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Edition 13, No. 3 - May 16, 2008

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  • NEW CONTEST - Discussion Forum Contest

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     Greetings Member/Subscriber,

     There is always new information to share about what is happening at It is a joy to be able to share with all of you the exciting things happening and the new resources available to all users. I pray that you will find this information useful and will be blessed by the features and resources at that are intended to help you in your ministry to youth. Please allow me to share with you some news and announcements about the highlights, help, and resources at your disposal.

NEW CONTEST - Discussion Forum Contest


P2Y Discussion Forum Contest RULES:

   1) Ever Post you make that is not a spam post, not a short "side-comment" post (such as saying, "ya" in response to what someone else said), and not in the "Totally Senseless Stuff" forum topic will get you an entry into the contest.

   2) The contest will run from Saturday, May 17th until Saturday, June 21st

   3) There are no limits to the number of entries you can have. The caveat is that your posts have some substance to them and are helpful in participating in the community aspect of the forums.

   4) On Saturday, June 22nd, FIVE (5) names will be drawn randomly from the pool of entries - and those five individuals will win the prize package listed below in a digital (downloadable) format.

   5) A person can only win ONCE in this particular contest. If your name is drawn twice, the second one will be discarded and another name will be drawn until we have 5 distinct winners.

   6) Anyone who is found to be clearly spamming in any forum area other than the "Totally Senseless Stuff" forum (which is designed for just that...) will be disqualified from winning anything.

PRIZE PACKAGE (all prizes listed below will be delivered in a digital, downloadable format):
Each of the Five (5) winners, will receive the following Prize Package:
  1) Power Play, Vol. 5 (Retail: $17.00)
  2) Parables Small Group Curriculum (Retail $18.00)
  3) James Small Group Curriculum (Retail $15.00)
  4) Super Series Bundle (Retail $230.00)
     - "Beyond the Yearbook"
     - "He Did What?"
     - "How Not to be a Fool"
     - "i-Life"
     - "Rescued from an Ordinary Life"
     - "Untouchables"
TOTAL VALUE = $280.00

In order to participate in this contest, please log on to the discussion forum. Good luck!!!


Simply Access

AccessSimply Access

Simply More, Simply Now, Simply Better!!!

Our strengths as youth workers often times don’t fall in the administrative category. Sometimes it feels like we’re best at eating Chick-fil-a and hanging with kids. If this describes you, we just might have what you need...

Introducing Simply All Access from!!!

An All-Access Pass to our Best Resources 

Simply More:
     A great way to get more of what you love from Simply Youth Ministry. Every quarter you will have access to all new Sermon Series', Small Group Curriculum, Games, and Media Specials. You will also get exclusive behind the scenes material from the people behind the resources.

Simply Now:
     Every quarter you will have access to all new resources before they are available to the rest of your youth worker friends. All you have to do is log in, choose the resources you would like to use, and click download. It’s that easy. All new resources will be waiting for you every quarter.

Simply Better:
     Waiting for you every quarter will be all new resources that have been hand picked for Access Members. No need to go hunting for the next series to teach or what materials to use in your small groups. The best new youth ministry resources and saving time, what could be better than that?

Annual Package:
Includes: Over 25 weeks of sermons, 40 weeks of small group curriculum, media exclusives, 4 sets of 50 themed backgrounds...PLUS exclusive specials for access members only!!! (Retail Value: $400)

Yours now for the special annual price of $299. To purchase, please visit Simply All Access

FREE Youth Ministry e-Books

FREE e-BooksFREE Youth Ministry e-Books
From Grahame Knox

40 Icebreakers for Small Groups is a FREE ebook compiled from several articles posted on Grahame Knox's Insight blog.

These posts were so popular, Grahame thought it might be helpful to put them together in an eBook (708kb) for FREE download. In addition, Grahme added several new 'bonus' icebreakers which don't appear in his other articles!

Divided into two sections, 'Getting To Know You' and 'Group Builders', these icebreakers encourage sharing, openness, listening, co-operation and discussion, providing a creative foundation for your small group study or teaching time.

Just click on the link in this newsletter, or visit his Blog to view the articles and download the eBook. You can also download Grahame's other popular FREE ebook Creative Bible Study Methods for Youth Leaders. (611kb)

Snapshot Web

SnapShot Web

AFFORDABLE EASY TO BUILD WEBSITES - It’s like having a web guru in your back pocket!!

Make sure you check out everything that’s new from SnapShot Web.  The team at SnapShot Web can get you set up with a stellar website with a sweet design and all sorts of easy to manage features.  You can be up and running within days.  We’re so confident you’ll love it that we’re now offering a 30-day risk free trial.  Seriously, you have to check this out.

30 Days

Here are some of the things that you’ll get with your SnapShot Website:

  • Professionally designed templates in over 50 great designs & colors – plus we're adding new templates every quarter.
  • An easy to use content management system to meet all of your web needs.
  • The ability to add unlimited pages with all kinds of features such as Calendars, Surveys, and Discussion Boards with a few simple clicks.
  • A quick and simple way to share photos, videos, and podcasts with a process that's just about as easy as you could imagine.
  • Access to login and manage your SnapShot Website from anywhere in the world.  It's web-based so there's no software to install.
  • The tools you’ll need to create custom templates that incorporate your logo and colors and match the look and feel of your community.

Plus, as a user, if you click the link below and sign up for any of the three packages at, you will receive a $25.00 gift card from Simply Youth Ministry for any downloadable, self-published product once your SnapShot purchase is complete.

25 Off

Lost Password? ID? Need Help?

Need Help?Has it been a long time since you have been to Have you forgotten or Lost your Username? Are you having troubles with your password? Don't let that keep you away. If you have forgotten or are having any problems logging in to your account at, just send an e-mail to with your need and I would be more than happy to help you out.

Another reminder as well: You can personalize your password to make it easy to remember for the future. Once you log in, click on the "My Account" link in the left-hand column. Inside there, you will find a link titled "Change Your Info". If you click there, you can personalize as much of your account information as you would like, including the option at the bottom to change your password. Enter the new password twice and push save - then you don't have to worry about trying to keep track of, or remembering, that crazy automated password you received when you first registered at

If I can help you out with any of this information, please don't hesitate to let me know.

      Thanks again for all you do to further the kingdom in your ministry! Please be sure to stop by often for all of the recent updates at, and don’t forget to continue sharing your resources so that others may be blessed by you!!! Don’t ever hesitate to contact me either.

     Keep an eye out for more E-Updates to come helping you make the most out of your onlline experience as you search for Youth Ministry material to help you. We are excited about some of the things in store in the near future!!!

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