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Issue 7 - July 2015
Past and Current Exhibitions
Exhibition: Ani Onaa Lo!
Main Gallery- Nubuke Foundation
Ongoing till 30 August 2015


Question to the viewer- do you see what I see?
Photographic exhibition portraying some graphic and disturbing consequences of the actions of humankind on the environment.
These photographs were captured by non-professional Ghanaians to prod our conscience to the devastating effects of our actions or inactions on the degrading environment.
Upcoming Exhibitions
Recent works by Patrick Tagoe-Turkson
Nubuke Foundation
Opening on 29 August 2015
Exhibition continues till 3 October 2015

Patrick Tagoe-Turkson has been working with found objects commonly known in Ghana as 'chale wote' for decades.
His recent pieces are sculptural and yet painterly with remniscences of our rich kente heritage.
Upcoming Events Elsewhere
Chale Wote Festival
Jamestown, Accra
20 to 23 August 2015
The LABS@CHALE WOTE ON 20 to 21 August 2015
Nubuke Foundation and Du Bois Centre, Accra

Chale Wote festival this year begins The LABS with 2 days of talks, music and film at Nubuke Foundation and Du Bois Centre.
The actual event is climaxed in Jamestown, Accra by 2 days packed with a myriad of art forms- performance, installations, film screenings, workshops, music...with artists from Ghana, Nigeria, USA, South Africa-seen through the lens of this year's theme-African Electronics.
Nubuke Foundation
20 August 2015
From 13:00 to 21:00
Entrance Free

Talks begin at 1:00pm with Kobby Graham taking a reflective look at Jamestown. There will be film screenings, readings, discussions and a DJ session following and continuing till 21:00.
For full programme info see here.
Nubuke Foundation@CHALE WOTE
Jamestown nr GAMADA
22 to 23 August 2015
Interactive workshops and talks continue on our current exhibition on environmental degradation.
Come listen to the aspirations and views that are leading the charge in changing attitudes towards the environment.
Expect to take part in other artist performances by Ghanaian contemporary artists.
For full programme info see here.
Workshops, Drama, Poetry and Artists' information...
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Art Workshops! Art Workshops! Art Workshops!

Ani Onaa Lo.
Students in a series of workshops, searching for alternatives to plastic.
They create re-usable bags, waste sculpture and compost.
The programme will be climaxed with a play on a date to be confirmed.
Not sure what to do with the children during the holidays!
We will have them!
But only for a few hours.Smile
Find out more about art workshops on Saturday mornings.
Ehalakasa Slam 
Nubuke Foundation, Accra
30 August 2015

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