Greetings & Blessings to All,
Céad Míle Fáilte to our September Edition - Part One.  
Our cups runneth over!! We spent the better part of the day watching and or monitoring all of the crucial championships. Did your team win? We hope so!.   What it means on our end is that we have been totally pulled away from the task at hand. Sorry!. We thought that it might be more important to send you the regular boiler plate at the end of the month and then may be send a part two tomorrow.  So....enough of the blither today and more of the blather later...
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Tenth Anniversary
Many thanks to all of you who took the time to write and wish us a happy tenth anniversary/birthday. All of your good wishes and kind comments are very much appreciated.
Our friends in Australia - the Pattersons wrote:
I just wanted to let you know of the passing of Tommy Murphy who presented Shamrock Radio. I think quite a few listeners in the USA listened to Tommy. His funeral was held at St. Muredach’s Cathedral last Saturday.
 ED. NOTE: Many thanks for letting us know, Lee. 
 RIP, Tommy - and here is a link to more details:
Pat writes:
My  family and myself are planning a trip to Ireland next May and I was wondering if you would have any suggestions for places to stay.  Say, in Dublin and Cork. I'd like to find homes that are for rent rather than Hotels, B/B's or Hostels. Iknow there are websites for this but would like to have people that know of these places recommend them.  Hope I'm not being too much of a pain, but only being there once  and staying in hostels with my daughter doesn't give me any experiences with the other lodgings.  This time (if all goes well) there would be 7 adults and one wee one.
Richard writes:
I enjoy your e-mails. All my grandparents were from Ireland. I Produce, Write and Direct for a local television program "The Play's The Thing". Some videos of mine are on youtube for people to enjoy that cannot get my program on their television. Nothing offensive, just plain old fashion skits. 
Here is a link to my website which has some videos on it and will link you to other productions on YouTube.
In response to Arlene’s question,  Michael writes:
Hi folks, Bail O Dhia Oraibh ... I suggest "Slainte
Wallegah" is a distorted version of "Slainte abhaile agat" (pronounced: Slawn-cheh a-walyeh ogut) which means "Safe home." Irish people parting after spending some time together chatting, socialising and the like would say "Slainte abhaile agat" to a person having to travel some distance home, thereby expressing the wish that the traveller arrive home safely.  Literally "slainte" means "health," with the obvious suggestion of "good health." The word is regularly used in pubs as a toast. Sometimes, the latter is lengthened to "Slainte bheatha"
(pronounced: Slawn-cheh vaha), wishing the fellow-drinker a healthy life. There is also the old Irish proverb "Is fearr an tslainte na na tainte" (Better to have health than herds, i.e., wealth). Hope you're enjoying learning about Irish culture, Arlene. Keep the questions coming.
Le gach dea-mhein
Micheal O Murchu

IRISH HISTORY PODCAST: A journey through medieval county Kilkenny in pictures
The journey begins in a  field. The landscape was once the site of the busy settlement of Newtown Jerpoint. Abandoned in the 17th century, much has disappeared but tantilising traces of what was called “Nova Villa juxta Geripons” still survive.
IRISH PAGE:  Seomra teaghlaigh - The Living 
In their continuing series Around the House, Jack & Vivien Hennessy cover what’s found in the living room.
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Friend of my soul, this Guinness sip
twill chase the pensive tear.
Tis not so sweet as woman's lip
but oh, 'tis more sincere.

Adapted from an old Toast
Definition of an Irishman: 
 "A complex mechanism for turning Guinness into urine." 
 Source:  The Stout Book by Brendan O'Brien
An international conference of beer producers is taking place in a NYC hotel. At the end of the day, all of the presidents of all the beer companies decide to have a drink in at the hotel bar.
The president of Anheuser Bush orders a Bud Lite, the president of Heineken  orders an Amstel,  the president of Miller Coors orders a High Life  and the list goes on. Then the bartender turns to the president of Guinness and says, “And you’ll be having  a pint of the black stuff , right?” Much to everyone’s amazement, he says “No, I’ll have club soda.”  Why didn’t you order a Guinness?" his colleagues ask. He grins and says   “If you gentlemen won’t be drinking beer then neither will I.”

A Guinness executive created what became the Guinness Book of Records to help settle  arguments in pubs?. 
2. A tunnel leading from the St. James's Gate Guinness brewery to Dublin's River Liffey is said to be haunted? 
ED. NOTE: We’ll be revisiting this fact to see if there might be any foder for a Hallowee’n article
3.  There are roughly 170 calories in a 160z pint of Guinness. By comparison, the same amount of Bud Light contains approximately 143 and Michelob Light contains 177.  


First off, the answer to our previous brain bruiser:
Sean went to the hardware shop to make a purchase for his house. He asked the shop assistant, "How much will one cost?" The assistant said, "Three euro." Sean said, "Well then, how much will twelve cost?" "Six euro," replied the assistant. Sean  scratched his head and said, "If I were to purchase two hundred, how much would that cost?" That," said the assistant, "will cost you nine euro."
Q. What is Sean buying?
A. House numbers! 
As always our faithful Riddle People didn’t let us down - we had a slew of answers, but first in with the correct solution was Larry Concannon. Well done. Larry! And now for our next cranium crusher:
I am the center of gravity, hold a capital situation in Vienna, and as I am foremost in every victory, am allowed by all to be invaluable. Though I am invisible, I am clearly seen in the midst of a river. I could name three who are in love with me and have three associates in vice. It is vain that you seek me for I have long been in heaven yet even now lie embalmed in the grave. What am I?
Please send your answers to Bridget and put Riddle in the subject line. Thanks!

