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Recall Oklahoma County Clerk
Carolynn Caudill
Sign the petition if you are an Oklahoma County registered voter
Or contribute to the effort using the PayPal link above. 
Please mark your donation with Recall effort.
We need only 260 valid petition signatures to submit the petition but we will gather in excess of 1,000 to ensure that we have enough signatures to present to Oklahoma State Attorney General Scott Pruit.
Who Actually Shut the Government Down?
Reading the Wall Street Journal and the online reports will leave the impression that the House of Representatives is responsible for the current federal government shutdown.   Of course one should always question what you read in the news or in editorials but what are the basic facts of the shutdown?
First it is really simple.  The Republican controlled House of Representatives voted and passed the entire budget that had been requested except for one item;  Obama Care.   The Constitution gives them the responsibility to originate spending bills, to control the spending of the government and it is a fact not a matter of opinion.  If the House decides not to spend money on a particular government operation then it can choose to defund that operation.  That is the beauty of our three branches of the government; they can exercise their rights and hold the other two branches in check if needed.
When this budget bill was presented to the Senate they refused to pass the bill, a bill that wouldn’t have laid off a single government worker except those that were working for Obama Care.  Quite simply, it was the Senate that choose not to fund normal government operations, as they have every right to choose to do so but the responsibility also comes with the right to reject the spending bill.
The dooms day charlatans claim that the government will not be able to pay interest on the national debt, leading to massive disruptions in our economy but they neglect to mention that the federal tax money continues to flow into the Treasury, more than enough to pay for essential services and interest on the national debt.  Even refusing to lift the debt ceiling won’t prevent the feds from paying interest payments on bonds; all it will mean is that they can’t borrow more money to spend beyond what is coming into the Treasury as tax revenues.
We all should be calling our federal reps and senators and demand that they not cave in.
House Members:
D.C. Office   202-225-2211 
Tulsa office  918-935-3222
D.C office  202-225-2701  
Claremore office   (918) 341-9336 
Durant office  580-931-0333
McAlester Office   (918) 423-5951  
Muskogee offices  918-687-2533
D.C. office   (202) 225-5565      
Yukon office   (405) 373-1958
D.C. office  (202) 225-6165     
Ada office (580) 357-2131      
Lawton office   (580) 357-2131     
Norman office   (405) 329-6500
James Lankford           
D.C. office   (202) 225-2132        
Oklahoma City office   (405) 234-9900
D.C. office  (202) 224-4721 
Tulsa office   (918) 748-5111  
Oklahoma City office (405) 608-4381
McAlester office   (918) 426-0933     
Enid office   (580) 234-5105
D.C. office   202-224-5754  
Tulsa office  918-581-7651  
Oklahoma City office  405-231-4941
Shining a Light on Terrorism and Drug Cartels Connections
The Oklahoma’s Counterterrorism Caucus will be holding a press conference on Monday to announce their latest training seminar for law enforcement officers.   We are especially proud of Oklahoma’s Counterterrorism Caucus not only because we helped recruit quite a few of the legislators that were the founding members but also because of the national attention they have garnered while making Oklahoma a little less hospitable for Muslim extremists. The length of their reach is apparent in the list of speakers at their upcoming CLEET Seminar on November 1st
The beauty of this group is that they are not only passing laws like the ALAC bill, American Law for American Courts, but they are also training law enforcement officers to detect infiltration efforts of Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and other organizations that either directly support terrorism or provide money or support to terror groups.  The November 1st event will be held at the State Capitol in the House Chambers and is open to certified law enforcement officers and those members of the public that have been invited.  Below is the flyer for the event:
Sponsored by the Counterterrorism Caucus of the Oklahoma State Legislature
Date: Friday, November 1, 2013 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Registration begins at 8:00.
Location: Floor of the House of Representatives in the State Capitol, Oklahoma City (Parking available in Capitol parking lots)
With the growing threat of Iran developing nuclear weapons, the likelihood of conflict between Israel and Iran is increasing by the day. How does this threat affect the United States? Learn about the the current threats posed to America and Oklahoma by Iran and the terrorist group Hezbollah, working in conjunction with Mexican Drug Cartels, who have infiltrated the U.S., as well as what can be done to confront these threats.
Speakers include:
§  Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. “Jerry” Boykin, Executive VP Family Research Council, Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence & former Commanding General of U.S. Army's Delta Force
§  Frank Gaffney, President and CEO, Center for Security Policy & Former Asst Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy
§  Clare M. Lopez, Senior Fellow Center for Security Policy & Former Career Operations Officer, CIA
Topics include:
-        The Iranian Threat - An Overview
-        The Hezbollah Threat – An Overview
-        Hezbollah: The Nature of the Threat
-        The Financial Sector and Terrorism Support: Venezuela, Hezbollah, cartels, narco-trafficking and money-laundering into the U.S.
