ASHGPS: 27 July 2011: New FAST Survey Version 2.7.3; ProMark Field 2.0.5; GNSS Toolbox 2.0.5; Service Layer 1.5.2

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New Firmware and Software has been released for these Ashtech devices:
  MM100, PM100, PM200
A new FAST Survey version has also been released targeting these devices:
  MobileMapper CE, Allegro CE or Allegro CX
FAST Survey Version 2.7.3
Devices: FT-1, MobileMapper 6, MobileMapper 10, MobileMapper CX, ProMark 100, ProMark 200, PC Version
The release notes may be found [ FAST V2.7.3 Release Notes2.7.3 Release Notes ]
Software may be downloaded from [ FAST_Survey ]
Note: software is not (yet?) available for the MobileMapper CE, Allegro CE or Allegro CX.
Pro Mark Field V 2.0.5
Devices: ProMark 100, ProMark 200
Release Notes: [ PMF_V_2.0.5 ]
Software: [ Base Folder ]
New Manual: [ ProMark Field GSG ]
This is a major release and provides lots of new features including:
3D Calibration for 3D
Survey Point List with Add, Delete, Edit and Find
ITRF to NAD83 Coordinate Transformations
Stakeout of Lat/Lon (Geographic) points
Voice Guidance for stakeout
Plus lots and lots of bug fixes!
GNSS ToolBox 2.0.5
Devices: MobileMapper 100, ProMark 100, ProMark 200
Release Notes: [ Notes ]
Firmware: [ Folder ]
GNSS Service Layer V 1.5.2
Devices: MobileMapper 100, ProMark 100, ProMark 200
Release Notes: [ Notes ]
Firmware: [ CAB File ]
ArcPad Post Processing DLL for MobileMapper 10
A single ZIP file has been provided for ArcPad Post Processing on the MobileMapper 10
[ Zip File ]
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Mark Silver,
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