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EP was found in 2003, actively participated and exploring diversified opportunity in the entertainment industry among Hong Kong, China, Pacific Asia as far as the rest of the world. We have successfully launched numerous videos, TV and hundred of movie contents via production, distribution, copyright licensing, promotion regionally and internationally, in order to provide audiences massive choice of quality contents.
Our recent distributed movies such as "The Tag-Along2", "Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight", "Vampire Cleanup Department", "The Game Changer", "Anniversary", “SPL2 – A Time For Consequences”, “Ip Man”, “Cold War”, “The Constable”, “Love Detective”, "Are You Here", “S for Sex, S for Secret”, “Gangster Pay Day”...and so on.
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A Lifetime Treasure (如珠如寶)                      In Production
*schedule to release at upcoming Chinese New Year2019
Teddy Robin (泰迪羅賓) (Producer of“She Remembers 哪一天我們會飛”, "The Pye-Dog野‧良犬"; Actor of "Gallants 打擂台" won The Best Supporting Actor & The Best Original Film Score in The 30th Hong Kong Film Awards) 

MAK Kai Kwong (麥啟光), Andrew LAM Man Chung (林敏聰)

Louis CHEUNG (張繼聰) (“Keeper Of Darkness“ (陀地驅魔人), Nominated “The Best Supporting Actor “ in 35th Hong Kong Film Award ),
Ivana WONG (王苑之)(“Golden Chicken S” (金雞SSS)The Best Supporting Actress & Best New Performer in 34th Hong Kong Film Awards),
Sammo HUNG (洪金寶)(“My Beloved Bodyguard” (我的特工爺爺), “The Legend is Born - Ip Man” (葉問前傳), “Ip Man 2” (葉問2)、”God Of War” (蕩寇風雲)),
Andrew LAM Man Chung (林敏聰)(“Staycation” (一家大晒), “The Sinking City Capsule Odyssey” (西謊極落之太爆太子太空艙), “Full Strike” (全力扣殺)),
LAM Suet (林雪)(“Dynasty Warriors” (真.三國無雙) , “Agent Mr Chan” (棟篤特工), “Always Be With You” (常在你左右) , “Colour of the Game” (黑白迷宮), “The House That Never DiesⅡ” (京城81號2), “Trivisa” (樹大招風)),
Teddy Robin (泰迪羅賓),
Richard NG (吳耀漢),
LEUNG Siu lung (梁小龍),
and so on....
Genre: Screwball Comedy
Country of Origin: Hong Kong

In the long tradition of the celebrating Chinese New Year movies, we are proud to introduce A Lifetime Treasure.
In a peaceful elderly home, life goes on around these unique persons: Master (starring Andrew LAM) the caring retired doctor who spent his life travelling the world to help people and now manages this elderly home. He has help from Ching (starring Ivana WONG), a nurse who work for him in all his previous adventures. Together, they take care of a group or lovely 5 retirees. Teddy (starring Teddy Robin) an ex-professional pickpocket, Fatty Crab (starring Sammo HUNG) a very smart ex-detective but now in a wheel chair, Uncle Lung (starring LEUNG Siu Lung) an ex-spy for the British secret service who vow to keep his mouth shut after the retirement, the sad Richard (starring Richard NG) an ex-professional swimmer whose son died in sea few years back and finally the elegant Wai (starring TIEN Niu) a retired Chinese opera actress.
The well balance life of the elderly home is about to be shaken, when the gangster Marvin (starring LAM Suet) an old friend of Master, trying to set up a trap to take revenge on him...
暴發戶雨雲(林雪 飾)的大財團,計劃派出手下「收數孖寶」阿樂(林盛斌飾),阿俊(張繼聰飾)出馬,定要搞垮「安憩老人院」!
孖寶來到安憩老人院,發現整間老人院只餘下五名老人家住著,由神化的院長(林敏驄 飾),愛心爆棚看護清清(王菀之 飾)照顧,起初孖寶以為這五位老人家看上去全都癡癡呆呆,毫無威脅,但其實個個古靈精怪,更身懷絕技;神偷強叔(泰迪羅賓 飾), 曾經是粵劇名伶演技超凡的惠珍(恬妞 飾),腦退化幹探肥蟹(洪金寶 飾),孔武有力的龍哥(梁小龍 飾),飽經江湖歷煉的梁伯(吳耀漢 飾),孖寶破壞老人院的計劃,早就比老人家們發現,反被老人家們整蠱。
 UNLEASHED (地下拳                               In Pre-Production
Genre: Drama
Country of Origin: Hong Kong

