Silver Spring & Takoma Park Neighbors,
The local media spends less & less time covering Maryland politics, so it's important for me to let you know what's going on. Check out my weekend reading material below.
In my first term representing you in the Maryland House, I've tackled a number of issues you may not have heard about, including:
  • Concerns about how rape investigations are handled in Montgomery County
  • Governor Larry Hogan's obstruction of environmental protections and his rejection of refugees
  • Efforts to end taxpayer giveaways to country clubs & stadium owners in Maryland... and more!
As always, let me know if you have any thoughts about how I've tackled these issues!
Delegate David Moon
P.S. I'm up for re-election in the June 26th Democratic Primary. Let me know if you'd like a free lawnsign or bumper sticker delivered to your house! You can request one at

MARYLAND POLICY - WEEKEND READING MATERIAL: If you have a free moment this weekend, take a spin through news coverage of some of my work during the last four years representing you:

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ENDORSEMENTS ARE ROLLING IN - As I gear up for re-election in the June 26 Democratic Primary, I'm proud to have the support of numerous progressive organizations & advocates.
Rep. Jamie Raskin - "David Moon is not only one of the most effective lawmakers in Maryland. He's the model for an independent-minded and passionate advocate for people who don't have an army of lobbyists in Annapolis." 
  • Teachers (MSEA/MCEA)
  • Sierra Club
  • CASA in Action
  • AFL-CIO (Maryland State & DC)
  • Progressive Maryland
  • NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC
  • National Organization for Women (MC NOW PAC)
  • Montgomery County Career Firefighters (IAFF Local 1664)
  • Food & Water Action
  • Clean Water Action
  • National Nurses United
  • UFCW Local 1994
  • SEIU Local 500, 1199 SEIU & SEIU 32BJ
  • LGBTQ Democrats of Montgomery County
  • Association of Black Democrats of Montgomery County
  • Latino Democratic Club
  • Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats
  • Our Revolution (Maryland & Montgomery County)
  • League of Conservation Voters
  • Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association
  • Montgomery County Green Democrats
  • Progressive Neighbors

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1. Stabilizing Health Care Costs (HB 1782) - With Trump attempting to sabotage Maryland's health care, we passed a bill to temporarily prevent further increases to premiums, using a new fee on insurance companies (who just received a federal tax break).
2. Lockbox Casino Funds for Education (SB 1122) – I supported a state constitutional amendment to put a referendum on the November ballot to lockbox casino revenues for increased education funding.
3. Overriding Larry Hogan's Veto of Paid Sick Days for Workers (HB 1 – 2017) - I was proud to vote to override Governor Hogan's veto of legislation to guarantee paid sick days for Maryland workers.
4. Removing Guns from Domestic Abusers & Those At Risk of Suicide or Violence (HB 1646 & HB 1302) - I was pleased to cosponsor bills to remove guns from domestic abusers and those at risk of suicide or violence. 
5. Allowing Same Day Voter Registration (HB 532) - I was proud to cosponsor a bill allowing voters to register on election day. This constitutional amendment will appear on the November ballot for ratification by voters.
6. Restricting Offshore Drilling (HB 1456) - Trump is trying to open the Maryland coast for energy exploration, so I was proud to support HB 1456. The bill all but guarantees there won't be drilling along Maryland's shore. 
7. Funding WMATA Metro Improvements (HB 372) - With our residents increasingly relying on public transportation, I cosponsored legislation to provide WMATA Metro with dedicated funding.
8. Community College Tuition Assistance (HB 16) - I was pleased to vote for a bill to provide $15 million a year to make community college affordable for those having difficulty affording higher education.
9. Terminating Parental Rights of Rapists (HB 1) - After 10 years of delay, we passed a bill allowing courts to terminate the parental rights of rapists for children conceived from the sex assault. 
10. Implementing Automatic Voter Registration (HB 152 & SB 1048) – I was thrilled to vote for legislation to bring automatic voter registration to Maryland. This bill will help engage more residents in our state's civic life and democracy.
11. Reforming Sexual Harassment Polices (HB 1342) - In the midst of the national call for action on sexual harassment, I cosponsored a bill to reform how complaints are handled in the Maryland General Assembly. 
12. Prosecuting Serial Rapists (HB 301) - Serial rapists have avoided criminal convictions by claiming each victim consented. HB 301 creates an avenue for prosecutors to bring evidence of serial rapes into court.
13. Ban “Conversion Therapy” for LGBT Kids (SB 1028 & HB902) - I was proud to support legislation to ban licensed therapists from trying to “cure” LGBT children with so-called “conversion therapy.”

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18 BILLS I TOOK THE LEAD ON THAT PASSED - During my first four-year term representing you in Annapolis, I succeeded in passing eighteen bills:
  1. Fight Trump's Efforts to Repeal Obamacare (HJ 9)
  2. Ban Bump Stocks & Devices that Mimic Assault Weapons (HB 888)
  3. Lower Cost of Building Child Care in Montgomery County (HB 335)
  4. Protect Services for Foster Youths With Disabilities (HB 279)
  5. Allow Expungement of Minor Marijuana Convictions (HB 379)
  6. Stop Convicted Animal Abusers from Owning Animals (HB 212)
  7. Prevent Child Abuse By Parents Whose Rights Were Terminated (HB 454)
  8. Reduce Immigrant Deportations Over Minor Offenses (HB 891) - VETOED BY GOV. LARRY HOGAN
  9. Provide Foster Youths With Savings Accounts (HB 524)
  10. Create Standards for Police SWAT Teams (HB 739)
  11. Curb Defacto "Debtors Prisons" in Maryland (HB 844)
  12. Ensure Public Access to Government Records (HB 383)
  13. End Counterproductive Penalties on the Poor (HB 1047)
  14. Special Elections for Attorney General & Comptroller (HB 260)
  15. Help Homeless Residents Get ID's (HB 680)
  16. Modernize How Businesses File Tax Returns (HB 648)
  17. Protect Medical Privacy for Transgender Residents (HB 862)
  18. Facilitate Arson Investigations in Montgomery County (HB 460)

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