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September 2018
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September 2018

Welcome to the September 2018 edition of <monitor input> 
In this issue:
Sound-Link's John Willett will be attending IBC in Amsterdam this year (14th to 18th September) and would love to make contact if you are also attending - please either e-mail to the normal Sound-Link address or ring his mobile:- +44 (0)7973-633-634.

Three of our distributed brands are exhibiting at IBC and John will likely be at one of them most of the time.

Their stands are (all in the same hall):-
AETA Audio = 8.A24
Microtech Gefell = 8.D77
ME-Geithain = 8.D12

We would love to see you at the show.

We hear that there will be exciting new products shown ...
Special Edition mics for Gefell's 90th
As 2018 is the 90th anniversary of the company Georg Neumann founded in 1928 (and still own Microtech Gefell) they are producing special edition microphones which will only be available until the end of the year.

The special editions are:  
CMV 563 / M7S - M 300 series - UM 92.1S - M 92.1S - M 930 series

These special editions are the same price as the standard editions and are available now.  The special editions (available in the same finishes as the standard versions) have the special 90th Anniversary medal attached and all come with a special certificate of authenticity.

NB: It's important that you state that the Special Edition version is required when you order 

Anyone purchasing one of these special anniversary editions from an official UK dealer will receive, on request, a 90th Anniversary pin badge (just e-mail a copy of your receipt to sound@sound-link.co.uk) - in addition any salesman in an official dealer who sells an anniversary microphone will also receive a badge.

You can read the "Brief History of Microtech Gefell" HERE
and read the full company history on Gefell's website here 
New Reviews
Sound On Sound recently reviewed the recently introduced Gefell M320 omni microphone and also the True Phantom which we are now distributing.

These reviews are now live on the website:-

We have also uploaded the English translation of a recent review of True Phantom that was published in a Dutch publication earlier this year HERE
ME-Geithain update
Over recent weeks we have been updating the website to include all (I hope) available ME-Geithain Data Sheets.

These include the data sheets, user manuals, drawings, stand dimensions complete with the available height options, etc..  We have done this for all available models.
All are available on the website HERE
We have also added recently all the Veneer Options here
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