Welcome to the first, of what we intend to be a regular, RopeMarks newsletter about all going-ons in the previous period and interesting things happening in the coming period where you can meet, greet and talk with us. At best we will do this on a monthly basis, at worst once a year and anything in between.

Summer is more less over here in the Netherlands (did we have one?) and this is the usual quiet period for RopeMarks. The period in which we can recuperate, work on our backlog and determine the focus for the remainder of the year. However, this time summer has been immensely and unexpectedly  busy.  

Let’s start with the most notable media-exposure we received. These exposures are the ones that always make us proud.

For the upcoming Wasteland, Nov 26, we had the pleasure to cooperate with Dennis Diem and Wasteland to create the flyer for this edition, the voodoo edition. We might be a little biased in this case, but the result turned out awesome. The beauty suffering in my ropes is Iris Profiel, lots of kudo’s for this girl.

http://www.Wasteland.nl / http://www.DennisDiem.com / https://www.facebook.com/daisy.bells1 / http://www.ropemarks.com/media/flyers

Recently I had the pleasure to decorate the shop window of Amsterdams preferred adult-shop, Mail & Female. This decoration is part of the Wasteland pop-up shop located inside of the Mail & Female store. You can admire this bound beauty until the end of November, then she will be taken down again. This is where you have to go "Nieuwe Vijzelstraat 2, 1017 HT Amsterdam, Netherlands" and when there also pay a visit in the shop, of course.


Another notable publication we received was a very nicely done photo story in the Dutch Massad magazine, This was a co-operation with Massad and Irresistible Iris (Miss Double I), where RopeMarks has had to pleasure to tie Miss Double I for a featured photo story in Massad magazine written by Miss Double I herself..

http://www.Massad.com / https://www.facebook.com/missdoubleI / http://www.RopeMarks.com/media

After so much pride we also have a situation that we do not take any pride in. But it is a situation we feel needs to addressed. After many years together my business partner (DutchDame) and I have decided to each go our own way. This, unfortunately, resulted in a few unacceptable situations that we felt we needed to address and we have done so in an “Open letter” on our blog (reposted on Facebook and FetLife)


There have been numerous private and public workshops in the past period, workshops in cooperation with Kink Info and Ellipsis and RopeMarks was present as a presenter during the Eurix event in Berlin. Also, during the Ellipsis Rope Event where Ren Yagami was featured RopeMarks provided rope clinic on the Gote evolution (assisted by little flower).

http://kinkinfo.wordpress.com / http://el-lip-sis.nl / http://chellsview.nl / http://www.schwelle7.de/EURIX.html / http://www.RopeMarksRyu.com

The past period we have done a lot of photoshoots and feel that each and everyone of them has something special. So, we will quickly go through them. All shoots will end up on Club RopeMarks (http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com), Club Rubber Restrained (http://www.ClubRubberRestrained.com) or RopeMarks (http://www.RopeMarks.com) .

The bondage-in-bloom series by Josefien Hoekstra / Imaginary Tease is really maturing. We had the pleasure to take part in it twice. The first part of this series can already be seen on the RopeMarks portfolio http://www.RopeMarks.com/portfolio . The second part of this series featuring RopeMarks' bondage worn by Amarantha LaBlanche will be online soon. Here's a sneak peak already

http://rubberroyale.com / http://www.imaginarytease.com

We have started the first of what is promising to be many corporations with photographer CarmineWorx. This cooperation also included a new face, Hentai Queen. Here are some previews.

http://carmineworx.nl /  https://www.facebook.com/nereidadeadlysinofficial

Another new face we are adding to the RopeMarks family is Little Flower. A natural beauty that we think (know) you will be seeing more from.


Although, strictly speaking, not a new face because we have known her for some time now, she is new as a model for RopeMarks. It’s the engine behind the illustrious and award winning short "JumpCut", Rave!
http://shopropemarks.com/product/jumpcut / http://chellsview.nl / https://fetlife.com/users/219365

Another not-new face is Necia Navine. This gorgeus sexy redhead has stayed away from the righteous path of being bound, gagged... and drooling. We will not let her stay away for that long again.

http://www.imaginarytease.com / https://www.facebook.com/NeciaNavine

As icing on our cake for shoots in the last period we are really, really happy that we have finally been able to cooperate with the one and only Amarantha LaBlanche, something that has been in the pipeline for... well.. years! The stars never seemed to be aligned until now! And our cooperation was really awesome with even better results… how do we improve on that the next time; YES, there will be a next time!

http://rubberroyale.com / http://www.imaginarytease.com

Last but not least, party time! Even though Summer period is usually very quite where parties are concerned this time we had to kick-ass summer editions of Boudoir Bizarre and Unleashed.

Together with Nereida, Amarantha and Little Flower
http://www.BoudoirBizarre.nl / http://UnleashedParty.nl  

This first newsletter turned out more substantial than planned. If you made it this far, thank you for reading all the way down. The next ones, assuming I keep them regular, will be shorter. This time I won’t bore you with our upcoming activities, if you are interested check out our schedule, it’s usually up to date :


Until next time,
Bob / RopeMarks

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