November 2014
Where are my socks?!
We've been hearing that a bit lately!

If you have ordered our Superwarm or OutdoorAdventure and even sometimes the SlipperBootie socks, you may have noticed we're struggling to keep up with demand! We've sent some as partial shipments, filling the rest a week or so later. Some shipments went out right away, others have waiting weeks.
First, WE'RE SORRY!! We too wish the mill could keep up with demand... we're catching up. As of today's counting we're about 1.5 weeks behind. That's GOOD!  our mill has reminded as that we've already well surpassed ALL of last years sales, and that was before November 1st!
But we have TONS more yarn still at the mill for this season, so expect socks to be available into January and February. 
If you are interested in getting more of these very popular, very successful American made alpaca socks, please order NOW! We'll fill the orders as soon as possible. And, like I said, we just about caught up and won't run out for the season anytime soon. 
All Natural Alpaca Blanket Featured in Autumn 2014 Alpacas Magazine

In the Spring of 2013 we traveled though the beautiful country of Ecuador to find alpacas and new alpaca products. Along the way we met many Ecuadorian alpaca folk, including some Americans doing amazing work. Alpacas Magazine just published our article about the trip and one unique find! Please take a look. You might just find your next vacation destination! 

All Natural Alpaca Blankets

New Wholesale Items Just In
We've added a few new finds for wholesale sales including USA Made Alpaca Lined Gloves, QUALITY Alpaca Scarves, Alpaca Figurines and Chocolates

Wholesale Alpaca Products
What are we missing here? 
We are continuing the research new alpaca products which promote alpaca. We especially love developing new American products, like our Superwarm socks, puzzles and American made/American alpaca lined work and driving gloves. 
Next season we have plans for more new and unique products, but we'd love your input! 
What should we find next?
What should we made next? 
We welcome your ideas. Let's continue to work together to promote alpaca! 

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