Volume 3, Number 12                                                                                                   October 2012
The Editor's Pen
Happy October! Here in the great Northeast, the change of seasons has become apparent. The warm weather that we enjoyed nude all summer has been replaced by weather that requires pants and sometimes even sweaters. Though we have to be clothed for a few months up here, I do love autumn. There’s just something special about the crisp autumn air, the beautiful changing of the leaves, going apple-picking, doing fall crafts, and feeling the world quieting down as the winter approaches. 
For me, the recent closing of the pool at my camp was a bit of a loss. I was swimming laps in the pool each day and have been preparing for the change from this exercise routine for a few months. There is no public pool (at health clubs or otherwise) within close proximity to my rural location. Even if there was, I can’t imagine purchasing a swimsuit after swimsuit season is over. To all the women out there, if you think it’s tough to purchase a swimsuit while there’s zillions to choose from, try limiting yourself to sports stores or the internet! Yet, this change from my swimming routine has led to some new beginnings for me, namely tap dancing class and country line dancing lessons. 
As I’ve changed my exercise routine from swimming to dancing, I’ve seen how every loss only makes room for gain. This was clear in my exercise choices, but is also clear as I think about the loss of nude time outside and the closing of my nudist campground.
While these are sad changes, they also open up the opportunity for happy changes like an increase in quiet time to listen to the birds, time to explore beautiful local hiking areas, and weekends that are free for spending time with family or friends. It’s all a matter of perspective.
Though many of the landed clubs in the northern part of our region are closed or closing for the season, this is a great time to get to know others within local non-landed clubs as they begin their season. If nude time outdoors is too much of a loss, why not schedule a vacation to somewhere warmer, like Georgia or North Carolina? Or maybe even check out a nude cruise? If all else fails, open up your home and have a nude house party with friends to pass the cooler months that are to come.
Being that this is the monthClick to view larger image of October, this is also a great time of year to host a Halloween or Harvest party at your home or a local establishment. It takes a little imagination to find the perfect Halloween costume for a nudist Halloween party, but I can testify that I can be done!
Whatever you choose to do as the autumn seasons is upon us, do it with a smile. As little orphan Annie says, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” and we, as nudists, know that a smile is the only mandatory thing to wear.
AANR-East at Work: Darkness to Light
Did you know that AANR-East has been proactive in ensuring the safety and well-being of the children by partnering in prevention with Darkness to Light (D2L), a powerful prevention program that has been working to end childhood sexual abuse?  Darkness to Light was developed as a non-profit organization in 2000 with the support and help of community organizations.
Since then, it has developed a powerful curriculum to help those in our community to prevent and detect sexual abuse. The Darkness to Light program has been very close to the heart of AANR President Susan Weaver, who is thrilled to learn that a Darkness to Light committee was formed in the Eastern Region. Two couples in leadership in the AANR-East Region were trained to be Stewards of Children Facilitators within the D2L program and they held their first training this summer at Juniper Woods Campground, which was a tremendous success.
The facilitators are ready to train at other clubs and an email has been sent out to club owners to notify them of the availability of this award-winning program. If you would like the Darkness to Light training to be held at your club, please contact John Andersen, Committee Chair, for more information and to make a reservation.
Native Woods Naturist Park: Naturally Beautiful
Submitted by Mary Williamson
Traveling back from the AANR convention at Lake Como Resort in Florida, I had the opportunity to visit one of the Eastern Region's southern-most clubs, Native Woods in Darien, Georgia. The club is located a stone's throw from the city of Brunswick and the Golden Isles and it is just a short drive to historic Savannah.
This is a club where you will experience nature at its finest as you meander along an inviting and colorful trail where the beautiful forest surrounds and greets each visitor. But the flora and fauna does not stop there. You will also witness Mother Nature’s glory at its finest, where the owner Ben Williams and his lovely wife Karol have let nature paint the landscape on 23 of their 30 acre club.
