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We will briefly describe what we have been up to since our last newsletter and about interesting upcoming events where you can meet, greet and talk to us.

But, I would like to start with something new (for me).

I just set my rope on fire...

No, I was not using a lighter or any other fire starter. I was playing with my girl, rope and and a bamboo beam and then my rope caught fire.

I just set my rope on fire... :-)

This is something completely new for me.

Here is how it happened; happily tying my drop dead gorgeus girl, suspending her from my bamboo beam (I have a South American guadua angustifolia beam) and at one point of our play I perform a lift from where my girl is close to the floor to nearly all the way to the beam.

In this action my jute rope was sliding over the beam, fast, this resulted in friction between my rope and the beam. This friction must have turned into so much heat that it resulted in my rope catching fire.

Most of it was just sparks, slapping it made the fire die, no harm done to my girl. My bamboo has a smooth shiny spot where most of the friction took place and the rope at one point was thinner that the rest of that length (that length is retired now).

No pictures, this was private action.

Am I alone in this experience or have others experienced this as well?

There's a thread going on FetLife about this.


Let's dive into the details of what we've been up to:


Affiliate program

Speaking of money... Want to earn some $$$ from us?

We are running two very profitable affiliate programs for http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com and http://www.ClubRubberRestrained.com

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You can find the portal to both right here http://www.RopeMarks.com/webmasters, all you have to do is sign up, use our content and start earning some $$$. Easy enough right?



We got approached by Laura from the Spanish bondage website ExoticBondage.com and she invited us for an in-depth interview; we agreed. The interview really was a lot of fun and turned out quite nice. It's now available, in English and Spanish.

Direct link to the interview http://www.exoticbondage.com/interviews/bobropemarks.html.

more: RopeMarks in the Media



We are of to a really good start for 2018, Darkside magazine published their 11 page interview with us in the January issue.

Darkside magazine website: http://www.darksidemag.net.
Direct link to the magazine: https://view.joomag.com/darkside-magazine-free-darkside-issue-9clone/0758043001516975745.

more: Read and see the enire interview



We ended the year 2017 in a photographic bang with RopeMarks' own slavegirl and bimbo, Arienh, and we did nothing less than "bang" into 2018 by putting RopeMarks' two favorites together in one room with, well.. me, Daisy Bells (who will be introduced as an official RopeMarks model soon) and Spring . With two good looking, sexy as f*ck, bondage-loving girls nothing less but fire is expected and they did not come up short of hotness. Here's a behind the scenes sneak peak:

p: Guldor | m: Daisy Bells, Spring | r: RopeMarks | o: MetalBondage.com



Now live on Club RopeMarks, "Traditional torment with RopeMarks flair".

Today started out so nice, so relaxed, so... let's do some easy, but very kinky, sh*t. Let me start at the beginning. Part 1, sweet surrender[...]

p: CarmineWorx | m: Arienh | r: RopeMarks
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Still available on Club RopeMarks, "The initiation of Sakura".

Today we introduce the cutest of cutest Sakura into the RopeMarks family....[...]

p: The Blacksheep | m: Sakura | r: RopeMarks
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Still available on Club RopeMarks, our "Tribute to Akechi Denki".

With this update we are paying our tribute to (arguable) the best nawashi that every lived; Akechi Denki...[...]

p: CarmineWorx | m: Spring | r: RopeMarks
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want to know what's coming next on Club RopeMarks, get a sneak peak here



Now live on Club RubberRestrained, DressTease parts 1/3, with Nicky Alicia

On a slow evening, hanging out with Nicky Alicia we decided on a slow striptease, in reverse. She will undress into her birthday suit and go from her luscious naked body to a fully dressed rubber doll, bound, gagged and collared! [...]

p: KinkyStyle | m: Nicky Alicia
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Still available on Club RubberRestrained, "Rubber & Metal" parts 1-4, with Spring

A trip to another universe: I’ve always thought that bad things happen in dark and secret basements. My oh my, was I wrong… From today on I’ll never forget that really really really bad things happen on broad day light in tidy classy attics [...]

p: KinkyStyle | m: Spring | o: HW Design, MetalBondage.com
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Our upcoming shows at the time of writing include:


Want to hear what people have to say about our shows?

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The past period we provided a handful of private tuition's and, as the name implies, they are private, but one very fun and memorable workshop was where we received a home cooked dinner afterwards, best payment effa! (do take the hint here, make us a good offer and we'll provide the tuition)

We also started with our new series of Bondage for sex workshops, we are of to a very good start. In a very very tiny nutshell this series of workshops is Japanese bondage centric with practical application and exercises for sexual usage. Bringing the sex back in bondage where I believe the "scene" has lost this. No picture either because of, I think, obvious reasons :)



Do you want to get a head start when learning kinbaku? Do you want to understand what it is the worldwide kinbaku rope scene is talking about?

Then check out the searchable illustrated glossary we are continuesly updating and maintaining! This RopeMarks Ryū illustrated glossary is a brief dictionary of names and terms accompanied by photos that have come down to us from history, from hojojutsu terminology and from well known nawashi/kinbakushi that have become fairly standard.

the RopeMarks Ryū illustrated glossary



Our upcoming workshops at the time of writing include:


If you are interested in the noble art of kinbaku, we are your man! Visit this link for all the information about our teaching



Want to hear what past participants have to say, hear it straight from the horse's mouth... Read some of our testimonials. They are a brief list of feedback from RopeMarks Ryū students and participants.



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Red Bubble: We have official RopeMarks apparel and items. For this We have choosen Red Bubble as our supplier. You can get our merchandise directly at our Red Bubble store, here RopeMarks Red Bubble store.

Currently available are t-shirts and apparel with different unique RopeMarks designs:

RopeMarks Red Bubble store

We have beautiful mugs in unique double-sided RopeMarks designs:

RopeMarks Red Bubble store

We have string bags that are just perfect to carry your rope, ofcourse in the same unique RopeMarks designs:

RopeMarks Red Bubble store

And a whole lot more apparel and items; perhaps, before you select your item, you like to see our models (and friends and customers) wearing/using our merchadise?

m: Sakura
more models in RopeMarks designs | RopeMarks Red Bubble store



The best place to know where we are and what we are up to is our online schedule. We keep it as up to date as possible.


If you run into us, come and say hi and chat, remember to bring a drink :). Please don't be rude and interupt when we are activly engaged in conversation.





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