An unyielding courage, to live and let die!
Fok Kit is the hottest underground boxer, with his unbeatable records. His great success thanks to the outstanding tutor - Debo.
After few years, the business of the boxing studio went bad. Fok Kit must win this battle against Sholin who is well-known as “Killing Machine”, to keep this studio. After a bloody fight, Fok Kit is defeated and hurt badly.
It was a set-up by Lok who was Debo’s follower ten years ago, and his reputation was much higher than Fok Kit’s ever made. He was arranged to fight with a Cambodian boxer after encouraged by Debo. He totally lost. Since then, he became drugs addicted with huge debts, and sentenced to jail for years. Throughout the years, he blamed everything on Debo’s fault. After released from jail, Lok pretends to buy the studio and wanted to kick Debo out. Lok thinks he could revenge Debo by losing the hottest boxer Fok Kit.
At the same time, Debo realized himself as a failure master and hope to show Fok Kit the real spirit of a boxer, which is is fighting with Lok! In a downturn, Debo has been repeatedly knocked down by Lok. Still, he keeps standing up. Fok Kit was touched by the master's insistence. Even Debo’s failed again, he still believes he has confidence to stand up when knocked down! That day, the final battle between Fok Kit and Lok is not too far away!
霍傑是當今地下拳界最炙手可熱的拳手,擁有十多場連勝紀錄,除了有不斷挑戰的決心,更重要是跟隨著一個出色的師父 - 車德博。
Paco WONG (黃栢高) 

Action Director:
Chris Collins (Actor in "Ip Man 4" (葉問), "Paradox" (貪狼), "Wolk Warriors" (戰狼))

KWOK Ka Hei (郭家禧), Ambrose KWOK (郭逸材)
Ken LOW (盧惠光) (“Paradox”(殺破狼·貪狼), “Shock Wave”(折彈專家)),
SUN Zhen Feng (孫振峰),
ZHENG Zi Ping (鄭紫平)(“The Brink” (狂獸)),
Venus WONG (王敏奕) (“Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight”(今晚打喪屍), “Knock Knock Who‘s There?”(有客到)),
Sam LEE (李燦森) (“The Leakers”(洩密者), “Our Time Will Come”(明月幾時有), “See You Tomorrow”(擺渡人)) ;
CHUI Tien You (徐天佑) (“Theory Of Ambitions”(風再起時), “The Midnight After” 那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅VAN)),
Wiyana YEUNG (楊柳青) (“The Empty Hands” (空手道), “From Vegas To Macau III” (賭城風雲III))
DEVIL FISH: THE TAG ALONG (人面魚: 紅衣小女孩外傳)
                                                                  In Post Production        

David CHUANG (莊絢維) (“Upstream濁流” Nominated as Grand Prix des Amériques winners of The 41st Montreal World Film Festival) 

Vivian HSU (徐若瑄)(“Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale” (賽德克·巴萊), “The Accidental Spy” (特務迷城)),
CHENG Jen Shuo (鄭人碩)(“GATAO 2-The New Leader Rising”(角頭2:王者再起), “Thanatos, Drunk”(醉·生夢死) won The Best Supporting Actor in 17th Taipei Film Awards and Nominated The Best Supporting Actor in 52th Golden Horse Awards)
Genre: Horror
Country of Origin: Taiwan


In Taipei, there is a haunted house that every neighbour avoid to approach, strange noise or apparition have often been reported…Many believe that many spectres have been haunting the place since five people died in terrible conditions long time ago.
In order to conjure the curse, people from the neighbourhood hired a spirit medium Tongji (Starring CHENG Jen Shuo) to exorcist the house. After a terrible fight, Tongji succeed to trap the spirit into the body of a fish... Since then, the spectre spirit shall never be free and bother anyone again.

