NADKC Western Region
February 2016
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  • 2016 NADKC Annual Meeting
    by Frank O'Leary
  • 2016 WR Test Schedule
  • Randall Cherry Appointed to WR BOD
  • Tom Skinner Disciplined by NADKC BOD
  • Dangers of ice and cold water
    by Randy Blanchard 
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WR Board of Directors
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WR Board of Directors

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Marianne O'Leary

2016 NADKC Annual Meeting Hosted by Western Region
by Frank O’Leary

The Western Region of the NADKC is proud to host the 2016 North American Deutsch Kurzhaar Club Annual Meeting.  Walla Walla, Washington will be the site of the April 21st – 24th event. 
In addition to the NADKC Board of Directors conducting the Annual General Membership Meeting, we are very excited to have Michael and Kristine Hammerer attending and making presentations.  Michael and Christine live in Boos, Germany and Michael is the DKV Präsident.  Additionally, Gerd Schad, DKV Breed Warden from Wildeck, Germany will be joining Michael judging both the Derby and Zuchtschau.
We have a full slate of speakers and activities planned for the attendees over the three days.  Included on the itinerary, the Western Region will be holding a Membership Meeting at 8:00 AM on Saturday, April 23rd
The NADKC’s liaison from JGHV, Margitta Albertsen, from Handewitt, Germany, will be in attendance and providing Continuing Education for the VRs and “JGHV Introduction for Apprentices Judges” during the event.
Please take the time to review the NADKC Annual Meeting Webpage or call Frank O’Leary, Western Regional Director, with any questions at 509-520-7483 or a Committee Member as indcated in the list of Committee Members.
We hope you will be joining us in Walla Walla, Washington, April 21st – 24th.       
2016 WR Test Schedule
The WR Board of Directors has finalized the 2016 WR Test Schedule.  We will be conducting Derbies/Zuchtschau in Walla Walla, WA; Southern California; and Worden, MT.  Fall tests will take place in Walla Walla, WA and Worden, MT.  
The WR Board has attempted to appoint judging panels that are both competent and present the least possibility of conflicts.  Please review the schedule and announced judges carefully.  Judges will not be changed to eliminate conflicts.  It will be the leaders responsibility to find a test where conflicts do not exist.  

Randall Cherry Appointed to WR Board of Directors  

The Western Region Board of Directors has appointed Randall Cherry to the unexpired term vacated by the untimely death of Guido Dei. Randall will fill Position # 2 on the Board, which will expire on December 31, 2018.
Randall grew up with non-hunting Irish Setters in southern California, and has had dogs pretty much ever since.  It wasn't until he started hunting ruffed grouse in Virginia behind a friend's Llewellyn Setter that he understood the beauty of bird dogs, though.  After seeing the magic of a pointing dog in action, Randall decided he needed his own bird dog, and began a search for the best breed of bird dog.  Continue Reading . . .
Tom Skinner Disciplined by 
NADKC Board of Directors
Following an investigation by a Special Committee, appoint by NADKC President Rob Engelking, the NADKC Board of Directors took disciplinary action against Tom Skinner, on December 21, 2015.
The Special Committee was asked to investigate the circumstances surrounding the unusual withdrawal of dogs near the end of the South Dakota VGP; determine the circumstances which lead to the withdrawal; determine who, if anyone, was responsible for the disintegration of the testing group. Continue Reading . . .
Dangers of Ice and Cold Water:
by Randy Blanchard
Part of training your dog is learning from the experiences of others. This month’s article covers one of my experiences where a dog under my care slipped under some ice and drowned. Ice can be dangerous and you should always use a high degree of caution when around it as it only takes a second for tragedy to strike.      
This incident occurred in November 2010. A friend of mine dropped off his dog, Ruger, so I could get him ready for our annual pheasant shoot held in the third week November. Things were going pretty good and the dogs were working just fine. A few days before the shoot the training came to an abrupt end when a fierce winter storm came raging across the prairies. The mild temperature dropped to a chilling 40 below zero and on top of that we were hit with a foot of snow.
The dogs get walked four times per day. We usually circle the fields and end up walking along the river which borders the south side of the property. That part of the river where I walk is narrow, shallow, about a foot and a half deep and the water is fast moving but is not dangerous. 
Prior to the storm there was no ice on the river. Within two days the entire river was frozen except for a few spots that remained open in the middle. At the spot where we walk there were two openings right in the middle of the river. Both openings were the same size about fifteen feet long and three feet wide. They were separated by approximately thirty yards of ice.  
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