To begin with, the answers to our last quiz:
The Matchmaker of Kenmare by Frank Delaney
In So Many Words by Con Houlihan
Light a Penny Candle by Maeve Binchy
Around of pints nd applause to our Irish literary sleuths:
Deirdre McKiernan Hetzler
National Board Member, Irish American Cultural Institute 
ED. NOTE: We are thrilled to report that Deirdre’s biography of he father - Re-awakening Irish America: The Eoin McKiernan Story - will be published this Autumn. We will keep you posted on details and availability.
Tom McGuire
Jean Kaniecki
And now for our next quiz. Who wrote:
1. Under the Hawthorn Tree
2. Mystery of Mercy Close
3. A Place of Stones
Please send your answers to Bridget:
It would be very helpful if you put KnowYour Writers in the subject line - thank you!

1. NEWS: Links to headlines in the Irish newspapers
2. COUNTY NEWS: Bibs and bobs from all 32 counties for the week ending Saturday, September 29th
3.  MAP YOUR VOTE POLL :  Celebrating Arthur’s Day - did you? would you?  
This poll and many others related to Ireland can be found on Map Your Vote - questions such as - Can you speak Irish, have you kissed the Blarney Stone and what's your favorite Irish whiskey? There are also hundreds of other polls not related to Ireland, including questions on politics, the economy, people, science - even the World!  So please take a look and then cast your vote. It’s fun, it’s fast and best of all, it’s free Please click's-Day/#tabs=1
ED. NOTE:  Just so you know, Map Your Vote was developed by our nephew Ian Shields and his dad Dennis. We’re trying to help spread the word, so we hope you’ll take a look. Go raibh maith agat!   
4 ARTICLE: Celebrating St. Michael’s Day in Old Ireland
5. ARTICLE:  The Galway Int’l Oyster Festival
6. ARTICLE:  Pattern Day in Old Ireland
7. ARTICLE: Arthur’s Day - a celebration of substance 
8. ARTICLE: A taste  of Ireland - Guinness for Strength!
9. ARTICLE: Making a match in Lisdoonvarna
10. IRISH KITCHEN:  Beef braised in Guinness
11. BASIC IRISH: A selection of toasts
12. KIDS’ IRELAND:  The Remarkable Rocket
13. MUSIC REVIEW:   Christy Moore - He’s Yer Man
ED. NOTE: Our resident reviewer, William Ramoutar,  sent us an article on Christy Moore. When we went to post it, we discovered that we already had one! The content is different, so we’ve written to William to see what he wants us to do. In the meantime, we have given you the link (above)to the article from 2008 just in case you haven’t read it. 
14. SEPTEMBER TRIVIA CONTEST:We have received quite a few entries for this month’s contest - thank you!  Haven’t entered yet? There’s still time - contest closes at midnight tonight, whatever time zone you are in.
AUGUST WINNER: Congratulations to Daniel Killoran,who selected a print of Joyce by Dublin artist Roger Cummiskey. 
Well done, Daniel. 
14: CIRCLE OF PRAYER: Our fourth Novena in this new cycle began on September 23  and continues through October 1st.  Since last we wrote, we learned that Kevin Donahue, one of our son Scott’s closest  friends and someone our entire family knows and likes very much has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung  cancer; the outlook is very bleak, so we ask that you keep Kevin and his family in your prayers or meditations; also Susan Schupp, another family friend who is at the Cleveland Clinic for tests,  Bill Smith recovering from surgery: Hartson Dowd, his wife Helen and their family,  the family and friends of the McTiernans,  all those who are struggling with serious health and financial problems, and last , but certainly not least, all the men and women serving in the military all over the world. Please God, keep them safe and bring them home soon.
So there you have it until we send out an update in mid-October.  Until then,  Pinch, punch first Day of the month, White Rabbit: and if you were married in October,  here’s your special verse:
If in October you do marry,
Love will come, but riches tarry 

We can certainly attest to that - we celebrate our 49th on October 5th and while we are thankful for an abundance of blessings, they certainly aren’t financial windfalls!
We’ll take our leave with this old Irish blessing. And as they say in Ireland, mind yourself!
Slan agus beannacht leat! 

Bridget & Russ
Get down on your knees and thank God you’re still on your feet. 
Téigh ar do ghlúine is bí buíoch le Dia go bhfuil tú fós ar do chosa 
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Our dear friend Joe McTiernan once again provides what we hope will have you smiling. Undoubtedly, many of you will have already seen this timeless classic, but it is so worth a re-run. We especially like Joe’s parting comment - we think it’s a perfect ending to the newsletter. We hope you agree. 
In a convent in Ireland , the 98-year-old Mother Superior lay dying. The nuns gathered around her bed trying to make her last journey comfortable. They tried giving her warm milk to drink but she refused it. 
One of the nuns took the glass back to the kitchen. Then, remembering a bottle of Irish Whiskey that had been received as a gift the previous Christmas, she opened it and poured a generous amount into the warm milk. 
Back at Mother Superior's bed, they held the glass to her lips. The frail nun drank a little, then a little more and before they knew it, she had finished the whole glass down to the last drop. 
As her eyes brightened, the nuns thought it would be a good opportunity to have one last talk with their spiritual leader. 
" Mother," the nuns asked earnestly, 
"Please give us some of your wisdom before you leave us."
She raised herself up in bed on one elbow, looked at them and said: " DON'T SELL THAT COW."
A smile - is a sign of joy. 
A hug - is a sign of love. 
A laugh - is a sign of happiness. 
And a friend like me? - Well that's just a sign of good taste!! 
We'll be friends until I am senile. 
Then we'll be new friends.