Sometime after those event, in a summer, one mother (starring Vivian Hsu) takes her kids to a village to enjoy an authentic holiday far from the city. Soon, the kid with a group of new friends decide to go fishing nearby. Among their prey, they realized one of the fish is different from the others when he starts to turn into having a human face…
一個曾經發生五屍命案的凶宅內,鬼影幢幢,無人敢靠近,鄰居們都繪影繪聲說裡面時有怪聲,定是因為傳說中的魔神仔。因此,他們請來了著名靈媒乩童 (鄭人碩 飾)去驅邪,乩童成功把魔神仔的靈體關進一條魚裡,讓邪靈不能再在此搗亂...
在鄉間,小朋友們放暑假沒事做,媽媽 (徐若瑄 飾)就讓他們去外頭走走,別老坐在家中看電視。小朋友們相約結伴釣魚去,事有巧合竟釣到了這條被乩童收服的惡魔魚。自此,魔神仔又被釋放了,更開始為非作歹...
                                                                    In Post Production  
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Genre: Horror
Country of Origin: Hong Kong


‘The Seven Demons’ whom seven assassins led by ‘Hades’, some years ago met their failure in assassinating an important person in trading a huge quantity of gold bar. Actually, the sheriff Lei Gong (starring Hung Yan Yan) has trapped them by surprise.  At last, Hades managed to escape. Through the years, he believes there is a traitor who betrayed them badly. He has been waiting to find out the truth and the missed gold.
After the failure, one of ‘The Seven Demons’ Long Fei (starring Zhang Jin) with his six-year-old son Xin, separated apart from his wife Yin Fei (starring Ada Choi). One day, they run into five robbers. Long Fei has no choice but showing his fighting talent to save his son. The sheriff 369 passed by there, suspects Long Fei could be in connection with ‘The Seven Demons’. It then be an opportunity for his promotion. During the pursuit, Long Fei comes across Hades, who captures Xin threatening him to return the missing gold. But Long Fei has no idea what was happened. He then find Yin Fei for help, who swore not to see him again. Now they must work together to save their own son and solve the mystery of the missing gold. But sheriff 369 pursues them relentlessly. During their investigation, they discover a series of weird incidents in a village nearby, where Lei Gong is caught by an incurable disease. Before he is dying, he asks his son Lei Gen (starring Chan Kwok Kwan) should never try to crack this case. Teaming up with others, Long Fei decides to visit the mystery Crescent Island to find out the truth. What adventure would be to this ad hoc group on this island?
江湖上傳頌,以 “閻王” 為首的七大刺客號稱【七煞】。當年接了個刺殺買賣,欲行動之際受到埋伏,巡捕房隊長雷恭 (熊欣欣 飾) 將他們打個措手不及,最後閻王幸能逃脫。多年來,他堅信【七煞】有內奸,為了奪回當年失踪的黃金,一直搜尋至今。多年後,【七煞】之一的龍飛 (張晉 飾) 和妻子燕妃 (蔡少芬 飾)分手後,獨自帶著六歲的兒子小信生活。一天,他們遇到五名刀匪打劫,龍飛不知不覺間洩露了身手。當年的一名巡捕369見狀懷疑他與【七煞】有關,這將是他打破九年未升過職記錄的黃金機會。在追捕過程中巧遇閻王,他捉了小信來威脅龍飛歸還黃金。龍飛根本不知道黃金下落,唯有被逼去找分手時曾發誓不到黃泉不相見的燕妃。無可奈何,二人還得聯手救回小信及解開黃金下落之謎,但一心要捉拿他們的巡捕369尾隨不舍,追查中,他們在附近村莊發現連串怪事,連雷恭亦染上怪病不治身亡,死前更叮囑兒子雷根 (陳國坤 飾)千萬不要追查此案。

Jeffrey LAU (劉鎮偉) (Producer of “Kung Fu Hustle” (功夫), “Ashes of Time” (東邪西毒), “Chung King Express” (重慶森林); Director of “A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three (大話西遊3))