-        The Hezbollah Threat to North America
-        The Threat of Electro-Magnetic Pulse Attack : Counterterrorism Considerations and Responses
Attendees will receive password-protected access to a website featuring regular updates on a variety of related topics. A total of 7 hours of CLEET Credit is available.
There is a Registration/Materials Fee of $25, payable at the door. A box lunch is available for $8 or there are local restaurants within walking distance. Please order box lunches when registering.  
To register, or for more information contact: Alex VanNess:  Contact Phone Number: (202) 835-9077
Space is limited. Event is open to invited members of the public as well as law enforcement officials.
Oh How Public Service Takes a Toll on a Person
No, we didn’t miss the story, but there were too many other important stories to cover in the last month since Oklahoma County Clerk Carolynn Caudill was arrested on complaints of driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.  But now that we have the time, is it just me or does this woman resemble Otis, the affable drunk on Mayberry RFD?   On the left is her official campaign/county website photo, Otis is in the center, and Carolynn Caudill’s arrest mug shot is on the right.
Those of you that read the Sooner Tea Party newsletter are well aware of the cultural of booze that the Oklahoma Court House gang wallows in.   The majority of the elected county officials are rumored to be alcoholics; something that Caudill’s flushed, drunken, quite happy mug shot bears witness to.
The drama of Caudill’s arrest was covered very well by the local media and the comment sections will have you howling with laughter or cringing in disgust.    It all started at 10:30 pm on a Tuesday night where Caudill was spotted weaving around several blocks, ramming park cars, even accelerating in an attempt to evade police after a Nichols Hills police car was vectored in by the 911 operator with the help of a concerned citizen on a cell phone.  The trail of destruction and car parts was in the 79th and Western/Brittan Road, and listening to the 911 call will raise the hair on the back of your neck. TV station KFOR has a copy of the call on their article
But Caudill was bonded out of the Oklahoma County Jail after only 2.5 hours, despite a jail rule that requires a four hour sober up stay, followed by waiting for the police to process the paperwork, according to sources.  But this Court House Gang has way too much corruption going on between the players so no doubt Sheriff Whetsel received a phone call and expedited the release of the drunken Caudill.  Bond was set at a mere $1,270.00
Caudill’s public statement and her attorney’s statements act like this is a onetime incident but the Oklahoman ran a story on a previous encounter with the law in which she ducked the police by hiding in her house after being caught weaving in and out of lanes on the Lake Hefner Parkway and driving on the shoulder of the road near Britton Road on May 6th of 2011. The news report stated that Caudill struck another car before fleeing to her home and parking the car in the garage.  Despite being followed home by witnesses who called the police, Caudill refused to speak to police officers.  Caudill was charged with one count of leaving the scene of an accident in Oklahoma City Municipal Court but plead no contest to a speeding ticket and given unsupervised probation according to court administrators.
This time Caudill was found in the heavily damaged car that had crashed in a yard after Nichols Hills Police Department gave chase.   She refused a breath test, and according to the arresting officer she was too drunk to take the field sobriety test.  There was a strong odor of booze and Caudill’s eyes were bloodshot and watery.  She was arrested on one count of leaving the scene of an accident and one count of DUI.
Caudill’s attorney Shawn Jefferson claims that  “Obviously she made a mistake,” and that  “It's a tragic situation. It's a sad deal.”
Here is a clue Shawn.   Trying to unlock the wrong car in a mall parking lot is a mistake.   Missing your turn while driving is a mistake.   Drinking till you can’t walk and getting into a Mercedes isn’t a mistake, it is a deliberate act by an alcoholic.  It isn’t tragic, it is a wonder that she got caught before she killed a family or killed herself.
Caudill also had two previous accidents on her record according to the Oklahoman article, one in 1995 and another in 2000 although neither indicates erratic driving at the time.  One thing is for certain; with powerful allies controlling the other county offices including the Court Clerk and Sheriffs office, cover-ups are easily done.
Caudill eventually crafted a carefully written letter to Oklahoma County voters claiming that she offered “no excuses” for her arrest and claimed that “I made a very big mistake acting completely out of character.”    Oklahoma County Court Clerk Carolynn Caudill’s  open letter is below:
To the wonderful people of Oklahoma County,
I have been very humbled this past week for the many of you that have reached out to me to share your support and encouragement as I am facing a very difficult time in my life.
I have and will always continue to be honored to serve as your Oklahoma County Clerk. I accept that certain life events deserve the public’s scrutiny and do have personal consequences. I understand that my personal choices affect me, my family, those closest to me and the wonderful people of Oklahoma County.
My wonderful and loving parents always taught me that mistakes are for learning. This one will certainly be my greatest learning lesson of all.
I made a very big mistake acting completely out of character. Now I must learn from it and make sure it never happens again. I promise you it will not.
