This Day to Thank & Appreciate You
We honor, with you, our teamwork powering significant accomplishments.
Your generous investments in FAR enable us to listen, collaborate, shift and be attentive allies to the Jaisalmer Merasi in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

       Exhuberant Merasi School students join Principal Seema & Teacher Saina on Prathams's National Day of Literacy
We are proud of our long-term partnership and support of the Merasi who continue to need educational advocacy. Enduring volunteer Josie Ali shares her heartfelt sentiment poignantly illustrating FAR-LKSS mission, purpose and results:
"I say no human should be too poor to live a decent life.
Loyal donors like you make it possible for passionate volunteers
like me to keep fighting the fight. If we are going to coexist in this world,
we have to make sure it is a fair and safe world for all of us."

Look Ahead for Trail Blazing Victories on the Horizon   
 We treasure your steadfastness believing with us, that every gift counts.
Warmest & Deepest Gratitude 
 From FAR with the Merasi 
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