Max ZHANG (張晉)(“The Invincible Dragon”(九龍不敗), “Pacific Rim: Uprising” (悍戰太平洋2), “Ip Man 3” (葉問3) As Nominated The Best Supporting Actor In The 35th Hong Kong Film Awards, “SPL 2” (殺破狼II) As Nominated The Best Supporting Actor In The 35th Hong Kong Film Awards, ”The Grandmaster” (一代宗師) As The Best Supporting Actor In The 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards),
Ada CHOI Siu Fun (蔡少芬)(“S Storm”(S風暴), ”Rebellion”<同門>,“Just Another Margin”(大話天仙)),
Andy ON (安志杰)(“Blackhat” (黑客特政), “That Demon Within” (魔警), “Once Upon A Time In Shanghai” (惡戰)),
HUNG Yan Yan (熊欣欣)(“Trivisa” (樹大招風),“Ip Man: The Final Fight” (葉問:終極一戰))
I'm Living It (麥路人)                                       In Production    

Soi CHEANG (鄭保瑞) ("The Monkey King 2, 3" (西遊記女兒國, 西遊記之孫悟空三打白骨精),"SPL2" (殺破狼 II), "Motorway" (車手), "Accident" (意外))

WONG Hing Fan (黃慶勳) (Assistant Director of “Sisterhood (骨妹)”, “Cold War2" (寒戰2), “SPL2" (殺破狼2), “Rigor Mortis"(殭屍))

Aaron KWOK (郭富城) (“The Monkey King1, 2 & 3”(西遊記之大鬧天宮系列 1, 2 及3), “Port of Call”(踏血尋梅) as The Best Actor in 35th Hong Kong Film Awards & Nominated The Best Actor in 52nd Golden Horse Awards,“Cold War 1&2” (寒戰 I&II), “After This Our Exile” (父子) as The Best Actor in 43rd Golden Horse Awards & Nominated The Best Actor in 26th Hong Kong Film Awards),
Miriam YEUNG (楊千嬅)(“Love in the Buff series” (志明與春嬌系列) as The Best Actress in 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards, “Little Big Master” (五個小孩的校長) as Nominated The Best Actress in 35th Hong Kong Film Awards, “Love Undercover series” (新紮師妹系列)),
Alex MAN (萬梓良)(“Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight” (今晚打喪屍), “The Bounty”(懸紅), “As Tears Go By”(旺角卡門), “Gangland Odyssey”(義膽雄心) as The Best Actor in 25th Golden Horse Awards),
Nina PAW (鮑起靜)(“Our Time Will Come”(明月幾時有), “Insanity” (暴瘋語) as Nominated the Best Supporting Actress in 34rd Hong Kong Film Awards & 51st Golden Horse Award, “Rigor Mortis” (殭屍) as Nominated the Best Actress in 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards, “The Way We Are” (天水圍的日與夜) as The Best Actress in 28th Hong Kong Film Awards)
Genre: Drama
Country of Origin: Hong Kong

Once a star in his finance firm, Bowen (starring Aaron KOWK) now spends his nights in a 24-hour fast food joint, where he encounters others “roommates” who are in a similar predicament: a mother (starring LIU Ya Se) with her daughter who has taken out high-interest loans to cover her mother-in-law’s debt, an old man (starring Alex MAN) who is too afraid to go home, a young runaway (starring Zeno KOO), a young singer (starring Miriam YEUNG) living in a temporary shelter. Together these accidental roommates must strive to lift one another out of rock bottom.
阿博(郭富城 飾)曾是金融才俊,一次失誤他挪用公款,結果成了階下囚。阿博入獄後回歸社會,但他愧不回家更自暴自棄,從此成了無家者,活在眾多比他更無明天的人當中找回些微安全感。同病相憐的阿珍(楊千嬅 飾)因與陳博惺惺相惜而漸漸走近,希望一天令他重新能振作……
同是無家者的媽媽(劉雅瑟 飾) 帶著囡囡和悲涼的過去輾轉到港成了麥難民。深仔(顧定軒 飾) 一直宅在家中,沉迷打機,拒絕踏足社會。一次與嫂嫂爭執令他與阿哥大打出手後,最終離家出走。他們與等伯、口水祥和一眾開始了一段交淺情深的故事…
BINDING SOULS (綁靈)                              In Post Production 

