Dirk Paesmans (JODI) IBN - BLUE CLOUD / 1991
IBN - BLUE CLOUD  / 1991    

        Talk, screening + book launch 🎈

         19:00-22:00 Saturday 23rd August 2014

BLUE CLOUD was a performance as live broadcast of sky / clouds onto a TV network with a BBS (bulletin board system) by Dirk Paesmans in 1991.

Phone calls to random numbers in the phone book were made during the airing by an "IBN" representative who was able to affirm their audience by asking viewers to tune in and see the "BLUE CLOUD"?

A video recording of the whole TV broadcast will be screened throughout the evening.


19:30 PANEL DISCUSSION: then & now

Karen Archey, Renee Carmichael, Dirk Paesmans (JODI) and Niko Princen with Q+A special guest.


Book published by: THISISAMAGAZINE
ISBN: 978-88-903078-5-0  Medium: Book
Print, Internet, Books, Computer Science, Artist Book
>>  Special launch price: € 12.00  (usually €20.00)<<
Limited edition: 500 copies

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"THE TERM NET.ART is less of a coinage than an accident, the result of a software glitch that occurred in December 1995, when Slovenian  artist Vuk Cosic opened an anonymous email only to find it had been mangled in transmission. Amid the morass of alphanumeric gibberish, Cosic could make out just one legible term–""– which he began using to talk about online art and communications" – Rachel Greene, ARTFORUM, 2000

Dirk Paesmans   /   /
IBN TV-fragment
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