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Bills, Bills, Bills
The Word Useless is to Kind
Interesting bills introduced this year but the question is if they will get passed.   Some of these ideas are off the wall stupid, some make sense, some are redundant as other laws criminalize the behavior already.
HB 1008  Rep. Brown, allows recall of public officials in Oklahoma.  Good one….but the 15% threshold for the petition is a bit high.  Getting 5% of the voters to agree is more than enough.
HB 1021 Rep. Rizte and Senator Dahm, outlawing the Obama Care penalties in Oklahoma   : )
HB 1055 Rep Jeannie McDaniel, outlaws using a cell phone to send or read a message.  Sigh… redundant as there are already distracted driver laws on the books.  Give McDaniel a Nazi salute next time you see her.
HB 1078  Rep Sanders, special interests bill eliminating the private sale of mobile homes:
“A manufacturer may not sell, exchange, or lease-purchase a manufactured home to a person in this state who is not a licensed manufactured home dealer.”
Way to jack up prices for services Rep. Sanders.   How much did the special interests donate to get you to write this bill?
HB 1321  Rep Enns, prohibits the sale of trucks unless the dealership offers an option to install an extra strap or handle inside the cab to make entry and exit easier.  Rep. Enns, I’m sorry, you are a complete idiot for filing this bill.
HB 1342 Rep. Mulready, another Obama Care bill by another name.  We know what this knucklehead is up to.  Snakes don’t change their slither.
HB 353,Rep. Cooksey and Senator Brown, prohibits the filing of ethics violations fourteen days prior to the election.  Why not Cooksey?  Whatcha hiding that you are so worried about ethics complaints being filed?
HB 1487, Rep. Ritze, prohibits state employees and officers from aiding the detention of U.S. citizens.  Good one Rep Ritze, good one.  Amend it so that the state law enforcement officers are obligated to come to the aid of any citizen unlawfully detained.
HB 1556 Rep. Wesselhoft, prohibits the use of unmanned drones in Oklahoma.  There goes his copy of the Mary Fallin Christmas card….  Good one Rep. Wesselhoft.
HB 1851  Rep Shelton, another run at Obama Care Health Insurance Exchange.  Good luck with that one.  Ya gotta step on Mulready if you want your bill heard.
HB 2002 Rep. McNiel  and Senator Newberry, corporate welfare for event promoters.  A shell bill at this point but the idea is to eliminate sales taxes on certain events, meaning those with political connections get  special treatment on taxes and fees while the great unwashed pays the bills.
HB 2021, Rep. Roberts and Senator Dahm, Oklahoma Firearms Freedom act.  Prohibits the federal government from interfering with products made and used within the state as the products are not interstate commerce.  A perennial states rights favorite legislation
HB 2060, Rep Inman and Senator Shumate, DHS employees protection assault and battery.  Boys?  Isn’t assault and battery already illegal?  Can you explain to the  rest of us why certain people need special protection or special rights?  Do DHS employees feel pain more or do they bleed special blood when struck with sharp objects?   Kill your bill boys, kill your bill…..
HB 2114 Rep. Roberts, prohibits selling merchandise below your competitor’s costs.   Mr. Roberts… in this day and age do you really need to worry about someone driving out the competition by selling products for less than their competitor can buy the products from the wholesalers?  Don’t ya think that the second the competition was eliminated and prices began to rise that another competitor will step in and compete?   Sure some big companies can buy cheaper because of volume purchasing but why should we protect small businesses that can’t afford to compete in the market place?
HB 2292 Rep Pittman, teen dating violence act.  Are you freaking serious Pittman?  You think the state has any business in protecting teens from stupid decisions?  Ever heard of parents and extended family?
HB 2350 Rep Dustin Roberts, licenses foundation repair companies.  Basically restricts competition by requiring five years experience before an employee can strike out on their own and start their repair business.  Pure corporate welfare designed to increase prices for foundation repair and prohibit the free market from functioning.   I suppose Comrade Roberts thinks this is a good idea.
HB 2615  Rep Martin, makes Oklahoma Fusion Center information immune to discovery.  Mr. cheap suit, old deputy dawg himself has decided that whatever the state collects by spying on your face book , credit card transactions, and internet use is immune from discovery through open records  requests or from court orders.  A few exceptions there but one wonders why old deputy dawg wants to collect dirt on citizens anyway.
HB 2667  Rep Derby would eliminate jury trials and allow a judge to terminate parental rights.  Great idea Derby, while we are at it let’s eliminate juries in mental competency trials.   Make it easier to throw your retarded butt into a ward somewhere and give you a lobotomy.   No need worrying about constitutional rights and all that, right Derby?
