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January 2017
Better Food Teaching through sharing Good Practice
Celebrating 4 years of support
Top news this month
  1. FutureChef Student Awards - New for 2017
  2. Demo Day - 16th March (British Science Week)
  3. Discovering Our Countryside - some short videos for GCSE
  4. Chefs into schools - where can you find them?
  5. Louise's top free resources to help you teach practical skills
  6. Launch of our new summer event 'Food that Works' (vocational courses at KS4) 7th July.
  7. Catch up if you missed on-line Q&A sessions
  8. Food Teacher Professional Portfolio - day for non specialist teachers Saturday 13th May.
Happy 4th Birthday
There are so many things to celebrate with
  • 3,000+ food teachers supporting each other in the on-line community, with active discussion, professional debate, recommended resources, invited guests, Q&A sessions, 'the best CPD ever'
  • 1,500+ teaching resources shared in a searchable Resource Bank  with folders for the new GCSE sections and much more
  • Partnerships and support with so many organisations that help us achieve Better Food Teaching, including the Food Teacher Professional Portfolio programme to help you plan your own future development.
FutureChef Student Awards - New for 2017

Prizes and recognition for achievement in our subject are really important motivators.  FutureChef Student Awards have been introduced to recognise and reward the achievements of young people as they learn and develop their cooking skills.
Submission of work is easy and can be done any term! You can enter your students for one of the following categories with evidence via a short statement and two photos.  GO ON!

1. Most improved

2. Best workmanship

3. Most creative

Demo Day - 16th March (British Science Week)
Demo Day, held on Thursday 16 March 2017 as part of British Science Week, is an opportunity to celebrate the power that hands-on demonstrations have to inspire, excite and fuel the imaginations of young people.
Get a higher profile for food in your school!   We’re calling upon food teachers to get involved and pledge their participation as part of the national campaign, which last year saw over 100,000 participants, over 10% of which involved food tech demos! There are a host of resources online with handy hints and tips and links to fantastic example activities. Pledge your class or school to take part, and get a free marketing pack including stickers to help you celebrate the day: Get resources here
Promote it through social media as well. The Twitter handle is @ScienceWeekUK and the hashtag is #DemoDay17  and don't forget to tag in @FoodTCentre
Here are the activity packs - Have fun as these activities are linked to Kitchen Chemistry and are great for linking with your Science teaching colleagues

Discovering Our Countryside - some short videos for GCSE
“Is 5 A Day killing our planet?”  A food provenance set of resources is free to use during this development phase  This thought provoking theme starts with an entry point video asking students to consider some of the problems of modern food production – food miles, food security, sustainability etc
After this introductory video the them them then looks at Food Stories based around the “Eat Well Guide” food groups – the Eat Well Harvest as it where!
These will cover each of the main Eat Well Food Groups
  • Cereal Food Story=  Carbohydrates
  • Beef Food Story = Proteins
  • Dairy Food Story = Dairy
  • Fresh Produce Food Story = Fruit & Veg
The Cereal Food Story can be seen here

The idea behind these food stories are that it teaches students
  • where and how foods are grown, reared, or caught and the primary and secondary stages of processing and production
  • the impact of food and food security on the environment, local and global markets and communities
Try out the Cereals food story with your learners and then let them know how it goes – there is a feedback form on the bottom of the food story webpage – any other comments would be most welcome....
And don't forget this portal
Chefs into schools - where can you find them?
Academy of Culinary Arts - Chefs Adopt a School programme
Adopt a School, incorporating Chefs Adopt a School and Hospitality in Schools, is a national charity which aims to tackle specific health inequalities, such as obesity, and also the lack of knowledge about food and healthy eating. We deliver food education in schools all over the country and many of the schools we work with are in deprived areas where there is a high percentage of free school meals.
SpringBoard FutureChef Look and Learn and Careers presentations
Look and Learn - Skills Demos and Student Challenges
They can take the form of a chef demonstration or be delivered as student challenges where groups of students can look, learn and then practise new skills and techniques.
To request a look and learn session contact your regional manager or email Please provide a range of dates and times for the session, the skills focus, and indicate if ingredients will be supplied.

