The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers
Hash 1355
The Rising Sun, Crawcrook
Hares - Bedtime Story
Arriving at The Rising Sun in Crawcrook, hashers were pleasantly surprised to discover a dry evening promising some spots of sunshine after a day of heavy rain and iron grey clouds.
Failing to note the hare was in long trousers ( which should have been a sign of things to come) the runners set off with light hearts under the careful tutelage of the hare, Bedtime Story, whilst the Walkers fell into step behind the walking hare, Counterfeit. Heading uphill the pack then split with GH and Inncon's shortcutting through a field of restless horses on one side and a barbed wire fence on the other ( a frankly terrifying scenario).
The pack then headed by devious and cunning routes to the valley floor, most of the pack losing all sense of orientation and direction as they followed the path through little known woodland, vale and fields which was excellent fun and entirely in keeping with the hares previous form for finding obscure routes.
Complaints were made as the ground gave way to significant shiggy, and the overgrown thickets shed their moist deposits on the runners. Even louder complaints were made as waist high nettles obtruded onto the trail and all bare skin on display was soon red raw by Mile 3.
However even a lengthy trail, soaking feet and nettle scarred legs and arms were not enough to spoil the enjoyment of this delightful trail which took in fine views, sunny spots and abundant wildlife.
 Returning to the pub, the pack had a lengthy interlude as GH and Pop headed to the car ( 1/2 mile away) to change footwear before returning to the circle. The RA then cracked a few ‘jokes’ and Counterfeit complemeted the hare on an excellent map and written instructions for the walkers. A few down downs were carried out before all retired to the public house for further ales and dancing.
Well done to the hare for a great route, thoroughly enjoyable and encompassing all the best bits of an excellent hash.We salute you
Special  stats and notices
Wildlife spotted – llama’s, horses, rabbits, sheep, no dolphins this time.Cry
Hash hounds -1
Widdlers – 1 ( double widdle stop) LHJ
Leggings – 3  v. every one else in short trousers
Houses – Close
Scenic false trails  - Loads
Golf courses – 1
Morleys – 1
Nettlage – High
Dock leaves - Required
Economic  forecasting – Negative  
Beer stop - None
Longest trail for 2016 ? - Possbily
Accidents - 0 recorded
Lets also remember the first aid bumbag - we might need it !

Sunday Run - Its in the Cheviots, bring a bum bag and join the cool bum bag brigade - all sizes welcome, we don't discriminate
Next Week:  The Sundial , South Shields                         Hares:  Woofers and Lubri
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