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"Greetings from HongKong. Thanks for the newsletter, it's full of intetersting topics unlike other newsletters that I will usually take a quick glance and delete. I intend to read closer later when I can change from my Blackberry to my notebook! Looking forward to the next issue."  Phoebe

Hello and Welcome-
So it's September, and that means it's FINALLY starting to cool off a bit here in North Carolina, but we still have some 'hot" finds for you in this edition AND we'll officially releasing our new pattern for Fall, the Uptown Saddlebag! But first, click here to check out how much progress my grandson has made over the course of summer on his swimming technique! (My favorite part is his proud cackle when he finishes!) 

So ... are you ready to proceed?
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Feline Quote for February-
"The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat." - Jules Reynard
 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
Thanks to everyone who participated in last month's contest! The winner in a photo finish was Donna Knoebel of Highland, FL. She wins a $25.00 SKD gift certificate and a permanent place of honor on our website. Click here to see her winning entry, an expertly pieced DittyRoo.
The September Handbag of the Month contest promises to be just as exciting, so without further ado...Let's check out this month's nominees, then cast a vote for your favorite.

(Click each individual picture for a larger view)

This stunning Quattro was created by Sylvia Gerber of New Holland, PA for her daughter who picked out the fabric. I must say I'm crazy about the fabric and the way Sylvia centered the print over the pouch area, but since it was decorator fabric, she said it made the sewing of the seams more difficult than usual. Here's a peek at the interior and the back side!
And this is a handpainted version of our Tandem Tote created by Jane Ward of Dearborn Heights, MI. Jane repurposed a pair of old denim jeans for the bag exterior and then painted the hibiscus motif onto it. She calls it her "Tropical Tandem Tote". Here'a look at the inside of the front pouch area and a closeup of Jane's painting!
Gertrude Ezell of Butler, PA submitted this tribal Quattro for your consideration. She loves the colors and said that the whole look is very similar to her family tribal crest which is a killer whale, isn't that cool? Here's a quick look at the back where it's a little easier to see the whale.
Patti Kish of Aurora, CO created a matching Lollapalooza/ Encore Purse Insert. Patti says she made this duo while visiting her daughter in California. Here's a bag closeup and here's the interior and the back view of her Encore Insert.
And this "Peacock-inspired" Quattro was created by Caroline Millsted of Norwich, England. She said that at first glance she was a bit daunted by the pattern but that she assembled it without a problem. Caroline combined a few hand-dyed fabrics (purchased here) with her peacock to get this unique look. Here's a look at the back which is equally pretty!
Celeste Ward of Kobe, Japan has been collecting kimono prints for some time now and so she fussy-cut  one of her blue ones to get as many of the florals as possible into her Harmony Handbag. Here's a peek inside as well as a backside look.
This wild & wonderful Porta-Pockets was also created by Celeste. She utilized a few fabrics she acquired from Senegal to get this unique look. Celeste says its a little too wild (calling it "benri") for her but I LOVE it!  
And finally, we have this beautifully embellished Baggalista which was created by Rena Andrews of Dallesport, WA. Rena added a very interesting feature to her bag by borrowing the credit card feature from our FREE Cash-Keeper pattern and adding it under the flap of her Baggalista! Great job Rena!  
OK, ready to vote now?
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Think you've got what it takes to win?
To enter our"Handbag of the Month" contest,
just attach your jpg or gif image to an email and send it to:
Today we are officially releasing our new bag pattern, The Uptown Saddlebag. It features two separate interior storage areas, one deep within the full-length fold over flap or you can snap them securely within the roomy front pouch.
And here's the FUN part! We've included instructions and pattern pieces for TWO exterior looks. You
can choose a segmented exterior
(shown above) to showcase coordinating prints, OR you can choose a one-piece front to provide a focal point for embroidery (at right)
or a large scale print!
And if you're thinking those are black & white polka-dotted zippers you see in the picture above, your eyes are NOT deceiving you! Aren't they the coolest? And you can pick them up in the sizes you'll need for this bag (9" and 12" separating) by clicking here, or by purchasing an Uptown Saddlebag Kit. 
Need more info?  Just click here to see more pictures and details or go to our Blog and search for posts tagged
with "PPC6" (short for "Purse Pattern Chronicles 6") to read about the evolution of this bag.
Ready to Purchase?  You can get your Uptown Saddlebag pattern  at the discount price of $10.00 by typing the discount code SKDSEPT in the coupon code box at checkout. Click here to get started.
Coupon offer expires on 9/30/12 and cannot be used in combination with any other discount offer.
Blog with us!-  A Work in Progress
Enjoy an insider's scoop on what's happening behind the scenes at StudioKat Designs, by signing up for our blog, "A Work In Progress". If you're new to our blog, or if you missed any of the posts from last month, don't worry, theyre all listed below. 
Bobbin Around the Web- Sarah Vedeler Designs
I first ran across Sarah's designs at the Spring Market in Kansas City. She specializes in fresh ideas on how to use existing embroidery designs in projects that can be completed with hand, machine or embroidered applique. I especially love "Hearts" collection (pictured at right) as well as her winter holiday collection, appropriately called "Sparkle".  And Sarah is evidently getting ready to move into a brand new studio. She's blogging about it and you can watch her progress by clicking here.
Cat Video of the Month- Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde
If you're one of those people who thinks you can't train cats (or even if you're not...
then click HERE and be amazed!
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Website Spotlite- Cleo and Me
To be honest, the first thing that attracted me to Barbie Jo's booth at the Spring Quilt Market was tuxedo cat iin her banner. (No surprise there, right?)
But I soon found out she's the Cleo in "Cleo and Me".) AND, on closer inspection, I enjoyed looking at Barbie's whimsical patterns for quilts, embroidery, penny rugs and MORE! Here's a few of my favorites: Yuletide Birdies, Cats Rule, and My Happy Garden. And if you've ever been on a hunt for "googly eyes" to embellish  a craft project with, (and who hasn't, right?), you can get 'em right here! And speaking of cats, Cleo has her own webpage, and shares Blog space and a FaceBook page with Barbie Jo.
Click HERE to enjoy this adorable video of a long suffering babysitter!
Cat Picture of the Month-
click image to view an enlargement
Blog of the Month- A Beautiful Mess
A Beautiful Mess is a very inspiring blog and I could literally spend hours and hours looking at all of the pretty projects they have to offer.  I just love how beautiful the mess is! I think you'll enjoy the daily inpiration for crafts, recipes, fashion and decor, but one of my favorite things about Elsie & Emma's Blog is their "5 Tips" series!
Quote of the Month- 
"He that is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else."  Ben Franklin
Look What I Found OnLine- Flameless Wax candles
 In keeping with our almost constant effort to keep you informed about revolutionary new products on the market... I give you the Flameless Wax Candle. What? You've already seen these and you haven't been impressed? Well, I can almost guarantee you haven't seen THESE candles then. I had a first-hand experience with them on my recent trip to Europe and they are fabulous! What makes them so different than the rest is the little moving candle flicker on the wick. It really is the most realistic, "unreal" candle I've ever seen! You can check 'em out here and don't forget to watch the demo video!
New Word of the Month-  Magniphobia


