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This & That from March 2021
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 Issue #6
So...  I've been taking a bit of a respite following the release of the Gemini FlightBag pattern. It's been a full year now of no traveling, vacations or trade shows & I think I just need to do something that rests my mind... & since it's too early for picnics & too iffy for traveling, I decided to redorate our guest bathroom (specifically I'm painting & wallpapering). Here's the "before" pic. Who knows why I ever went with orange! I must have been out of my mind at the time? But stay tuned! I'll show you the finished look when I'm done but for now, go ahead and get started on this month's newsletter while I get back to work on that bathroom!
The Wisdom of Cats- Philosopher John Gray explains why we're doing it wrong and should live our lives more like cats do! (Dogs... not so much!)  {Click HERE to read more}
Bizarre Lies Your Mom Might Have Told You! -  Atlas Obscura recently asked readers to send in the most outlandish white lies their mothers ever told them. Many mothers still tell variations on the classics: If you make a funny face, it will stay that way; if you eat before you swim, you’ll get cramps and so on. Click HERE to read more!
An extra SWEET reward!- Krispy Kreme has come up with a YUMMY way to make getting the Covid-19 vaccine extra sweet. Now if you take your vaccination card to any Krispy Kreme location in the US, you can get a free glazed doughnut EVERY day for the rest of 2021! Click here for more details! 
A Mountain QuiltFest Update- all systems are still on GO for the Mountain QuiltFest in Pigeon Forge, TN! Management says they are going forward with plans for the show, but there may be some restrictions in place witn regards to Covid19. To this I say, YIPPEE!!!
Video Product Review-  "Gramma vs. Yeti"
So in a head-to-head competition, which product do YOU think would win? The $200.00 Yeti Blanket? Or a "Gramma-made" quilt? Click HERE to find out!  
How to Cheer Up when You're Down! - Research shows that not only can you bring joy to others even if you’re unhappy, but that by doing so you can ALSO improve YOUR well-being! {Click HERE to read more}
March KatBits Special Offer-This month we're featuring our Walkabout Wallet as well as the Walkabout Wallet Notions ONLY Kit with a nifty discount code. From now thru midnight on April 4th you can use this code - 7HSUWALK
to get $4.00 off either the Walkabout Wallet pattern OR the Walkabout Wallet Notions ONLY Kit.
This coupon code cannot be used for previous purchases, or in combination w/other discount offers & it will expire at 11:59pm on 04/04/21. 
Why Dogs & Humans Love Each Other! -
And since we start this newsletter with a story about cats, I think its only fair that we close with a story about DOGS and if you love dogs then you'll enjoy this sweet article about the bond that humans and dogs share. {Click HERE to read more!}
In closing- 
So that's it until next month when I'll look for you around the 15th for Kat Bytes & again at month's end with this new format, Kat Bits
Thanks for reading & if the weather is nice near you, do yourself a favor and let yourself enjoy it.
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