Pang Chun CHAN 陳鵬振 (“Daughter上身”) 

Kara WAI 惠英紅 (“The Midnight After” Nominated The Best Supporting Actress in 34th Hong Kong Film Awards, “Rigor Mortis” The Best Supporting Actress in 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards, “At the End of Daybreak” The Best Supporting Actress in 46th Golden Horse Film Awards, The Best Actress in 29th Hong Kong Film Awards, The Best Actress in 8th Vladvostok International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries),
TSAO Yu Ning 曹佑寧 (“KANO”, “Graduation Trip”),
Carlos CHAN 陳家樂 (“Happiness”, “To The Fore”, “12 Golden Ducks”, “Connected”) ; Angie SHUM 岑日珈 (“PG Love”, “Are You Here”),
Esther HUANG 黃瀞怡/小薰 (“Lokah Laqi” The Best New Performer and Nominated in The Best Actress in 18th Taipei Film Festival ),
YUEN Cheung Yan 袁祥仁 (“Once Upon a Time in Shanghai”, “Kung Fu Hustle”, “King of Beggars”),
Janelle SING 盛君 (“S Storm”, “Wong Ka Yan ”, “Z Storm”, “Baby Blues”),
Keeva MAK 麥家瑜
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Genre: Horror Drama
Country of Origin: Hong Kong


To reminisce about the old-school life, Ho Tsz Fung (starring Tsao Yu-Ning) and his university classmates go back to his high school together. Over the years, there are a lot of mysterious rumours spreading among the students, due to the occupation by Japanese army as a military laboratory during the World War II.
The college’s principal and in a teacher in training, Mr. Law (starring Yuen Cheung Yan) and Miss Fong (starring Esther Huang), show them around the campus and some specific historical traces. When passing the school museum, they’re extremely excited when checking out the archives of Japanese army. They find a former student’s diary among the archive journals, which recorded lots of supernatural events in the past, even included a mysterious disappearance of a girl. What on earth was hidden behind those cases? Will
these 5 visitors have the same experience soon?
舊生何梓峯(曹佑寧 飾)帶著四位大學同學來到即將要被殺校的母校德肓書院懷念一翻。該學府曾被日軍佔領為軍用實驗室,歷年也流傳著許多可怕的靈異事件。
羅校長(袁祥仁 飾)和方老師(小薰飾)分別帶著他們在校內各處參觀並解述歷史。眾人來到校內博物館,看到戰時日軍資料時均感到無比興奮。他們更在舊存刊物中,看到一本舊生日記,竟記錄了過往舊生曾遇到的種種靈異事件,裡面更提到一宗學生神秘失蹤事件,究竟內裡隱藏了什麼秘密?他們會否也遇上相同的靈異事件?
INSANE (林蔭大道)                                       In Post Production
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Country of Origin: Mainland China


Adapted by a Korean horror title “Insane”, continuing its chilly and mystery. A famous TV show producer Yam Chi Ho (starring CHAU Pak Ho) gets a chance to return to his pinnacle by directing a new project in a burned-out mental hospital where he believes there is mysterious happenings related to horrible spirit.
A diary was found in the ruins, which made Yam curious about the experience of the diary's owner as well as the only survivor in the fire accident, Ng Yeuk Yan (starring Wang Zhen). Yam requested to interview Yan for details.  
During their meetings, Yam finds lots of unreasonable happenings described by Yan. The whole story is about to emerge…
電影改篇自韓國驚慄電影“來看我吧”,重塑韓式陰寒震撼。“虛假報導”而遭遇職業危機的著名節目製片人任志豪(周柏豪 飾)為重回事業巔峰找到一座被大火燒毀的精神病院拍攝“靈異”事件。
在廢墟中找到一本日記,其中的內容讓他對日記主人吳若昕(王真兒 飾)的經歷充滿好奇。在和她的訪談中得知她是那場大火唯一的倖存者。精神病院失火的真相逐漸浮出水面……

WU Qi (吳奇)

