Can you imagine what the U.S. would do if hundreds of rockets were coming into it from the Delaware Bay? It would not exercise a tenth of the restraint Israel has exercised. The fundamental duty of any state is to protect its citizens. If anything, the Israeli response has been insufficient, as the rockets keep coming. (More online.)
The fate of Christians in the Middle East in the last decade has ranged from precarious to tragic. Meantime, Arab Christians in Israel are not only safe to practice their religion, but are believed to have an even higher standard of living than the average Jewish Israeli. (More online.)
Jews and Muslims are fasting together today in a one-day Fast for Peace timed to correlate with the traditional fast days in both the Jewish and Muslim communities. The American Muslim magazine has joined with the Philadelphia-based Shalom Center headed by Rabbi Arthur Waskow in widely publicizing the call, and for an iftar meal, breaking of the fast of Ramadan, which will also conclude the Fast for Peace.
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