Hello Cat Lover!

Hope you're having fun getting ready for the holidays
this month. I have some interesting stuff for you
today, to add to your holiday spirit.


First, I want to thank all who answered the questions
in my survey last month. It was very interesting to hear
about everyone's cats!

The majority of you have more than one cat, up to 7 in
one case. Only 3 reported having just one cat. I enjoyed
reading all their names, ages and what breeds they are, too.

By far, the biggest problem reported is "inappropriate" peeing,
which is corroborated by the inquiries I get from my
web site. The next biggest problem is scratching...
of the furniture, mostly. Other problems listed were
primarily about finding good food, getting the kitties
to eat what's available, and digestive problems, such
as hairballs.

A few miscellaneous issues referred to cats not allowing
their people to hold or pet them, wishing for another
companion, or getting mats due to grooming dislikes.
One cat may have some dental problems.

But the overriding theme is how much you love your
kitties... something I knew all along!

Now, if someone could just solve the peeing problem...

Here is a book on how to eliminate the odors when they do
go where they shouldn't:


But we still need someone to translate from kitty speak
into English, about why they do it in the first place...


If you use greenery to decorate your home during the
holidays, be careful what you use. Some plants are
more than just poisonous... they can be deadly to a cat.

These include lilies, ivy, and mistletoe - especially the

Symptoms may include nausea and vomiting - depending
on the plant and how much was eaten, and could even lead
to kidney failure, coma and death.

Also poisonous is the poinsettia, as many people know.
It's toxic, and can cause stomach upset with vomiting, but
is not fatal unless large quantities are eaten, which is
not likely.

Also be cautious with holiday fragrance items, such as
an aromatic potpourri, which can cause burning in the
mouth, eyes, skin and digestive tract.

If your cat gets into any of the above plants or substances,
which may have been brought in by well-meaning family or
friends, be sure to call your vet for help if your cat is


Also be on the watch for small items, such as string,
ribbon, small ornaments that may have fallen or been
knocked off the tree, or other decorative items, such as
a centerpiece. Cats are like toddlers... they are good
at putting things in their mouths!


Here is a heartwarming video about a cat with
cerebellar hypoplasia:


Charley the cat was born with a severe neurological
deficit and is not very well coordinated. But as you
will see, he's a very happy cat! There is no reason
to put these kinds of cats down.

Thanks to Jean for sending this in.


Have you been elfed? Well, I have! Here is a fun site
where you can be a star! I put myself in with several
of my cats:


After you watch this video, provided by Office Max,
click on the box that will appear, and build your own elf
video. It's loads of fun, and you can share it with
friends. It's pretty popular right now, though, so if
it's running slow, just be patient. There are millions
of people using it this month.


Here is a gift for you from Animal Planet:

If you want a free calendar with animal pictures, just
click here and download it:


You will need a PDF reader, which you can get here if you
don't have one:



Still shopping for gifts for your pets? Check here:



Here is a big collection of kitten photos that anyone
would love to save. Be sure to bookmark this one so
you can go look at it whenever you want to smile:


Again, thanks, Jean!


If you have not put up your Christmas tree yet,
here are a couple of cats who can do it for you:



Do you have any interesting stories to share about your
cats? Send them in and I'll put them here in
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your website. Or, anonymous is OK, too. It's
up to you.)


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Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!
Have I left anybody out?