Justin Colby sentenced to 9 months jail

Please write a letter today in support of this objector's early release

Justin Colby while living in Canada

By SPC Justin Colby, US Army. March 22, 2013

Objector Justin Colby wrote the statement below a few hours before being sent away for 9 months to a military prison. Justin had lived in Canada in order to refuse a second Iraq deployment, and to better care for his family.

My name is Justin Colby and I am an Active Duty soldier serving in the United States Army. I am writing today to talk about some of my experiences serving in the US Army. I will admit right up front that there were many positive experiences about my serving the Army (and I have a great deal of respect and appreciation for many of those that I served with), but for the purposes of this writing I will focus on the negative experiences that shaped my ability to participate in this organization... Read Justin's statement here

Help Justin today

Justin Colby prior to sentencing at Ft. Carson, Colorado. March 22, 2013

Justin Colby is currently being held in the county jail in Colorado Springs, Colorado, awaiting transfer to a military correctional facility. Justin will soon have the opportunity to request clemency from the commanding general of Fort Carson. We need folks to write letters to Maj. General LaCamera requesting that Justin be given an early release from prison so he can return to his family. So they are more effective, please keep letters respectful in tone.

Please send letters to:

Maj. General Paul J. LaCamera
Public Affairs Office
1626 Ellis Street, Ste. 200, Bldg.118
Fort Carson, CO 80913, USA

Fax: 1-719-526-1021

Please send a copy of your letter to Justin’s civilian attorney James Branum. This is important because Mr. Branum will use these letters during the formal clemency process. These copies can be sent to:

James M. Branum, Attorney at Law
PO Box 721016
Oklahoma City, OK 73172

Fax: 1-866-757-8785
Email: girightslawyer(at)gmail(dot)com

Courage to Resist continues to provide the majority of funding for Justin's legal defense. Please consider donating today so that we can continue this type of work!