The amenities include a 27 foot above ground pool that has a boardwalk connecting it to the club house, where you will always find a hot pot of coffee waiting. There is a fire pit for campfires, 3 rental units (2 cabins and a trailer) and camper/tenting sites. The bathhouse includes a washer and dryer that is a short walk from the cabins and a hot tub is in the plans for the near future.
There always is something happening at Native Woods with events scheduled every other weekend from pig pickin, oyster roasts and shrimp boils to nude bowling at a local bowling alley. The southern hospitality of both Ben and Karol is boundless and they have never met a stranger. They welcomed me as an old friend as they do with all their guests. 
For further information, please visit their web site at nativewoodsnaturistspark.com or call Ben or Karol at 912-437-6415. You may also check the calendar on that AANR-East Website for all of their scheduled events.
A Loss to Nudism
Bern LoiblThe naturist/nudist world lost a strong advocate and honest friend with the passing of Bernard “Bern” Loibl on September 7, 2012.  Bern was a long standing AANR member and supporter, as well as founder of Internaturally, Events Unlimited, and Naturally Magazine.
Bern’s life embodied the best of naturism as he was a lover of nudism, enjoyed travel to nudist venues throughout the world, and was an avid photographer of some of the world’s most beautiful locations.  He proudly served the U.S.A. as an Airborne Ranger during the Vietnam Conflict.
Bern will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. His wife, Sherry Stafford-Loibl, an AANR-East Director, will continue the mission that she and Bern shared together in promoting nudism.
Celebrate Your Body: Pumpkins!
In October, we can expect to see pumpkins all around us soon. They’re great for decorating and are a sign that autumn has arrived and Halloween is just around the bend. 
Pumpkins have wonderful health benefits, too, including........
  • Pumpkins are nutrient-dense with many vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and health-boosting nutrients which, all combined, may help to reduce bad cholesterol levels, protect against heart disease, control blood sugar levels, promote healthy digestion, reduce the risk of developing cataracts, prevent tumors, boost immunity, decrease the risk of heart disease, and help with weight loss.  Not bad, huh?
  • Pumpkin seeds are also nutrient dense and are a fabulous source of iron, vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.
In addition to the nutrients in a pumpkin, their simple “pumpkin-ness” is healthy because........
  • Lifting a pumpkin can reap the same health benefits as lifting weights, only they’re a lot more fun to lift as you seek out the perfect pumpkin for your family.
  • Carving or painting pumpkins with your family can be an excellent source of primary food (primary foods are the foods that don’t come on a plate but, instead, are those things in our life that truly give us meaning, like spirituality, physical activity, and relationships.)
There's an App for That
As we've noted in previous issues, AANR and AANR-East now have smartphone applications that you can download for your phone. This is one way to make sure that you have access to your nudism resources at all times.
The AANR-East Android App is available in the Google Play Store. Be sure to download this app to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the AANR -East Region!  Don't yet have the app? Click here to get it!
Also, AANR now has both an iPhone and an Android App available. Go to the AANR Website to download the app that will be most useful to you.

Great job staying up-to-date on technology, AANR and AANR-East!!!
October 2012 Nudist Events in the AANR-East Region
10/22: Octoberfest Meal and Brew
10/26-28: Halloween Dance and Party
10/26: Fright Night at CFR
10/27: Halloween Hootenanny
10/6: Chili Cookoff
10/6: Last Dance of the Season
10/27: Halloween Party & Costume Contest
10/27: Halloween Party
10/13: Pig Pickin w/ Massage
10/20: First Swim of the Season

10/6: Western BBQ Day
10/22: Family Halloween Wknd(Clothing R'qrd)
10/20: Nature Hike and Hayrides
10/27: Halloween Party
10/28: Farewell to Season Klatch
10/22: Fall Astronomy Day
10/27: Halloween Party with Serendipity Park
10/5: Chicken Bog Pickin & Grinnin
10/13: 6th Annual Tattoo/ Body Piercing Event
10/13: Halloween Party and Hay Rides
We are always happy to receive information on your unique upcoming event for consideration for this eNewsletter.  To submit information on your upcoming event(s) for consideration, please email the Editor at newsletter@aanr-east.com.
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