The fear that the object in the side mirror is much, MUCH, MUCH closer than it appears.

Katie, the sharp-tongued kitty known for her cattitude, beauty and wit, is the voice behind GLOGIRLY.  Her clever accounts of life from a cat's point of view and whimsical imagery are what make GLOGIRLY, well... GLOGIRLY.
If you like cats (and who doesn't) then you'll enjoy this clever blog. It's funny and witty and the lead character is the female equivalent of my Jeter! Hmmm... maybe they should meet....
As 'Funnie' as Real Life-
click image to view an enlargement
Handbag Headlines-  The Homemade Movement
Portland, Oregon- June 28, 2012:  Shelly Figueroa isn't limited to what a handful of big-box retailers, with their racks of fluorescent-lit garments, decide Americans should wear.

Instead, the Lake Oswego pattern designer makes clothes at home or at a sewing circle where friends sip wine as their machines hum into the dusk on shirts, as well as bags and quilts.
On a recent evening, she deconstructed a favorite T-shirt to make a pattern and sew a new version with fabric featured on a Rolling Stone cover. And by designing children's clothing patterns for her online business, Figgy's Patterns, she and business partner Daniela Caine help others make clothes, too.  click here to read the rest of the story.
School's back in session which means team sports are back too! And here's a cool little tutorial that shows you how to make a little backpack out of an old team T-shirt. It looks pretty easy, so maybe this would be a good lilttle project to do alongside your kiddo? Just click here to get the supplies list and to get started!
Monthly Trivia-
Today is Saturday, the 8th of September. It's the 252nd day of September and there are 114 days remaining in 2012. AND today is a special day in the history of TV because it was on this day in 1966 that three of my all-time favorite TV shows made their premier. Tarzan, starring Ron Ely, was based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs character, and in case you didn't know, or forgot, there was NO Jane in this series. That Girl was a half-hour sitcom starring the incomparable Marlo Thomas, and last but not least, Star Trek also aired the first of their 79 TV episodes on this day. Even though the show, starring  William Shatner only lasted 3 seasons, it has remained enormously popular through syndication runs and movies.
It was also on this day that two legendary entertainers were born. Actor & comedian Sid Caesar was born in Yonkers, NY in 1922, and country-western legend, Patsy Cline made her entrance to this world on this day in 1932. And if today is also YOUR birthday, then here's a great, big "Happy Birthday to YOU" from StudioKat Designs. And if today is NOT your birthday, you can celebrate the day anyway by watching a few oldie but goodie TV reruns, or by listening to a llittle classic country music. I'm not a huge Patsy Cline fan, but here's my favorite by Patsy.
Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!
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