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It's that time of year when all of us of affiliates do some quick store decorating/designing in hopes that we too will attract the holiday shopper. As you might guess, a book review site is not exactly the best path to that get-rich-quick scheme. We don't care if you buy your books online 'cuz we like people to support their local libraries, book stories (new & used) and to pass along good books to friends and family -- so, it really isn't the best type of site to have if you are in it for the money! Our gold is in our loyal visitors -- and all the books we get to read.<smile> 

That said, if you are planning to shop at during the holiday season -- if you click on an link from, then you will be helping us out and that is much appreciated. Or, click on the hanging stockings. This will bring you to the MF "Stocking Stuffer Store."  It's a new format, but like previous years, it lists children's books (all ages) and a few other gifts that you might not have thought of. Other than that, I'm experimenting with form/format/content and it will probably change a few times before I'm done. As always, thank you for your support (and feedback).

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