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Upcoming meetings and events.
What's Coming:
Town Planning Commission meeting...
August 26, 2010
Next Town Council Meeting... September 2, 2010.
Town Yard Sale...
August 28, 2010
Huntsville Newsletter:
Water Department Will Be Checking for leaks Tuesday and Wednesday - please make sure your meter is accessible!
Tim Hansen from the Water department will be checking water meters at all homes and businesses Tuesday and Wednesday, August 24-25, 2010...
Please make sure your meter is accessible and ensure your dogs are tied up.  WE must keep Tim safe from ravenous canines as he searches desperately for water leaks.
Town Wide Yard Sale August 28th
The second annual town wide yard sale is this Saturday, August 28, 2010 @ 8 a.m...
Be sure to let the Robinsons know if you plan to participate so they can add your address to the map.  745-0701
That's All For Now - Have a nice week,
Richard L. Sorensen
Huntsville Town Council
Huntsville Town, PO Box 267, Huntsville, Utah 84317