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150 Cats Rescued From Walls Of Home

Weird Cat Breeds
Is your cat or kitten attacking you?

If young, they're probably just playing, which is very necessary for growth, strength and coordination.
Never use your hands. Use toys. For more tips and pointers, visit:
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       Home-Alone Blues

Do cats get separation anxiety? Although it's more common in dogs, cats can feel it, too.
For most cats, aloofness is just a myth. They are extremely sociable and bond deeply with people and other animals -- which means they can feel just as stressed and uneasy as dogs do when left alone.
Common signs include hiding; "going" where they shouldn't; meowing or grooming constantly; and being destructive, clingy, or sullen.

Fortunately, separation anxiety can be treated. If your cat shows any of these signs, call your vet to rule out a physical cause (especially if you notice litter-box problems, which may indicate a urinary tract infection or blockage).
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                November 7, 2014
Customized Pet Food?
In this issue I will focus on feeding and petfood information.
If you have a pet with allergies or other special dietary needs, you can have a major petfood company formulate a custom food for your pet. You might wish to consider doing this, but keep a few pointers in mind: First, it's not cheap. They do not post prices, but there were some indications that a medium size bag of kibble could cost approximately $50 or more.
Also, I suggest you read the company's FAQ page, where you will discover they admit to obtaining ingredients from China, and they process different formulas with the same equipment, which means if you wanted a grain-free product, there could be traces of grains in your order.

These may not be deal-breakers for you and if you'd like to try them out, here is a code that may get you a 10 % discount until Dec. 31: DBMNHBNWNPPNO10
(If that doesn't work for you, it's likely it's a single use code that was sent only to me.)
Also, it appears this only applies to dogs at this time. But you can send them a comment, requesting a similar service for cats in the future.   (A division of Purina)
This is my Rufus, just after his "lion cut" for the summer. Sadly, Rufus has gone "over the Bridge" and is no longer with us. After we rescued him from a hoarding situation, he had a happy life and made it to about 15 we think. What we do know is that we sure miss him.
Junk food isn't good for us, and it isn't good for our pets either. Consider this - most dogs and cats are supposed to have a life span of about 20-27 years. Nowadays, they're lucky to make it to 15. This can be attributed to a number of factors, such as over-vaccinating and improper nutrition.

On the nutrition front, a study in Britain showed that pets are living much shorter lives because of the poor quality of commercial pet food.

The researchers said the "good old days" of table scraps
should not be dismissed. It was healthier.

However, that said, we still must consider the fact that today's table scraps consist mostly of the junk food people are eating!

Best bet now is to provide best quality foods, either from a company that manufactures a premium food, or by consciously obtaining and preparing the right kinds of food ourselves.

Feeding Fresh Food to Your Cat:

Note: I'm not trying to sell this food. If you buy any, I don't make a commission. This company has never heard of me. I just mention this one as an example. There are many fine pet food companies that sell quality foods. Do some research online and ask questions. Normally I would recommend you check in with your veterinarian, but quite a few of them simply sell whatever food a particular company supplies to them according to an exclusivity contract.
           Should you give a pet as a gift?
People are already thinking about what to get others for the holidays. While a new kitten is almost always a big hit, there are many things to think about first:
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