I offer no excuses. The events of last Tuesday are mine to own, mine to make right, mine to never repeat. Each and every day I will stay committed to moving forward to keep my promise that this will never happen again. Faith is very important to me and I will continue to lean on that faith to get through these difficult times.
My family, friends and colleagues have shown unconditional love and unwavering support for me. Looking at the path ahead, I am honored they will be by my side as I move forward making the right life choices.
I can and will make the right life choices. I will not jeopardize the high honor of public service you have entrusted in me. I am committed to continue working without distraction and in your best interest.
Thank you for the chance to share my feelings with you. I want you to know that serving you is both an honor and a privilege. I am back at work and will continue to work hard every day to safeguard your interest and remain worthy of your confidence. This has not and will not change.
And I wish you all the best, may you have peace and strength in your own lives.
Carolynn Caudill
Your Oklahoma County Clerk
Caudill claims that “ I will not jeopardize the high honor of public service you have entrusted in me.”  and that “I am back at work and will continue to work hard every day to safeguard your interest and remain worthy of your confidence.”   but surely she understands that getting caught driving drunk has already sullied her reputation and character.   How is it that she remains worth of anyone’s confidence if she is now well known as an alcoholic that is willing to drive drunk? 
And doesn’t she sound contrite?  Well, liquored up or not the arrest record says that she attempted to give a false spelling of her name, spelling it as Carolyn and not Carolin, but the police computer caught the falsity and recorded the act.  Most telling was what appears to be a veiled threat to the arresting officer as he was serving her with his affidavit and notice of the revocation of her drivers license for refusing a breath test.  The officer reported in his report this comment from Oklahoma County Clerk Carolynn Caudill “You don’t know what you did, you could’ve let me go home.”
Caudill could lose her job over her arrest as. Title 51, Chapter 3 of the state statutes allows for the removal of county officers for official misconduct.  That includes “intoxication in any public place within the state produced by strong drink voluntarily taken.”
Attorney General Scott Pruitt would be the official that could remove Governor Fallin requested it or if 1 percent of the registered voters who voted in the previous county clerk's election sign a written complaint against her.
A search of the OSCN court records returned no details of Caudill’s previous brush with the law.  Experts said that if she completed her probation successfully then the records could be expunged at a certain level.  Or perhaps Caudill’s habit of misspelling her name is behind the missing court records.  We all remember back to the May scandal where Oklahoman reporter Zeke Campfield was found to be using his middle name to avoid being connected to a previous arrest involving stealing underwear from a woman’s home.
And you know, all you really need to know about this woman you can learn from looking at her official picture and how she really appears.  A complete misrepresentation of what she looks like, some that should be so shallow for a politician to have to resort to.  She is acting like a fat chick on a dating website, put up the skinniest picture ever taken even if it was twenty years before.  Caudill is a consummate politician, projecting an image to get elected and counting on the ignorance of voters and the good will of the media to keep her in place.  But as a member of the Oklahoma County Budget Board she is well placed to repay the favors including making this DUI charge simply disappear after a few months.
OMG, California Has Gone Rogue, And They Got This One Right
By Ms PM
Editors note:   Oklahoma had HB 1487  designed to invalidate the NDAA indefinite detention bill but Republican House members Ken Waker, Dale Dewitt, Elise Hall, Dustin Roberts, Tommy Hardin, and four Democrats voted to kill the bill in committee.  Before the primary election in 2014 we plan on dropping tens of thousands of newspapers into those districts.
The citizens of California are asking everyone they know; did you hear that? Astonishingly enough, the general consensus has concluded that the noise everyone is in a twitter about were the heads popping out of the butts of their legislatures. Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 351 “making it law to refuse compliance with federal attempts to enforce “indefinite detention” made famous by the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA).”
How better to show as an example the proper role of citizens and states as to a constitutional republic. Kudos to California!
This new law makes it easy to see how Oklahoma legislatures don’t give a rip about the usurpation of power by the federal government when it comes to protecting our state and the citizens. Yeah, we know they are busy little bees with a heavy workload figuring out how to spend all of that taxpayer money. More to the point is figuring out how to get more as the waltz continues around the halls of our Capitol.
The language of AB351 goes beyond what other states have considered. It will prevent California from “implementing indefinite detention for any reason.” You may ask what all of this means, so for starters how about when it comes from a federal effort, no one can be detained without due process in California. It would appear that the feds would have a difficult time enforcing indefinite detention without California’s help.
This new law shows that because of grassroots efforts, even with the slow process, the fight for freedom and liberty can be won. Something to savor out of all of this is the fact that a San Francisco liberal Democrat had a laugh that he presented a bill introduce by a conservative. It is sweet justice that Democrats and Republicans came together on the fact that the NDAA is unconstitutional. Does it get any better than this?
The article lays out the synopsis of the steps they took to get this law passed and urges other states to do the same. If there ever were an important issue, this one is high on the priority list. For all of those wanting to know what they can do in the fight for freedom, your question has now been answered. Get busy!
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