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Monday 20 February 2012
Web/FTP Site Down & Up
New UHF Radios for PM100 & PM200
New MB100, MB500, MB800 Firmware
New ProFlex like device: HDS800 Announced
   ... and more ...
Web/FTP Site Down & Up
The Official Ashtech website and ftp host was down Friday and Saturday. It is back, up and running today!
Don't forget that there are links at to mirrors of the official site. When the official site is up, it is clearly the best place to obtain software and firmware.
Ashtech MobileMapping products (MM100 and MM100) Administered by SP
Just a few weeks ago, on January 26th, responsibility for the Ashtech Mapping and GIS products was moved back to Spectra Precision.
The MobileMapper 10 and 100 remain current products.
I believe that the MobileMapper 100 receiver is the best-in-class handheld GPS and I am excited that it has a certain future.
New UHF Radios for PM100 & PM200
Ashtech SP has released a great little radio solution for the ProMark series of receivers.
The 410-470 MHz SATELLINE-EASy 1 Watt transceiver is compatible with Pacific Crest EOTT and Trimtalk protocols at 9600 and 4800 baud; 12.5 and 25 KHz bandwidth. The radio is powered from the GPS Receiver’s internal battery (both base and rover) and connects directly to the bottom of the receiver with a single cable.
The radio costs $2,255 with an antenna and includes the power-data cable, a very nice mounting bracket w/ pole clamp and an extension for mounting the antenna above the GNSS antenna.
The EASy is fully configurable from the front panel; you can change the frequency directly. You do not need a PC to configure any of the radio settings.
Best of all, the radio has five LED’s that show link status and the LCD display that shows the link signal strength and cycles through all of the radio configuration settings.
I tested the receive range and it is better than the PDL RXO radios in the ProMark 500’s and about the same as the new ADL radios.
These radios also make great little 1-watt repeaters with a simple power cable.
I really like this solution and recommend it without reservations.
New Firmware for MB100, MB500 and MB800
New firmware (Version x24) for the MB100, MB500 and MB800 (the MB800 was announced Feb 4 in advertisments.)
Details of the new firmware can be found [ here ].
The new version adds GNSS-centric Z-Blade processing. This allows the board to fix with GLONASS SV's only. It also includes enhanced SBAS processing and heading functions with Duo mode.
New ProFlex like device: HDS800 Announced
A new device 'HDS800' has been announced and recently advertised. Not much information is available, I suspect additional information around the middle of March (the Avionics show is March 20-22, 2012.)
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