Hi Cat Lover,

This is a last minute note to let you know about
Dr. Jones' cat supplement. I mentioned it
in the last newsletter, on May 21, with a
link to go see his web site. (If you've already
seen that, just delete this email.)

Since his product is so new, he's having an introductory
sale... 67% off. That makes the first bottle only 9.97, with
no shipping charge!

Originally, the sale was to have ended already,
but he forgot about Memorial Day. So he's
extended the sale until midnight, tonight.

But, there's only 116 bottles left, too, so
you might want to check soon to be sure
it's not all gone already, in case you wanted to
get one.


I've also added the P.S. from his email to the bottom
of mine, so you can see what bonuses he's giving.

Ms. Kitty

From Dr. Jones:
P.S. Try My New Formula For 67% Off And Get FIVE

Cat Health Remedies: Top 10 Common Cat Health Problems and
Remedies (digital book, instant download): $29.00 Value
In it I am covering the MOST common cat health
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Cat First Aid: Common Cat Emergencies (digital book,
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The EMERGENCIES that I regularly see are in this
ebook. I am showing you how to diagnose them,
and EXACTLY what to do if they happen to your

Cat Food: The Best Foods For Your Cat (digital book,
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In this REPORT I am giving you a COMPLETE list
of advised cat food, At Home diets, and
HOW to feed Raw.

Healing Acupressure Video-
instant download): $47.00 Value
This is a detailed video on the Steps to
perform Acupressure on your cat- VERY useful
for Arthritic painful cats.

BONUS 5 ( IF there is Space)
Cat Health Seminar: $97 Value
This is a *SPECIAL* Live phone seminar in which
I answer ALL of your questions about your cat's health.
LIMITED to 250 registrants.

Grab ALL of your complimentary bonuses,
which are yours to keep, even IF you get
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