Hi Cat Lover,

Ah, technology! Isn't it great? Yeah... when it's working.

Sadly, the cat seminar fell apart this evening, just as
we were getting started. Apparently, the weather at the
ISP's headquarters brought down a huge block of connections,
and we got cut off, too.

Our new plan is to do this tomorrow. However, we know you
may not have the freedom to drop everything to come listen
at the time we will be doing it. In fact, we're not sure
if it will be working then, either. It's all up to the ISP. And the
weather, I suppose...

So, we will keep trying to do this, so don't worry about
trying to keep up with it at your end. We will make a recording,
and that will be available on the site for you to listen to, or
download, at YOUR convenience.

We are hoping this will be up within 24 hours, actually, so
watch for another email with the details.

Sorry for any inconvenience at your place... it was a bit of
a hassle here, too.

But we'll get it! That's the GOOD news!

Thanks for your patience!