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"To encounter the story as theater, as in Michael Gene Sullivan’s harrowing stage adaption, is to be reminded that George Orwell’s masterpiece doesn’t live merely in the realm of brainsploding theory."
San Francisco Chronicle
"Sullivan’s adaptation of 1984 is an essential piece of theater. With first-rate direction by award-winner Barbara Damasheck and a superb cast, 1984 captures the stark exposition of Big Brother’s totalitarian state, revealing that Orwell’s predictions have become even closer to reality than when first published in 1949."
"Sullivan’s stage adaptation of Orwell gives us a rare opportunity to see our political world today for what it really is. “1984” illuminates our present political crisis. Don’t miss it!"
“Sullivan, best known as a stalwart of the San Francisco Mime Troupe, wrote the play 20 years ago, and it’s been staged all around the world already, but it definitely feels like a red alert for society right now.”
Mercury News
"Potent theater. Pointed and timely, of course, but also intense, dark, disturbing -- and very very well done."
Robert Hurwitt


This critically-acclaimed stage adaptation, 
created by SFMT Resident Playwright,
 long-time actor, director, and Collective Member 
Michael Gene Sullivan, 
has had productions in fourteen countries on five continents, has been translated into five languages,
and is also currently running in Kiev, Ukraine.
So come on out - 
Because nothing says the holiday season
like the cold slap of dystopia!
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GoFundMe update!

So far 92 people have in total donated just under $10,000 for the saving and restoring of Velina's family home!
Additionally a local artist will be holding an auction of one of her peices to benefit the house fund, and there may be a concert at the Mime Troupe Studio.
Things are moving along, and the first part of the work is done. The mold and asbestos has been removed, and now the repairs begin.

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