NADKC Western Region
May 2016
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  • Message from the WR Director
    by Frank O'Leary
  • Western Region Annual Raffle
  • DKV President Address NADKC Annual Meeting
    by Michael Hammerer
  • Four NADKC Members Achieve SZR VDH Status
  • New DKV Breeding Regulations
    by Christine Hammerer
  • Growing the NADKC
    by Mike Kennedy 
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Message from the
Western Region Director
by Frank O’Leary

The NADKC Annual Meeting is in the books and the Western Region can be very proud of the production of the event.  Our Region did an outstanding job of organizing and hosting the event.  Attended by sixty-eight people, almost three times previous WR hosted Annual Meetings.  The Courtyard by Marriott was a great venue for the event.  Another big success was the live and silent auctions.  Tygh Campbell, of Athena, OR, did a great job with crying the live auction.  The live and silent auctions combined to generate over $6,400.00, a BIG number for the Western Region.  It should be noted that all of the merchandise in the auctions was donated.  Every member of the Annual Meeting Committees is to be complemented for the success. 
We were very fortunate to have in attendance three special guests from Germany.  DKV President Michael Hammerer and his wife Christine were joined by DKV Breed Warden Gerd Schad.  The three guests arrived on Monday prior to the meetings and enjoyed the Walla Walla experience during their stay.  One of the activities they participated in was clay pigeon and pistol shooting on Wednesday.  Gerd was the winner at the clay pigeons but Michael out shined every one with the pistols.  Christine proved to be quite proficient breaking clay pigeons herself.
Western Region Annual Raffle
The Western Region Board of Directors is proud to announce the 2016 Western Region Annual Raffle.  This year there is not one but TWO GREAT  PRIZES and TWO LUCKY WINNERS.  The first ticket holder drawn will have their choice of an Upland Bird Hunt for 4 persons or a Beretta Over/Under Shotgun.  The second person drawn will receive the other prize.
Hunt Oregon, LLC, has graciously donated an upland bird hunt for four people, for three days, and four nights. All meals are included and there is a hosted open bar.  Transportation to and from the Pasco, WA Airport and bird processing is included.  The total value of the package is $12,000.00.  The hunt will take place on the famous Cunningham Sheep Company ranch.  One of the largest family owned ranched in Oregon, these properties have only been open to family and friends until now.

A Beretta Over/Under 686 Silver Pigeon 20/28 gauge Two Barrel Set will be the other prize awarded.  This is a great gun and the two barrel set makes it special.  The retail value of this set is $3,500.00.
DKV President Michael Hammerer Addresses Annual Meeting Attendees
DKV President, Michael Hammerer addressed the attendees at the Annual Meeting.  Michael update those present on the growth and changes in the DKV since his election as President.  Michael spoke about resolving outstand lawsuits against the DKV, addressing the soaring cost of the computer software that did not perform as needed, and some of the concerns about the health and welfare of the bred.  Michael also spoke regarding problems with a large breeder in Germany and action taken by the JGHV cancelling entire tests and evaluations for non-compliance to the regulations.  The following is the text of Michael’s presentation:
Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Kurzhaar friends,
I’m pleased to be here at your annual general meeting and to be able to personally touch base with you. Special thanks go to Mr. O’Leary and his team for the extensive preparation of all of these events.
First of all I want to review what has happened since the current DKV Präsidium was elected in 2014.  Numerous innovations for the benefit of the DKV were approached.
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Four NADKC Members Achieve
Spezialzuchtrichter VDH Status
Michael Hammerer, Gerd Schad, and Christine Hammerer made the trip to Walla Walla to administer the DKV Formwricter test to NADKC FWR Apprentices that had completed the requirements and were prepared to be tested.  Additionally, based on the qualifications of the candidates and there pre-test results the opportunity to be tested as a Spezialzuchtrichter VDH presented itself.
Francois Aldrich, Jörg Kaltenegger, Jeff Martin, and Scott Sorenson successfully passed the test and become the first Spezialzuchtrichter VDH in North America.  In making the announcement Michael Hammerer stated, “Preparing and realizing the test for VDH Special Conformation Judges here in the USA was a challenge, even at my house, but now we made it happen. I have the honor to report the outcome of the test. This test requires profound knowledge and a good eye.”  
New DKV Breeding Regulations
Christine Hammerer presented to the Annual Meeting attendees an overview of the new DKV breeding regulations.  Christine emphasized that the new regulation brings the DKV into compliance with the VDH regulations.  The new regulations take effect on October 1, 2016.  An English translation of the regulations should be available soon.  Some of the points of importance included:
Ø Each Kennel can produce no more than three (3) litters per year
Ø There can only be four (4) breeding females on the kennel property at any one time
Ø Females must be eighteen (18) months of age to be bred
Ø At the age of eight (8) or after four (4) litters a female must be retired from breeding – there are some exceptions in special circumstances
Ø In order for males to be used for breeding they must meet the DKV requirements and be twelve (12) months of age
Ø In the first two (2) years of a stud dog’s breeding career, the male can only be used to produce four (4) litters per year.  After the first two years, if no problems, there is no limit
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Growing the NADKC
by Mike Kennedy
Western Region Member Mike Kennedy spoke to the annual meeting audience about “Growing the NADKC”.  Mike shared with the group what has made him successful in business, starting and selling two separate businesses.  The following is the content of his presentation:
At many times in recent years, club members have voiced concerns of low membership numbers in the NADKC. These low numbers have a secondary impact on active members which is believed to be hurting the success of the club.
This seems very unusual and difficult to understand when we consider  that DK dogs are a very superior hunting dog thanks to over a hundred years of selective breeding all designed to continuously evolve the DK breed in a positive way. When we consider the DD club of North America has approximately 2000 members and the NAVHDA club has over 5000 members; it is cause for concern. 
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