2 January 2020 :: Happy New Year!
This is a courtesy note to let you know that NGS OPUS apparently is having problems processing any observation file collected in 2020. 
Submitted files are either processing with extremely high peak-to-peak errors or more typically failing to process at all.
At this time there is no official word from NGS or acknowledgment of an issue, however they have been advised.  This alert is based on a high complaint rate from our customers and my inability to submit fairly simple observations from NGS CORS sites.
Based on previous experience, I suspect that it will be possible resubmit failed files at a later date.
In the interim there is no need to call iGage to report this issue, we can't fix the issue and the many calls already received are suffiecnt.
When processing is back to normal, I will send another short note. 
As always, if this message found you in error, there is a link at the bottom of this message to remove your email address from future alerts.
Mark Silver
ms@igage.com, +1-801-412-0011 x16