Career Presentations

Career presentations are delivered by Springboard Ambassadors across the country to INSPIRE young people about the varied and exciting careers available in kitchens, food service management groups and the wider hospitality industry.
Contact your regional manager or email with a range of available dates.
Why not try your local college, school caterer or your favourite nearby resturants?  
Pictured is a an award winning school chef in Halifax - Tony Mulgrew - you too may have one right on your classroom doorstep!
In London Food teachers are lucky enough to be supported by Westminster Kingsway and University of West London, who hold regular open days for students as well as supporting their local schools.
Get in touch with your local college!
Westminster Kingsway OPEN DAYS
Monday 06/02/17      4pm-7pm
Monday 13/03/17      4pm-7pm 
A chance for parents, guardians and prospective students to gain an insight into the facilities and programmes on offer at Westminster Kingsway College. Presentations, demonstrations, tours and individual advice can be obtained on the following dates at the Victoria Centre in Vincent Square:
Pre-register to beat the queue but drop-ins are welcome.​ 
For Higher Education they offer Foundation Degrees in Hospitality Management, Tourism Management and Culinary Arts. Click here for Foundation Degrees and BA Degrees.
And FINALLY - Don't forget we have our very own chefs on the Associates team, such as Simon Gray, who are happy to come out to your school
As well as Mike Beaton, Royal Marines, who can be contacted  and booked in the closed group.
Louise's top free resources to help you teach practical skills
Practical Skills recommended Resources
This is not a complete list, but a guide to some effective resources. We encourage all teachers to load these links to their school server, and save as a list for students doing research for the new GCSE, for flipped learning, for homework and for differentiated activities during busy practical sessions. Let us know of other good resources you find through the closed group.
Suggested teaching Resources – practical skills 
FutureChef Resource Gateway
Learning Bites - Videos and handouts, powerpoints
WJEC - EDUCAS Practical skills videos
Prepare fruits and vegetables
Prepare combine and shape
Tenderise and marinate
Weigh and measure
Use of equipment
Water based methods using the hob
Dry heat and fat based methods using the hob
Using the grill
Using the oven
Make sauces
Use of raising agents
Test for readiness
Judge and manipulate sensory properties
Sea fish
Fish Preparation - Masterclass Series
Potato Cutting skills
Knife skills
How to hold a knife
Cookery skills
A collection of common recipes
Illuminate Publishing
Jointing a chicken VIDEO
BBC Good Food
How to prepare a whole fish VIDEO
British Meat and Education
VIDEO  Practical skills and supporting powerpoints and sheets/recipes
·         Knife skills
·         Making meat tender
·         Meat preparation - prepare, combine and shape
·         Cooking meat - using the grill
·         Cooking meat - using the oven
·         Cooking meat - using the hob.
The Staff Canteen offers an insight into world’s best chefs. Michelin star chefs
The Staff Canteen YouTube channel. Clare Smyth at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, etc
The Cookery teacher
With her food science training Barbara takes the lid off cookery, and the science behind it. The site is designed for those keen to bring more knowledge to their kitchen as they learn about food or for anyone teaching food, or food science.
My Cooking Counts
On-line portfolio to map progression and achievement of cooking skills
Active Kids Get Cooking
An award scheme with resources which supports healthy eating and practical cooking throughout food technology
Real Meals Cookbook
Downloadable pdf of simple 50-60 minutes recipes for schools
Rotary Club Young Chefs Competition
BBC Secret Life of your Favourite dishes
BBC with Stefan Gates Where does your food come from and how dishes are made
National Butchers Week
Butchers are available around the country to assist in sausage making sessions, so why not contact your local butcher and get him involved, or track down your local butcher through
Licence to Cook
Look out next month for another topic list
Launch of our new summer event 'Food that Works' 7th July.

