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HC, PB and K
Most of the books we review are in hardcover; but we also review reprints and original paperbacks.  If the book is now available as a paperback, I've included the notation (PB);  if available in Kindle format, I have included the notation (K); and, if available as hardcover, then I've include an (HC).  Thus an indication of (HC,K) means it is in hardcover and Kindle format.

Speaking of the Kindle... I received my third generation Kindle this week... and..... yes!  It lives up to its hype: it's lighter, better contrast,  greatly improved design and the best news is that the Wi-Fi version is available for only $139.  I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but we did buy an iPad when it came out.  It is a good and fun device for very portable computer, but as far as a an e-reader goes, it was bit too heavy, impossible to read outside in direct sunlight and a bit pricey if that was to be its main purpose. Which it was; and we really didn't need another computer.  We sold it on eBay.  Maybe we'll try it again in the future.  The iBooks application did offer one thing that the Kindle e-books does not -- it can tell the reader how many "pages" are left until the end of the chapter.  Kindle e-books show you how far you are in a book, but you never know when the chapter is going to end. Still, I ended up reading Kindle books on the iPad since Amazon offers so many more books than Apple does with iBooks.
I don't know if you know this.  You can also read Kindle books on your iPod Touch or iPhone.  It's really not as awkward as you would think it would be for a small screen.  The beauty is, that the screen is backlit.  This is how I read in the middle of the night since I don't want to turn on a light.  I could do this with the iPad, but because the screen was so large, it lit up the whole bedroom -- the brightness control isn't as consistent between applications on the iPad.  My iPod Touch offers more discreet middle-of-the-night reading.  Also, the Kindle will automatically sync up between devices, thus making it easy to switch back and forth between my Kindle and my iPod Touch. To read Kindle books on your mobile device, including the Blackberry or Android, just click on any link to a Kindle book in amazon and look under for "read books on you computer or other mobile device."
I hope the transition to back-to-school is not too traumatic for your household!  Maybe it will help to know that both Amazon and Abe Books offer text books at a fraction of the cost.  And you will be helping out MostlyFiction if you shop at either of these places with these links.  

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