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We hope you will mark on your calendar and save the date for the b2b event ‘Corrosion Prevention Balkans’: 28 – 29 June 2018, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
You will have the opportunity to learn more about advanced materials and technologies, presented by experts from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, the UK. The Forum will enable its attendees to realize many new contacts with potential partners.

In this edition of our present e-Newsletter you can read the interview with Prof. Dr. Günter Schmitt, the President of the International Corrosion Council (ICC) and board member of the World Corrosion Organization (WCO), Germany.

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Interview with Prof. Dr. Günter Schmitt in connection with the forthcoming Conference ‘Corrosion Prevention Balkans’ 2018 and his presentations’ participation

Prof. Schmitt, please present in brief the focus of both your presentations.
3-4% of the Gross National Product of industrialized countries are lost due to corrosion. Worldwide this amounts to 2.2 trillion US-$ and nearly one third, 660 billion US-$, could be saved by only applying the present day knowledge on corrosion protection technologies. For Bulgaria the estimated savings for 2018 would amount to about 700 million US-$. Clearly there is a global need for knowledge dissemination on corrosion and corrosion control. Conferences like the Corrosion Prevention Balkans 2018 in Plovdiv are of paramount importance in this respect. However, not only experts in C&CP should attend this conference. 
Also decision-makers in the industry and government should attend to become aware of the consequences and extent of corrosion, which affects all parts of our technical and private life. They need to learn how critical it is to control corrosion, and how important it is to join forces nationally and internationally. However, it is not enough to disseminate existing knowledge. New technologies present new challenges in corrosion prevention. This means research and development in research institutions (e.g. universities) and in industry; and this means funds and investments in R&D, money that pays out to save lives, infrastructure and industrial assets. Decision-makers in industry and government shall learn that they can contribute to the corrosion savings by making the right financial decisions and promoting not only knowledge dissemination but also innovative developments in materials selection and surface protection. Read the rest of the interview here.   
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