CHAU Pak Ho (周柏豪) (“77 Heartbreaks”<原諒他77次>, “The Sinking City Capsule Odyssey”<西謊極落之太爆太子太空艙>, “Love Detective”<沒女神探>),
WANG Zhen (王真兒) (“Battle of Memories”<記憶大師>, “American Dreams in China”<中國合夥人>),
Robert Knepper (“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 & Part 2”, “Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden”, ”Hostage”, Drama: “Homeland”, “Prison Break”),
HE Shao Hong (何紹宏) (“Lost In Hong Kong” <港囧>, “Heartfall Arises” <驚天破>)

                                                                  In Post Production

William SO (蘇炫閣)

CHAN Kwok Kwan (陳國坤) (“Ip Man 3 <葉問3>”, “Monk Comes Down the Mountain <道士下山>”, “Kung Fu Hustle <功夫>” as Nominated The Best Supporting Actor in The 24th Hong Kong Film Awards, “Shaolin Soccer <少林足球>”),
Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年) (“Time Raiders <盜墓筆記>”, “Ip Man 2 <葉問2>”),
Awayne LIU (劉峻緯) (“The Four 3 <四大名捕大结局>”, “The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake <競雄女俠·秋瑾>”),
Ashina KWOK (郭奕芯) (“With Prisoners <同囚>”, “Lazy Hazy Crazy <同班同學>”, “Imprisoned : Surival Guide For Rich And Prodigal <壹獄壹世界:高登闊少踎監日記>” ),

Dominic LAM (林嘉華) (“SPL 2 <殺破狼II>”, “That Demon Within <魔警>”, “Overheard 3 <竊聽風雲3>”),
CHAN Kwok Pong (陳國邦) (“The Final Option <飛虎雄心>”, “Thank You, Sir <壯志雄心>” Nominated The Best Supporting Actor in The 26th  Golden Horse Awards)
Genre: Action Drama
Country of Origin: Hong Kong


Ah Ni, 12-year-old boy, has to take care of his blinded dad. He is always being bullied by squad when selling souvenir fluorescent sticks on the street for living. It was tragedy that Ah Ni’s father got his eye blinded because of a friend - Uncle Hing. Since then, he tried to hide and have his peaceful life with Ah Ni. Years later, two brothers meet again. Uncle Hing now is a teacher of a boxing studio and he promised to teach Ah Ni well.
Ah Ni is a helpful person. He will help and fight back every time someone has encountered bullying. Under Uncle Hing’s training, his fist becomes faster, more ambiguous and more accurate.
Actually, the boxing studio is not running as good as before. They don’t have enough income to maintain it. Ah Ni and Piggy find a way to make underground fighting in earning more money. Still, it’s not good enough until he finds a job in the slaughterhouse.
One day, Piggy discovered a group of people from another boxing studio has used pigs to smuggle drugs. The boss first convinced Piggy involved in the event for earning more money. In order to prove his contribution valued to the boxing studio, Piggy agreed to help. In reverse, the boss has set up a trap and beats Piggy almost to death.
To save Piggy, Ah Ni has decided to accept the final battle in the downfall. Could Ah Ni finally be the champion at last and save Piggy?
FREAKY JOURNEY TO THE WEST (西謊遊記) In Post Production

