September 16th, 2020
46 Weber Ave. Trenton, NJ 08628
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Words of Exhortation 

The Word of the Lord comes to you today from Matthew 17:18
"And Jesus rebuked the demon, and it came out of him; and the child was cured from that very hour."
Today, the Lord will rebuke every demon that is tormenting you, in Jesus name. The Lord will rebuke every force of wickedness and evil that is seeking to come against you, in Jesus name. Be it in the physical or the spiritual, the Lord will rebuke all your adversaries and oppressors in Jesus name. The Lord will rebuke anything and everything that is seeking to cause you harm, in Jesus name.
From this very hour, all illnesses shall come out of your body, in Jesus name. From this very hour, everything that is not of the Lord that dwells within you, shall come out in Jesus name. You shall be healed in Jesus name. You will be delivered, in Jesus name. You will be set free, in Jesus name.  From this very hour, your breakthrough shall be realized, in Jesus name. Receive it and remain blessed in Christ Jesus. AMEN
Weekly Highlights
1. Last Sunday's Sermon: Life in God's Presence
2. Gospel Message: Wise Behavior Audio

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Schedule for The Rest of the Week (COVID-19 Guidelines in Place)
Fri. (9.18):  Power Day Service at 6pm and Bible Study at 7:30pm via Teleconference
Sun. (9.20): Devotional Service at 10am via Livestream/Teleconference/Facebook and Youtube Live

Tue. (9.22): Prayer Session at 9am via Teleconference
Wed (9.23): Prayer Session at 9am + Mercy Day Service @ 6pm via Teleconference

Livestream Address: www.livestream.com/cccvog

Teleconference Line for Weekday Services/Prayer Seesion: 617-769-8107

Teleconference Line for Sunday Service: 609-832-0152 Code: 673812

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