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May 2014
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Upcoming Events

WR Derby/Zuchtschau
May 16 & 17
Walla Walla, WA

WR Training Day
May 18
Walla Walla, WA
September 6 & 7
Walla Walla, WA
September 27 & 28
Brewster, WA

October 24, 25 & 26
Eastern Washingon 

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Frank O'Leary, NADKC Western Regional Director

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WR Board of Directors

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WR Board of Directors

Jeff Martin, Director
WR Board of Directors
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Message from the Western Regional Director
By Frank O'Leary
On April 25th and 26th I had the opportunity to attend the NADKC Annual Meeting in Big Rapids, MI.  In conjunction with the meetings a Zuchtschau was held, on Friday afternoon.  There were a number of really nice dogs, and although cold and windy the event went off well.  Congratulations to Bill Coylar the owner of Dolf vom Alderberg V3, leader Scott Sorenson.
A Board of Directors Meeting was held on Friday afternoon.  This was the first Board Meeting I attended as a Regional Director.    

                          Member Profile
                                 By Roger M. Green

Traveling out west with his family as a young boy from Mississippi, Roger Green vowed to someday settle there.   Early in life he developed a love for hunting and a desire to build firearms.   He built his first “custom” firearm, a 30-06 Enfield, at the age of sixteen.  Following high school, Roger attended Mississippi State University.  It was there that he apprenticed in the gun shop of Muse Davis who taught him basic gunsmithing as well as the appreciation of fine firearms
                     Derby/Zuchtschau/Training Day
May 17th & 18th, 2014
The first test of the year will be the Derby/Zuchtschau which will be held in Walla Walla, WA, on May 17th.  ....  For the Derby and Zuchtschau we have secured the services of Herman-Josef Schomakers, insuring there will be no breeder’s conflicts.  For the Derby the Judges will be Herman-Josef Schomakers, Jeff Martin, and Roger Green.  
Dog Sterilization
By Guido Dei
Nowadays it’s very common to hear that to prevent unwanted litters we need or must spay or castrate our dogs.  Most veterinarians, Animal Controls, bunch of different animal societies are in favor of castrating dogs.  One bill was proposed to make mandatory to spay or neuter dogs before 6 months of age.
By Phil Kress, DVM

Something I always like to focus attention on during annual exams of my patients is their dental condition.  How routinely does an owner ever look at their dog’s mouth and teeth? (unless it’s when you’re  pulling  those porcupine quills  out  during a hunt!)  In the young dog retained baby teeth can cause malalignment or food entrapment.  
Starting the blind water retrieve
By Randy Blanchard

Blind water retrieves are without doubt the most challenging part of the training program for the versatile hunting dog.  It takes a good three months of land work and yard drills to prepare the dog for a successful introduction to blind water retrieves.  When it comes to water it’s all about obedience and developing as well as maintaining momentum.  Drills and pattern blinds are tailored made to do this. The thing about drills is to make sure you modify the drill to the intelligence, sensitivity and temperament of the dog. 
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