber of Commerce and the liberal media?  The Muslim leader was quickly re appointed to his previous post once the charges were dropped.
Florida seems to be a hot bed of Muslim pedophilia as evidenced by the arrest of Ahamd Saleem, the former Orlando organizer for CAIR, who was arrested after traveling to meet a woman who had offered sex along with her 12 year old sister.  The arrest was part of a massive sting operation, one that has been troubled with allegations of improper entrapment yet it is hard to get past the fact that the men understood that an underage girl was part of the deal. 
One of the two charges was dropped after prosecutors realized that the two charges overlapped and would have been considered double jeopardy.  The computer crimes charge was dropped but the traveling to meet a minor for illegal sexual conduct remains.   And his youth organizations aren’t his only point of access to children, Saleem’s father is a pediatrician and his mother is a school teacher.
Somali Muslims were arrested in Cleveland after the largest human trafficking case in U.S. history lead to the arrest of over two dozen Muslims.  Three local gangs were forcing teenage girls into a prostitution ring in Minnesota, Ohio, and Tennessee.  The charges resulted in a federal trial in 2011, covering ten years of trading child sex for money and drugs.
Another case showed just how insane these Islamic supremacists can be.    One Muslim sexual predator named Omar Abdelbadie claimed that the 12 year old girl seduced him and was dressed provocatively.  The 22 year old University of Washington student had picked up the 12 year old runaway girl after giving her marijuana, then took him to his house where he raped her.  The following day Abdelbadie walked the girl to her home, hiding behind a fence as the girl walked up to her home.
And yet the liberal media, the State Chamber of Commerce, and the liberal activist groups continue to embrace Muslim activists in an effort to bolster their small numbers.   Those who speak out against the Islamic Supremacists find themselves facing hate crime charges or being accused of bigotry.
Ted Cruz Video Shows his Support for Amnesty and Increased Immigration

The packaged Ted Cruz seems like a wonderful Constitutional conservative but this video ought to be enough to make people think twice about supporting Cuz for president.  Vice president is still a possibility, under Trump, and perhaps he will have learned the deep desire of the American people to close the border until we get things under control.
State Chamber Candidate Loses Primary in Senate District 34
By the Watchman
It’s not often we get to write about the defeat of a Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce supported candidate who lost in the primary. We wouldn’t be writing about this so early except this was a race to replace a disgraced former Senator who was forced to resign after he was caught and brought up on charges of embezzlement. We can only conclude that the citizens of Senate District 34 are tired of business as usual in their district.
The first item of interest we found was this Seven candidates file for Senate post vacated by Rick Brinkley - Tulsa World: Capitol Report. As you can tell there were many people interested in completing the term of former Senator Brinkley. Of those who decided to run for the seat, we have only identified one that had previously ran for office. That was John Feary, Republican from Owasso.
The next item of interest we found was this The Okie » Tulsa YRs Endorse Feary For Owasso Senate Seat. This endorsement was given without much research behind it. If the Tulsa Young Republican’s had done a minimum amount of research they would have seen that John Feary was already a once failed candidate for the county assessor. They would also have seen that his first run for office had all the appearances of not being a serious run at all.
The next item of interest we found was this State Chamber Endorses John Feary for State Senate | Oklahoma State Chamber. This is where we can stand proud with the citizens of Senate District 34. This endorsement may be the sole reason that he lost the election. This endorsement may have very well prevented another chambercrat from taking office. The man they chose to elect will be investigated next.
The next item of interest we found was this The Okie » John Feary Announces Bid For Owasso Area Senate Special. This was one of the first announcements we found of his actually running for office. We also found this to be unusual because we were unable to find a web site for his campaign. This lack of a web site makes one wonder if he was serious about this campaign.
The next article of interest we found was this Bartlesville Radio » News » Owasso City Employee to Run for Office. As the Owasso Project Manager and Government Affairs Manager, we can see where the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce would want to put him into office.  You can also see what damage he could have caused to the economy of not only District 34, but the entire state of Oklahoma.
The next article of interest we found was this Lies, damn lies and blog posts | Tulsa Today. We personally find this article laughable. An A rating by the NRA is practically worthless. U.S. Senator Harry Reid bought an a rating from them for the price of a new gun range in Nevada a few years ago. Before anyone starts throwing around names like this article does, they should also do their homework on the organization. This is pure lack of journalistic integrity.
We next went to www.ok.gov/ethicscommission to see what they had on his campaign finances. There we found campaign finances for his 2014 campaign for county assessor.  He lost, but he also failed to spend all of his campaign donations. He also failed to close his campaign account. One item that we did not find was Campaign Finance Reports for his campaign for the Senate District 34 seat. It would appear that he also failed to file a Statement of Organization. If he can’t follow the basic campaign laws how can he be trusted to follow the laws of thee state?
The next article of interest we found was this State Election Results, Special Election, November 10, 2015. This shows the results of the primary elections of the 10th of November, 2015.
We can only thank the citizens of District 34 from protecting the state from another Chambercrat. The state will be better off without him in the Senate. We urge the Tulsa young Republicans to conduct better research on the candidates before they decide to endorse an individual.  We further urge people and journalist to take a closer look at exactly what an endorsement from the NRA means. Sure vote getting is involved, but it’s like voting for the State Chamber of Commerce to run the state.
Now we face a Special Election between Republican David McClain and Democrat J.J. Dossett on January 12, 2016 to see who will complete the term of the disgraced former Senator.