We will be narrowbanding the St George RTK base TODAY (in a few minutes) Tuesday morning November 13th. 

Base (453.500) changed at 7:10 am on Tuesday November 13th, all repeaters offline until updated
East side repeaters (453.250) changed at 9:00 am, east side available
West side repeater (453.400) changed by 12:00 am

I will be available Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday to assist anyone who needs help reprograming radios or checking operation.


TRIMTALK 450S (unchanged)
4800 BAUD (Over-The-Air Link-Speed, changed from 9600)
CMR+ (unchanged)
SCRAMBLING ON (unchanged)
If you have a new rover radio with programmable bandwidth (channel width) select 12.5 KHz.

If you have an older radio, don't worry as 25 KHz will work just fine.

You should expect better range after this conversion.

Mark Silver (801-824-3367) / Todd Jacobsen (435-215-8341)