Now Derby has won a prize with that last bill.  Here it is, his own motivational poster for his office:
Those were some of the examples in the 4000 or 5000 bills that were either filed this year or carried over from last year.  Lots of wasted state time and money filing bills that have no chance of passing, only filed for political posturing or to satisfy a campaign donor.    Here is a bright idea, why don’t we allow legislators to file one bill that changes an existing law or creates a new law and another ten bills that repeal stupid laws?   You know, nestled in these floaters was a bill that repealed a state ban on click top or pull tab beverage containers?  How old was that idiotic bill and exactly why were we ignoring a law that was passed even if it was a stupid one?  How many billions of flip top soda cans and beer cans have been sold in the state?  Pull tab tops on lots of food products too, I suppose we were all criminals when we ate or drank since this bill was passed.
Boys and girls in the legislature, if you are unsure of if a bill is sound policy simply look at the Republican Party Platform.  Here are the principles boiled down into a very short list.  Print it and keep a copy in your pocket or put it in your cell phone notes, when a bill comes up ask if the legislation violates these Oklahoma values or if the bill is redundant or unconstitutional.  If in doubt vote against the legislation.
Oklahoma Republican Party Platform’s ten core principles:
1.      Life, liberty, and property rights are granted from God, not government.
2.      The right to worship as we please.
3.      A constitutionally limited federal government.
4.      All human life should be protected, even the unborn.
5.      Marriage is one man and one woman.
6.      Corporate welfare doesn’t work.  Same rules, same taxes for everyone.
7.      Use tax money only for core government purposes and keep taxes low.
8.      Government is best when it is local and close to the people.
9.      Parents act in the best interests of the child, not government.
10.  We welcome legal immigrants and deport illegal immigrants
Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste
By Ms PM
The time has come to fix something that should have been fixed a long time ago. But why shouldn’t the bureaucrats wait until crisis mode? This is the usual we don’t have the money to fix something and in the end an excess of money is spent because those in charge don’t do their jobs of paying attention until the $$it hits the fan. They then get the rah-rah good job from those at the bottom for those at the top when they promise to do the job they were elected to do, didn’t do, and finally attempt to do.
In this article it talks about the new crisis being deemed a state of emergency because for many years the bridge connecting Purcell and Lexington is and has been falling apart to the tune of it is no longer safe to walk on it much less drive a vehicle over. Rather than fix the stupid thing when traffic could have driven on one side while the other side was being repaired, it is now closed and those living in the area get to drive about 50 minutes to get their business done. Governor Fallin took the time out of her busy schedule to travel to the area to see the bridge for herself, and wha-la it’s now a state of emergency.
It doesn’t matter that at least one local business owner is losing about 60% of his business, and it certainly doesn’t matter that ODOT is going to fund shuttles between the two cities multiple times throughout the day. It doesn’t matter that they have to spend the money to fix the bridge and now spend the extra money for shuttles. The birdbrains at the top continue to squawk about the state not having enough money but turn around and spend extra taxpayer money to fix a problem that could have already been fixed with less money and less inconvenience. Each county affected can receive up to $100,000 to reimburse expenses incurred because of the bridge closure.
We are never amazed by the thought process of those elected. It has always been their job to see that the state is operated within budget, without waste and these important issues addressed in a timely fashion. We get little of that accomplished and seemingly when push comes to shove the folks paying for this entire debacle take on the attitude of “at-a-girl governor, good job, you deserve to be re-elected and waste more state money.”
It does seem appropriate that the people living with the not so good bridge for a long long time might have taken the time when the bridge was still functioning to use it to drive to the Governors renovated mansion and raise a little hell. The people always get the government they deserve. No time to complain now folks, it’s coming up on re-election time so why not give her another shot at shooting you in the foot!
Mouth Breather and
Supports Common Core
Without a Lick of Common Sense
By the Watchman
It’s not often that we take up a specific cause. We feel that the ignorance of Senator Ford has forced us to make our readers aware of the sabotage taking place at the State Capital concerning the education of our children.
We began our research by going to his web site at There we found that he indicates that he is a “strong advocate for Oklahoma’s children and for excellence in education.” He also claims that the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy has listed him as having earned an “A” voting record on children’s issues. The last report we could find was for 2008 and it showed that he received a score of 90 from the group. The year before, 2007, he received a score of 80. We found these scores at  That is hardly consistently an A rating. It also leaves an empty space of five years where we have no report from them of their score. Depending on a five year old rating that is at best an A- doesn’t count Senator.
We did find this press release that did make sense. The only item missing from the legislation is an accommodation for those with learning disabilities. This is something these politicians failed to take into consideration when they adopted the Common Core Standards. There is no room for the Special Needs Students in the Common Core Standards as they are currently presented to the schools. Senator Ford, you said you cared about the children, this says otherwise.
