Here are some pet holidays for Sept.

Pet Smile Month
World Animal Remembrance Month
Pet Health Insurance Month in Canada
National Pet Memorial Month
Happy Healthy Cat Month with an update on the Happy Healthy Cat Handbook soon to be

National Disaster Preparedness Month. Led by FEMA’s Ready Campaign, Citizen Corps and The
Advertising Council.

Second Sunday in September. National Pet Memorial Day. Established by the International
Association of Pet Cemeteries (IAPC).

Last full week in September. Deaf Pet Awareness Week. By

Pink Panther's Birthday - September 6

Sept. 13: Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day.  A day dedicated to the issue of pet birth
defects. Sponsored by the MBJungle Foundation.

Sept. 28: World Rabies Day. Sponsored by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control.
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National Pet Wellness Month.
National Feral Cat Day  Oct. 16 - (The name has been changed this year to Global Cat Day.)
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Sept. 7, 2017
Between flooding and fires, it seems there are few places on earth that are safe anymore. While the eastern United States and South Asia are inundated with unprecedented amouints of water from rain and seawater surges from recent storms, the western U.S. is burning up with a high number of fires that are yet to be under control.
Hurricane Harvey has monopolized the news outlets, however, and many people are unaware of the other disasters, or at least their extent, as people are losing their homes, property, possessions, their animals and their lives by fire or flood.
Now, as Harvey begins to settle, another, even bigger disaster is on the way. Hurricane Irma, already slamming the Caribbean islands, will hit the U.S. soon, too. That storm is the largest hurricane in recorded history and will completely cover the state of Florida, wreaking more destruction, perhaps, than Harvey just did in Texas.
Many agencies are at work to assist in rescue and support of victims, including the animals caught in the devastation.

Here are some links to stories about the struggles:

And here are some links to sites that have useful information and advice as to houw you can help:

Foster a Hurricane Pet to help match Hurricane Harvey pets in need with temporary foster homes.

Find a foster home for your pet or to offer your home to a pet in need.

You can also donate to the various charities, especially humane societies, that help disaster victims.

Here is a map showing the locations of the fires across the western states.
(Copied from a Facebook post with no attribution.)
Humorous and heartwarming

A man was shocked when he came home from work and found a cat sitting in his chair, meowing. However, he said, "I don't own a cat."

A tortie cat walked into a young man's apartment two days before Hurricane Harvey
devastated Texas.He named her Harvey! Same story, different
Black Cats Tell All is now published!