Bookings ARE OPEN  Only 50 places - so be quick
This day will give you a better understanding of the vocational alternatives to GCSE courses – what is available, how it is measured in Progress 8, which course is suitable for your school and students and how to plan and teach it.
  • Senior representatives from all exam boards will present their new courses and assessments, including WJEC/EDUCAS Level 1/2 Hospitality and Catering, AQA Level 1/2 Food and Catering, and NCFE Level 1/2 Food and Cookery.
  • How to get better industry support to bring your vocational course to life and make learning accessible and relevant for your students, and improve attainment.
  • Where does the Level 1 and 2 lead to? How to recruit for your courses by demonstrating rich career prospects and give up to date careers advice
  • Free resources and ideas from those writing course materials and textbooks
  • A choice of workshops on how to plan and teach Choose either : WJEC/EDUCAS Level 1/2 Hospitality and Catering, or  AQA Level 1/2 Food and Catering, or NCFE Level 1/2 Food and Cookery.

9.30 Welcome and Introductions 
9.45 The Vocational Pathway (Louise Davies)
- overview, what are Technical Awards and who are they for?
- planning for success, Progress 8, choosing from the options, teaching alongside GCSE, why the vocational route is not ‘easier’, resourcing a vocational course
10.30- 11.30 New accredited alternatives to GCSE for Food 14-16 and beyond 
NCFE Level 1 and 2 Food and Cookery VCERT (NCFE)
EDUCAS/WJEC Level 1 and 2 Hospitality and Catering (Fiona Graham EDUCAS/WJEC)
AQA Level 1 and Level 2 Food and Catering Technical Award (AQA)
11.30-11.45 Break
11.45-12.15 Why these qualifications are important for the industry. Resourcing vocational pathways with support from the sector (Springboard Futurechef programme)
12.15-12.45 Where can students go after Level 1 and 2? Courses available, career opportunities and prospects, open days and encouraging parents and schools
12.45- 1.45 LUNCH
1.45- 3.30 Planning and teaching vocational pathways – WORKSHOPS
Choice of one of three:
NCFE Level 1 and 2 Food and Cookery VCERT (NCFE)
EDUCAS/WJEC Level 1 and 2 Hospitality and Catering (Fiona Graham, EDUCAS/WJEC)
AQA Level 1 and Level 2 Food and Catering Technical Award (AQA)

ONLY £180 +VAT FRIDAY 7th July 9.30am - 3.45pm 
PLEASE NOTE - We have a great variety of courses for KS3, GCSE and vocational qualifcations - please check the booklet that is attached to this newsletter
Catch up if you missed our FREE on-line Q&A sessions

Come and join us each Monday from 24th April in the closed Facebook group. 
You do not need to sign up for the event, simply be on-line and join the discussion on useful resources and information. Look out for the Q&A banner.
Catch up with PAST Q&A – click the links (if you are a member of the closed group).
NCFE VCert Food and Cookery
Caroline Gallagher, NCFE
WJEC Level 1 and 2 Hospitality and Catering
Allison Candy, WJEC
WJEC Level 3 Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition
Allison Candy, WJEC
EDUCAS (WJEC) GCSE Food preparation and Nutrition
Allison Candy, WJEC
AQA GCSE Food preparation and Nutrition
Gemma O Brien AQA
OCR GCSE Food preparation and Nutrition
Sandra Marsh, OCR
Chilled Education
Kaarin Goodburn MBE,  Director of the Chilled Food Association
The Crunch – Wellcome Foundation
Stephanie Sinclair, Senior Project Manager for Food and Drink

Grain Chain

Priya Nicholas, Communications Manager, NABIM

Ridgwell Press / Food Programme

Jenny Ridgwell

Jamie Oliver Foundation

Helena Berthon
Sharing SOW plans for new GCSE
Barbara Rathmill (with Fiona Balding)
School Open Days
Kath Callaghan (with Julie Messenger)
Obesity Strategy
Louise T Davies  (with Joe Mann)
Resources and equipment
Simon Gray and Joe Mann
Food Provenance
Suzanne Gray (with Barbara Monks)
Health & Safety 
Barbara Rathmill and Kath Callaghan
Sharing Assessment approaches
Associates (BR)
Specialist food science vocabulary
Julie Messenger
Transition Activities – KS2-KS3
Suzanne Gray
Food based Enrichment Activities
Barbara Rathmill
Best wishes from the Food Teachers Centre team
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