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Hello, readers!

Some suggestions for gifts!

Here's a short list of books that are to be released in paperback during December. May I remind you to review this list and the November 14 list for stocking stuffer ideas?

Also, I recently made one huge "bug" fix. Ever since I moved to the new format, if you tried to print any of the reviews, you would find that MS Explorer crashed. I have finally figured out how to fix this problem and thus you can now print any of the "author" pages. (Let me know if you still have a problem, but be sure to refresh the page first.)

There is now a new page for recommended movies. I have been putting this list together for a couple of years and decided to share it. I don't expect to expand this to full reviews but I do hope that other reviewers submit their own lists and that it inspires people to make their own recommendations on the FORUM. I am need of new movie recommendations!

Finally, I invite anyone who is looking for ideas for kid books and other gifts for this holiday season to visit the GIFT IDEAS section at

Or, Find the Perfect Holiday Gift at Gift Central

You can expect a new site update on December 12th.

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