Genre: Comedy
Country of Origin: Hong Kong


In Tang Dynasty, Monk Sha (starring Mak Cheung Ching) is following the Buddhist pilgrim Xuanzang. By accident, Monk Sha has opened an inn door which connected to thousands of years later of a local restaurant in Portland Street of Hong Kong. They successfully did the time travelled to 2018.
In this bizarre world, Monk Sha luckily met Brother Tangshan (starring LAW Ka Ying)! Tangshan was a gangs’ leader long time ago. He started selling Traditional Chinese clothes in Lady Street, since he had been betrayed by one of his followers, he keeps low profile in working at local restaurant in Poland Street. He always memorizes the old glory days.
Brother Tangshan allows Monk Sha works in the restaurant in return of providing him a shelter to stay. Actually, Juang Shiuan (starring LAM Yiu Sing) was a undercover policeman gets close to Brother Tangshan for investigation. Shiau Lung Bau (starring Michelle Wai) was saved by Juang Shiuan one day when she was annoyed by her part time girlfriend client. Since then she always come to restaurant for Juang Shiuan.
They all are having a good time working together, and getting to know more customers. One day, Brother Tangshan was stalked by his old enemies, everyone tried to save him and plan to escape. At the moment of life and death, Devil Spider appears. Everyone fallen into the most critical situation!
於遠古的唐代,沙僧 (麥長青 飾) 隨唐僧取經途中,經過一間殘破客棧,並無意中開啓了接通今時今日位於香港砵蘭街一間冰室的隨意門,穿越到達2018年的香港。
傻頭傻腦的老沙在這稀奇古怪的世界中遇到了唐三哥 (羅家英 飾)!唐三乃落難老大,當年風光一時,他於女人街賣唐衫起家,後被二五仔背叛,只好被迫闖進砵蘭街避風頭。
唐三哥收留沙僧在冰室擔任侍應,前陣子已收留了當跑腿的莊玄 (林耀聲 飾),他個性單純但有義氣,常被唐衫哥使喚,終日夢想成為古惑仔中的熱血青年。過了一段時間,老沙和冰室眾人在不知不覺中建立起感情來,當中有位當兼職女友的客人小籠包 (衛詩雅 飾),某次被客人非禮,幸獲莊玄英雄救美,故常借故來冰室。


Sandy WONG Wing Shan (黃頴珊) 

LAM Yiu Sing (林耀聲) (“Stoma” (造口人), “Weeds On Fire” (點五步), “Love In A Puff” (志明與春嬌)),
Michelle WAI (衛詩雅) (“Sky On Fire” (沖天火), “Insanity”(暴瘋語), “As The Light Goes Out”(救火英雄)),
LAW Ka Ying (羅家英) (“From Vegas To Macau III” (賭城風雲III), “Forbidden City Cop” (大內密探零零發), “A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora‘s Box” (西遊記之月光寶盒), “From Beijing With Love” (國產淩淩漆)),
MAK Cheung Ching (麥長青) (“Our Days In 6E” (我們的6E班), ”Special ID” (特殊身份))

The Taste Of Betel Nut (檳榔血)                        Completed
* Winner of China Stars Award at the 44th Seattle International Film Festival 2018 (Seattle)
* Panorama at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlin, Germany)
* Official selection in Young Cinema Competition and FIPRESCI Prize of the 41st Hong Kong International Film Festival (Hong Kong)
HU Jia (胡笳)
ZHAO Bing Rui (趙炳銳) (“72 Heroes” <英雄·喋血>, “Fate Express” <命運速遞 >, “Love in the Late Autumn”  <愛在深秋 >, “Club Zeus” <宙斯俱樂部>, “Extraordinary Mission” <非凡任務>),
YU Yue (岳野)(“Running Man”   <奔跑吧兄弟>, “The Youth Times” <青春激蕩的歲月>, “Old House” <老宅>, “Mirror” < 魔鏡>, “The Four Scholars in Jiangnan” <江南四大才子>, "A Thousand Kilometers Away” <一千公里的距離>),
SHEN Shi Yu (沈詩雨)("Bounty Hunter”<賞金獵魔>, “Finding Buddha”<尋佛>,  “The Tujia Village”<情系土家寨>, “Magic Card” <魔卡>)

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Genre: Drama
Country of Origin: Mainland China


Li Qi (starring ZHAO Bing Rui) is working for a dolphin show, his friend Ren Yu (starring YU Yue) chugs along with his mobile karaoke, working the surfers’ beach along the coast of Hainan Island where they both live. The tourists are delighted by Ren’s physical similarity to the screen actor Leslie Cheung and are happy to pay for a photo with him – or to get drunk with him.

When a young woman Bai Ling (starring SHEN Shi Yu) joins this polyamorous couple, things are no different at first and an open, three-way relationship would seem possible. Together, Li Qi, Ren Yu and Bai Ling set out to test the limitations of a restrictive society as well as their own sexuality. But then, something happens that rocks the protagonists to the core and will have a deep and lasting effect on them...

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