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Monday 26 December 2011
GNSS Solutions: Adaptive Static Detection
GNSS Solutions: New (Important) Checkbox
With the release of one of the many GNSS Solutions versions mid 2011, I started to receive a lot of ProMark 3 and ProMark 100 jobs with extra occupations or Stop-N-Go occupations that are converted to continuous kinematic point streams.
If you use GNSS Solutions much, I am sure that you have seen this issue.
I believe that there is a new feature in the GNSS Solutions processing engine that detects "Non-Static--Stop-N-Go" occupations and flags them as kinematic. We could have quite a debate about what constitutes a non-Static, Static occupation, but you can easily make them by hand-holding a StopNGo point with a duration of 60 seconds and moving the pole a bit during while recording.

Recently I found a new option checkbox (added in Version 3.70.5) on the Miscellaneous tab of Project Settings: "Use adaptive static detection". This option is checked by default. Un-checking this box has made enough errant/disaster jobs better that I wanted t share it with other users who may be pounding-heads-on-wall.
I made a short (4 minute) HD video and put it up on YouTube that shows a job with both issues. If you use GNSS Solutions much, it will be worth your time to view: [ YouTube: Adaptive Static ].
If you have not updated to the latest (V 3.70.5) of GNSS Solutions, here is a direct link [ GNSS Solutions ] to the single ZIP file.
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