This explains things. Now this is the National Conference of State Legislators Education Committee Officers. This group supports the National Governors’ Conference, of which Governor Fallin is the head of, who is pushing the Common Core Curriculum. What better way to stop legislation against the Common Core Curriculum than to have the Chair of the Education Committee be on your team. Talk about stacking the deck.
Now a lot of Conservatives place a lot of good behind the group ALEC. They do a lot of good work. They also slip from time to time. This is a case where they have slipped. We found this article that has named Senator Ford as co-chairman of the Oklahoma chapter of Alec for the Oklahoma State Chapter. With some of the moves he made, he cannot say he is a conservative legislator.
Then there was this article. This describes the thinking behind the man who decided to lower the education standards in Oklahoma. The standards he supported actually created three separate groups and marshalled in an untested, untried system that left some of our children out in the cold.
We found this article where the Senator tried to dispel some of the problems perceived with the Common Core Standards. He was less than successful. It would have helped if he knew what he was talking about.
Of all the articles we’ve found, perhaps this is the most telling, A Mom and Grandmother Explores What Common Core Would Have Done and Wants to Do… | Finding Gems and Sharing Them. Quoting from the article, these two sentences perhaps sum it up best “I came to conclude that if the program would have been in in effect when I was growing up, my life would have been empty and furthermore, if my own children had gone through this type of education, they would not be who they are today. And most of all, I would dare say that my grandchildren are at risk to aspire and become who they should be as productive members of society, but instead, sadly be forced to become programmed robots without the joy of creativity in their lives.” These are dangerous times for our education system.
We also found this article. We fail to understand why this Senator who professes to care about raising the standards of education in the state would propose throughing good money after bad by raising the funding to implement this unproven program. This just seems like a waste of our tax dollars.
We can’t help but wonder why this undocumented Democrat, Senator Ford, is going along with the progressive, liberal think tank that came up with this article.  Why can’t the Senator see the evidence right in front of his eyes. Is supporting the Governor that important to him? Doesn’t he realize that sometimes you just have to do the right thing for the people and the children of Oklahoma, not the lady sitting in the chair at the Governor’s office.
Here’s another little gem we found. This is what happens when you are too loyal to an untested program. This is not education Senator. This is indoctrination. Do you want your Grandchildren and great grandchildren growing up learning this?
We also found this article regarding entries in the math curriculum. Senator even you can see by now that this is nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the liberal machine. This is not how we should educate our children.
Just to make things perfectly clear to all that read this, Senator Ford if the Common Core Standards are such a wonderful thing, why did we find this, Top School District In The Nation Opts Out Of Common Core Standards (Video) | Agenda 21. This makes it perfectly clear that the Common Core Standards do not help increase our children’s ability to learn, it actually decreases their ability to learn. Just because our Governor heads the National Governor’s Association who claims to be the ones pushing this criminal assault on education, doesn’t mean you have to support it.
We also went back and looked at to see who’s been financing your campaigns. Now Senator we do realize that you come from a part of the state that is considered the most liberal part of Oklahoma, but do you really have to take money from a man who makes millions off the tax payers here? We’re talking about George Kaiser and the money he made off his good friend President Obama when the front group Solyndra went bankrupt.
What about the funds you accepted from the Working Oklahomans Alliance. This is nothing more than a spinoff of the group ACORN. We are all aware of what their agenda is. You can’t honestly claim to be you are for the people when you accept funds from a group that is out to bankrupt this country by redistributing the wealth.
Then there’s the matter of the Oklahoma City Federation of Teachers Local 2309. This happens to be perhaps the most radicle of the Locals in the state and the only one that outwardly supports the Common Core Curriculum. Why are you accepting all these funds from these radicles?
You’ve also accepted funds from almost every major corporation in the state of Oklahoma that supports the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. The State Chamber supports the Common Core as does the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because it is nothing more than a training mill for low wage employees. Open your eyes Senator. Look at the evidence.
If you want further proof of corruption and rejection read this article. In this article you will read about the ties that exist between Governor Fallin, Superintendent Barresi and Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. It is Governor Bush’s organization that is pushing this monstrosity called Common Core. It is his former state that is among the first to reject it. Do you get the hint? You should also be made aware of the fact that Superintendent Barresi has more than just professional state business relations with Governor Bush’s organization.
Now Senator if it’s not enough that the National GOP Platform has a stand against the Common Core Curriculum and the Oklahoma State GOP has written a stand against the Common Core Curriculum into their Platform then you should take a look at the groups that are taking a stand against it.
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